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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 9 Feb 2014
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Believe what will happen!!!!



We are really saying the truth Sandra and this is the 3rd surprise Thanks guys I love u very  much “NO NEED SANDRA WE ARE MORE THAN  SISTERS “said Emily and lily the next day they go to the concert but 1 bad thing happened there there was a lot of bad people saying get out of my way bitch fuck you go away this place not for you I didn’t answer them I didn’t even look at them I was trying to make my day good one direction was singing YOU AND I and this was my best song for them Sandra and her friends knew a lot of friends there but something happened there make Sandra very happy Naill was look at her all te time while he was singing and he let her come and sing with him and his friends on the stage she was very happy she didn’t believe all of the boys realized that her voice is wonderful she sang with them after the finish this song she went down and her friends was so happy for her when the concert finish niall and the boys came for her and asked her if she can come tomorrow to the studio because they  found her voice is wonderful she said ok and she was very happy nail told her can you come for a second I want to ask you something she said “ok” he took her and ask her can you go out with me for a day she said  “really “he said  yes sure” she said “ok” with a happy voice and a smiley face  but when I am going to come to the studio tomorrow he said after I am going to take you to my favorite restaurant she said ok 

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