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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 9 Feb 2014
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Believe what will happen!!!!



They went to Paris and Sandra made the Surgery and it worked and nail was very happy and he called all the boys and the girls and told them that the  Surgery worked and Sandra is good right now when Sandra was sleeping naill go quickly to a big shopping mall and bring for her a ring and he wish than she agree to marry him and then he bring some  flowers and balloons and put in her room when she woke up she didn’t believe  when she see the flowers and the balloons  in a moment naill came and asked her could you marry me Sandra and gave her the ring and she agreed and she was very happy  nail called all the boys and told them that she agreed about the marring idea they all were happy for him and he told them make the biggest al bests wedding ever and I want it nest week harry said this fast nail said yes I don’t have anything to wait for harry said ok you come and you will see what we are going to make for our best friend that are going to married nail said thanks very much harry harry said no need bro .liam called the girls and they was very happy for Sandra and naill they we are going to help you we know what Sandra loves  day after day and the wedding day come and it was the same day that Sandra and naill come back from Paris when Sandra saw all of this she saw the flowers and the balloons every where  she was very happy she didn’t believe anything from happiness she cried and hug all the boys and the girls she said for them thanks you guys really thanks I love you all and she kissed her only love naill and hug him the boys took naill and the girls took Sandra  to wear Sandra wear a wonderful white dress and naill wear black suit and when nail saw Sandra they love her more and more and when Sandra saw naill she love him more and more they got married and went they went to their new home and Sandra got famous because of her wonderful voice and they had right now 2 girls and 2 boys they called them  Dianna, Anna ,Carl and Jack and they all live in a happy life and nail and Sandra become  grandmother and grandfather

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