Alexis Jaymee Black - Sirius Blacks Daughter HP

Alex Black has lived at an orphanage and doesn't know her family. She is now 11 years old and is going to Hogwarts, which she doesn't know anything about. A murderous Sirius Black is on the loose and Alex's world is turned upside down with the news and happenings of her first year!!!
Who is P.L. and who is S.B.? They are the initials on her bracelet and she wants to find her real family and the truth.


3. chapter Two

The last month was a slow one. I've just been so excited and I rocked off each day with my calander. All the older girls were really jealous and being even more nasty than usual. They were all in a boring high school while I got to go to a prestigious boarding school in Scotland. They didn't know about the magic thing but they knew that I would be leaving on September 1st and wouldn't return until maybe Christmas or the end of the school year. 

At the moment I was having a chat with my good old friend Louisa. 

"Ok. I have questions that I need to ask before this person arrives." 

"Go ahead Alex. Ask away." Louisa smiled at me. We were in my room and both sitting on my bed, legs crossed. 

"Ok. What's the stick called?" 

"A wand." 

"What's a squib?"

"A non magic person from a magic family." 

"What's a broom?" 

"You fly on it and play a game called Quidditch." 

"Ok. Anything else I need to know?" I asked. 

"Yes. A muggle is a non magic person like all the other girls and sisters here. Platform 9 3/4 is a secret gateway to get to the Hogwarts Express train. The money is also different but don't worry about that yet. The classes should also be explained to you." She spoke. I just nodded and tried to remember it all. I can't wait! 

"Ok. One more thing, what's the blood status all about?" She smiled at that. 

"Good question. There is pure-blood, half-blood and muggle born. Pure-blood are wizards who come from an all magic family through many generations. Half-blood is if you have a muggle parent and a magic parent or even if one or both of your parents are half-blood. Finally, muggle born is if you are magic but all of your family is muggle." 

"Ok then. That all sounds cool. I'm gonna get dressed then for today." I jumped from the bed like a ninja and skipped to the wardrobe. 

"Alright. I'll be downstairs if you need me." She kissed my head and left. I started whistling some messed up tune and looked for clothes for today. I had already had a shower and stuff so I just needed to pick an outfit. 

I chose a zebra tank top tucked into some high waisted black denim shorts and my zebra converse. It was a really got day so I didn't really need a jacket or anything. 

I skipped down the stairs and went into the living room area. Most of the girls were in there so I just took a seat near the door. 

"Hey freak. What are you doing today?" Sarah asked me. She's 15. 

"I'm getting the supplies for my new school." I smirked at her. I laughed when her face flashed with jealousy. 

"You'll probably be expelled from there as well then." She spat and I just smiled sweetly at her. 

"No. Probably not actually." Louisa then came in. 

"The person is here Alex, let's get going". I nodded and just followed her through to the front hall. Standing near the door was a kind looking man. He was wearing a brown suit which looked slightly worn. He had a kind smile, honey coloured eyes, light brown short hair and slight stubble. Probably in his late 20s or very early 30s. 

When he saw me his eyes widened and he gaped for a second before composing himself. That was a little weird. Louisa and I walked up to the man and I stuck out my hand. 

"Hi! I'm Alex Black. Nice to meet you." I exclaimed happily. Maybe too happy, oh well. He grasped my hand and shook it. 

"Hello I'm Remus Lupin. A professor at the school, starting this year." He let go of my hand and Louisa greeted him as well. 

"That's cool. Let's go then, I can't wait to buy some stuff." 

"Alright, let's go." He stood outside and I quickly hugged Louisa and joined him. "Grab hold of my arm and don't let go. You might feel a bit sick afterwards as well." 

"Great." I murmured and grabbed his arm. Suddenly I was spinning and whirling and being pulled through a narrow tube. It felt horrible and I was glad when it was over. I panted for breath and tried to make sure that I wasn't sick. 

"Are you ok?" He asked me. 

"Yeh thanks. Just making sure I'm not sick". I grinned. I stood up properly and let go of his arm. "Ok let's move on outa here." He laughed at me and then he led me to this old and battered looking bar called 'The Leaky Cauldron'. He opened the door and let me in first then closed it. 

The inside was dusty, dirty and smelled of damp and alcohol. There were creepy looking people everywhere and I kept getting stared at. Lupin led me to the back area and we faced a lovely looking red brick wall. It was so exciting. Not. 

"I'm loving the wall." I spoke up. 

"Just wait a minute. It's not that boring." He took out his wand and tapped three bricks in some sort of order. Then the wall began to separate before me and it left a neat archway in its place. 

"Ok, that was cool." I grinned. He laughed and pulled me through the archway. 

"The adventure has just begun." He said mysteriesly. "Welcome to Diagon Alley." I needed millions of eyes for this place. I kept on turning different ways and I got really dizzy. 

"Come on then. We can see the sites later. Let's go to the bank." I pouted when he said that. I don't have any money. 

"How am I going to buy my stuff though?" 

"That's a good question. But luckily for you, Dumbledore found a vault key in your school file. He doesn't know how it or there but it was there anyway." He shrugged. 

"Oh, ok then." We ended up in front of a large posh looking building and my feet pulled me up the steps. Standing by the doors were two little ugly things. 

"Good morning miss. Have a nice day." He motioned towards the door and I just walked in with Lupin behind. 

"They are goblins. They guard and run the bank. This is Gringotts Wizarding Bank." As we entered I looked around and it looked even more posh inside. There was a massive chandelier and everything was made of white or black marble. There were loads of desks with little goblins sitting behind them. Some were counting money or weighing things. 

I went to a random one and looked up at him. 

"Excuse me." I spoke up. He peered over the desk and stared down his big nose at me. 

"Yes?" Lupin decided to answer for me. 

"We are here to retrieve money for Alex Black." 

"Do you have a key?" The goblin asked. Lupin went into his pocket and pulled out a little gold key, it was cute and small. Haha. 

The little goblin dude inspected the key and then nodded. "Very well. Grabhorn!" Another ugly thing ran over to us. "Take these two to vault 485 please." 

"Yes sir. Follow me." He walked away and we hurried behind him. He stopped after a while and we were standing in front of a little cart. This area was now all dark and eerie with rocks everywhere and a long metal track. "Please get in the cart." So we did. 

"AHHHHHHH!" I screamed when the cart decided to shoot off down the track. Me and Lupin laughed and put our arms in the air as we sailed down the track. I tried to remember the route but it was impossible. 

Right, right, left, left, left, big dip, left, right, right, left, upwards, dip again, left, right, right, left. That's all I could do. 

I had the wind knocked out of me when it suddenly stopped. Lupin got out and held up a little lantern for Grabhorn and I got out and followed. He slid the key into the lock and turned it. Loads of climbing noises sounded and the door swung open and nearly hit him. I giggled quietly to myself and then gasped. 

I walked forward and saw mounds and mounds of gold, silver and bronze coins. I just stared at them for ages until someone tapped my shoulder. 

"There's a letter there." Lupin spoke. He pointed to a little brown envelope and I picked it up. It had my name on the front in lovely swirly writing. 

Alexis Jaymee Black

"Is that your full name then?" Lupin asked as I turned over the letter. 

"Yeh." I basically whispered. On the back was a wax seal with an L pressed into it. It pulled it off and slid the letter out of its envelope. I opened it up and gasped as I read. Tears sprung to my eyes but I blinked them away. 

Dearest Alexis,

I am long gone and never count on returning. I believe you are 11 now and need money for the wizarding world. I'm so so sorry for leaving you but I just couldn't handle it anymore. It's not your fault. 

I had not long lost people dear to me and I didn't want you growing up with a depressed person and maybe dealing with my loss. 

I loved you dearly and it was the hardest decision of my life to give you away. I never showed my face but I knew Louisa very well and she is a great person. I knew her brother from Hogwarts. 

All of this money is yours and I counted it to be 4865 galleons, 274 sickles and 1273 knuts. This is all so that you can have all that you desire and deserve. I hope and believe that your have been treated well. 

Do not try and look for me, carry on with your life and I hope you meet the man I truly love and care for. He is my brother and if you ever meet him, please tell him that I am sorry and love and miss him dearly. 

Another person I would have loved you to meet but I know you never will is the ultimate love of my life and always will be. I only have one thing to say and that is: HE IS INNOCENT! 

Have a good life and remember that I will always love you my baby. I'm so sorry but please forgive me, you may be angry with me all you wish. 

All my love and wishes,

Mom xx

"Oh my god." I whispered. My hands were shaking but I hastily shoved the letter into the envelope and into my pocket. I breathed in and then out and looked up at Lupin. "Come on then, we've got shopping to do." He looked at me funny but then dismissed it. 

"Fill this bag with what you want and then we can go." He handed me a little pouch and I grabbed a couple of handfuls of gold ones, three handfuls of silver ones and then a handful of bronze ones. 

"Done." I smiled and we repeated the journey back up to the top. We walked silently to the entrance of the bank and then I sighed. "Okey dokey." I got out the school letter and studied it. "I think we should get my robes first." 

"Good idea." Lupin agreed and then we were off. 

I went into Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions and got measured and fitted for my school wear. I bought three pairs of grey socks, three grey pleated skirts, four White short puffy sleeved fitted shirts, two grey jumpers, a grey cardigan, two plain black ties and a plain black set of the school robes. 

The robes looked weird but I went with it anyway, they were uniform after all. That cost me 35 gold coins and 5 silver ones. I left the shop and went to Lupin who waited outside. 

"Ok. Please explain the money before I go mad." 

"Oh yes. I forgot to do that. Sorry." He laughed. "Well, the gold ones are galleons, silver ones are sickles and bronze ones are knuts. There are 17 sickles to a galleon and 29 knuts to a sickle." He explained. 

"Ok-ay." I answered slowly an true to take it in. It wouldn't be good if I forgot that. We went on and arrived at a book shop called 'Flourish and Blotts.' I bought all the books and was set back another 18 galleons, 14 sickles and 23 knuts. 

We ventured on and got the potions stuff and all the other necessities before arriving at a kind of pet shop. It was called 'Eeylops Owl Emporium'. I skipped into the store but frowned at the letter. An Owl, Cat or Toad. No dogs or snakes or anything like that, it's not fair. 

"I'll wait by the door, get a decent pet. Toads aren't very good so I would advise that." I nodded and went to look at the owls. I think they carried mail so that would be a safe option. 

I nearly gave up looking for an owl until I saw the loveliest looking owl ever! 

It was called a 'Scops Owl' and was quite small and cute. It had bright red eyes, a little black beak, tufty white face and white wings, a grey belly and the rest of it was black. It was beautiful. 

I read the sign and it had special properties, 
1. Very loyal to its owner, 
2. Easily understands commands and requests, 
3. Knows if owner is in danger,
4. Always knows where owner is, 
5. Can appear and disappear easily but cannot take any person with it, only objects i.e. letters, parcels...

"Wow." I whispered. I looked up at the owl and watched as if looked at me and began to hoot. "Do you want to come home with me?" I asked and weirdly enough, it nodded. I laughed. "Ok then." I picked out a lovely looking golden cage with a red padded perch and allowing the owl to hop inside. 

"Lovely owl you've chosen young girl. He's very loyal and obedient. 14 galleons and 16 sickles please." (Haha, that's like £14.99!!) 

"Thank you very much." I smiled and then left the shop. I poked Lupin in the arm and he jumped and turned around. "Sorry. Look I've got an owl!" I exclaimed. 

"He's lovely. What would you call him?" 

"That's a good question. Meh, I'll think later. All I need now is ma wand." Lupin carried my owl for me while we journeyed over to Ollivanders Wand Shop. Looked pretty shabby from the outside, well and inside really. 

Lupin sat on a stool inside the shop and I dinged a little button on the counter. 

"Ah, hello." Said an old sounding voice. He came up to the counter and smiled warmly at me. I liked him already. 

"Hi! I've come for a wand." 

"I see. Hmm, you must be Alexis Black." He said whilst peering over his glasses. 

"H-how did you know?" I spluttered. This day is getting weirder. A creepy old guy knows my name. 

"I know many things my dear." He then proceeded to chuck a measuring tape at me but it stopped in mid air before it hit me. It started moving by itself and probably measuring things. "That will do." Then the measuring tape fell to the floor. He rummaged around many boxes and pulled out a few. 

"Ok. Try this one, 12 inches, springy, unicorn hair core and beechwood." I took the wand and moved it but nothing happened. This went on for a while but vases smashed and things broke along the way. 

"Right then. I believe this is your wand." He handed me a beautiful wand. It was pitch black and the handle had some sort of twisted effect on it. From the handle to the tip were intricate little carvings of vines and flowers and a few little baby blue gems were dotted around in the middle of flowers. 

I carefully took the wand and was blinded by a golden and red glow that erupted. I felt warm and the magic surged through me. 

"Yes. That is your wand, rigid and is 12 1/2 inches. Ebony wood and a dragon heart string core. Use it well and it will serve you well. 8 galleons please." He placed the wand back inside the silk lines box and handed it to me as I handed him the money. 

"That's a nice wand you've got there Alex." Lupin grinned as we headed towards an ice cream shop I think. 

"I know. I love it already." He led me to the shop and we both had a bubblegum and strawberry sundae with edible candy spoons and then it was time to leave. 

We went back through the dingy pub and out onto the muggle street. Then I had to go through the horrible sickly thing again and we were right outside the orphanage. 

"Thank you so much Mr.Lupin. I had a great day." 

"It's no bother. I had a lovely day as well." He waved it away. "I'll be back at 10:15 in the morning to take you to the train. Please be ready on time and don't forget anything." He laughed. "I was always doing that at Hogwarts." He unshrunk my packages and I led him to my room so we could put them in there. "Have a nice night Alex, I'll see you tomorrow." I waved as he descended the porch stairs and disappeared. 

I ran up the stairs and grabbed the trunk I had bought today. It was baby blue and had 'Alexis Black' in silver glittery writing. I like being extravagant, what can I say? 

I started packing everything and Louisa came in as helped me fold things as I explained my day. I ate dinner and ran up to bed with the biggest smile on my face. 

I couldn't wait until tomorrow! 


A/N -- Two updates in one day! Aren't I good to you lot!! Haha. 

How was it? Did you like the wand? The letter?... 

I have some good ideas for this book and it seems that my others are on hold while I write this one. 

If you have a character please tell me and I'll include them somehow!! 

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