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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 9 Feb 2014
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Believe what will happen!!!!



The second plan, she and 2 of her best friends went to the car Sandra was confused she didn’t understand anything she didn’t understand what is going on she asked her friends what is going on guys they didn’t  answer her she was a little bet afraid bitches where are you taking me  they also didn’t answer they put something in her eyes she scream a lot and cried please answer me guys what is going on they nothing Sandra this is only the second plan Sandra said what you mean Emily  Emily said you are going out from this fucking country Sandra said HUH what you mean  lily said you and me and Emily  are going to London and Paris right now  Sandra said WHAT ARE YOU JOKING WITH ME they said now really we are going to a trip to London and Paris we are going now to the airport they take off what was in Sandra eyes she saw the airport beside her she was very happy she didn’t believe anything is going on they said to her Sandra this will be your best year in your all life they went to the plan and they flight to London first the went to a famous hotel there was a many bands and  celebrities Sandra was very happy they went to a many places they were very happy Emily asked Sandra are you happy Sandra said :yes surly I am very happy” Lily Laughed and she said you will be more happy tomorrow Sandra said why what is going to happened  Emily said tomorrow we are going to a concert Sandra screamed NO NOW YOU AE JOKING REALLY RIGHT Lily said “now we are not joking girl you must be happy in your life “ Emily said “and we going to watch on this concert ONE DIRECTION “Sandra asked guys no you are really joking I can’t believe you  

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