Alexis Jaymee Black - Sirius Blacks Daughter HP

Alex Black has lived at an orphanage and doesn't know her family. She is now 11 years old and is going to Hogwarts, which she doesn't know anything about. A murderous Sirius Black is on the loose and Alex's world is turned upside down with the news and happenings of her first year!!!
Who is P.L. and who is S.B.? They are the initials on her bracelet and she wants to find her real family and the truth.


4. Chapter Three

This is the dayyyyy!! I jumped out of bed at 9 and ran to the bathroom before any of the older girls. I jumped into the shower and let the warm water relax me before washing my hair and all that shower stuff. 

I dried myself and decided on a pair of black skinny jeans, bright yellow converse and black jumper with a yellow smiley face and vest top underneath. 

I stared at my cute little owl and still couldn't think of a name. I like stars, maybe I could call it a star. I gave him a couple of treats and then put some last minute things in ma epic trunk. 

I hauled it down the stairs and left it at the bottom and went to find Louisa. It was already ten so I only had 15 minutes. 

"Louisa!" I ran up to her and flung myself at her. We both landed on the floor laughing. I hugged her tight. "I'm gonna really miss you Lou!" 

"Let's get up Alex." She helped me up and pulled me into another hug. "I'm going to miss you as well Alex. I love you like my own daughter. This shall be the longest we've ever been apart." She stroked my hair. 

"I know Louisa. I'll write to you all the time." I made sure no one was listening. "Cus you know all about the owls and stuff." I began to get tears in my eyes but I didn't bother to wipe them. 

"I'll write back. I actually have an owl myself." She chuckled. 

"It's like my life has been a whole lie!" I cried dramatically and we both laughed 

"Let's get the rest of your stuff. The professor will be here in a minute I expect." She took my hand and we went to get my owl. 

"Oh Louisa. Have you got a book for stars?" 

"I actually have. Put the owl downstairs and I'll go and get it." She left the room as I picked up little owls cage and took it downstairs next to my trunk. Louisa came back and handed me a book with a midnight sky on the front. 

"Thanks Louisa." I followed Louisa outside and put the trunk on the front step and she placed my owl there. I put the book on top of my trunk while I wrapped my arms around Louisa's waist. Now the tears were falling. 

A while half a year or even a whole year! I've never been away for so long. 

"I'll see you sooner than you think young one." Louisa whispered. I think she was crying as well. "It will go quick and we shall re unite. I hope you learn well and keep up your studies properly. No expulsions please." She pulled away from me and we both smiled through our tears. She smoothed down my hair and placed her hands on my cheeks. 

"I really will miss you Louisa. Your the only mother figure I've ever had. I love you. I just can't to learn all this new stuff." 

"I know." She kissed my forehead and then turned me towards the front yard. "The professor is here." I waved at Lupin and he smiled and waved back. I quickly hugged Louisa again as Lupin came up the steps and held my trunk. 

"Goodbye. Enjoy yourself and don't get in trouble!" Louisa yelled as we walked away. I was holding my owl and the book. 

"I won't!" I yelled back. "Thinking about it, I might." I laughed. 

"Let's get going then." Lupin held out his arm and I grabbed it. I looked back and we both waved at Louisa before that horrible feeling sucked me in. 

We landed onto some hard ground and I looked up to see Kings Cross across the street. I let go of Lupins arm and we walked across the street. 

I was getting more excited by the minute. My wand was in my back pocket and I was ready. I followed Lupin all through the station and we ended up in front of another wall. 

I concluded, wizards like walls. This wall was red brick like the other one, and just as fascinating as the other one. 

"Wow. Another wall." I fake gasped. 

"Haha. It's another passageway." Lupin grinned. "Just run straight at it and you'll end up on platform 9 3/4." Oh yeh I'll just run at a wall. 

"I'm not stupid. I'm not running at a wall." I shook my head. 

"Fine." He sighed. "I'll do it first okay?" 

"Yeh yeh. You can hurt yourself." I waved my hand. He chuckled and then stormed at the wall. I smirked until he actually disappeared as he 'hit' the wall. What the hell?! 

I shrugged and then ran at the wall as well. I closed my eyes but I didn't hit the wall, I went straight through and in front of me was a big scarlet steam train called the 'Hogwarts Express'. Lupin waved me over and I walked to him. 

"What did I tell you?" He smirked. Cheeky git. 

"Yeh yeh. Your were right. Let's forget it now." I walked onto the train and he was laughing behind me. We got an empty compartment and he placed my trunk above the seats. I sat opposite him and stared at him for a minute. "You look like death." 

"Wow, thanks." He spoke. 

"Sorry, I just say what I see. Are you ok?" I to have a tendency to speak my mind, sometimes it's not good. 

"Yeh, thank you. I just didn't sleep well last night." He shrugged. 

"Oh ok then." I leant my head back and watched as he fell asleep. Poor guy, must have had a rough night. I decided to hum some tunes for a while and eventually three people decided to come in. I got out the book of stars and flicked through as they whispered to each other. 

I looked through loads of names and liked a few. I liked the Orion's Belt stars and I decided to go with 'Sirius'. I turned to my owl. 

"Sirius?" His little face perked up and he hooted. "Sirius it is then." I muttered. 

"What did you just say?" I looked over and saw a kind of nerdy looking brown haired girl with a black haired boy and a redhead. 

"I said Sirius." I shrugged. "Why?" 

"What did you say that for?" She asked. 

"It's my owls name." I said in a 'duh' tone. "Is that a problem?" 

"That's the first name of the escaped convict you know." The red head spoke. 

"Really? I never knew that." I smiled at them. "Anyway, what's your names?" 

"Oh sorry. I'm Harry Potter." I shook the black haired boys hand. 


"I'm Ron Weasley." Said the red head. 

"Hi! I love your hair, I love ginger hair!" He chuckled and his ears turned red. 

"Thanks." He muttered. 

"Well I'm Hermione Grainger. What's your name?" 

"Oh. Yeh, haha. I'm Alexis Black." The three of them gasped and I gave them a weird look. "I'm a first year." I mumbled. "What?" They were looking at me like I was some sort of 8 eyed, dwarf with horns for ears. 

"N-nothing." The girl spoke. "Sorry. So this is your first year?" 

"Yeh. I'm 11. I've lived in an orphanage since I was three days old and never knew about magic." I don't have a clue why I told them that. 

"Oh ok." They then just turned and started speaking with each other again. Rude. Do I not exist or something? 

I closed my eyes and ignored them and I drifted into a small sleep. 

I woke up with a start as the train jolted. It was dark out and it was raining a lot. 

"We can't be there yet." Said Hermione. I looked up and the lights flickered off. 

"Something's out there." Ron moaned. I started feeling really cold and they were mumbling and people were entering and falling over things. 

"That's my foot!" 

"Ouch! Oi! My owl is there!" I protested. No one is allowed to sit on Sirius! 


"Oh, hullo Neville." Harry said. 

"Hi." Said a shy voice. Must be Neville. 

"Quiet!" I heard Lupin moan and then he stood up and had light in his hands. Cool. "Just say put a minute." Everyone shut up and we stayed calm. I looked at the door and a black cloaked figure appeared. It was now like Arctic cold. It slid the door open and floated inside. 

"We aren't hiding Sirius Black in here!" Lupin yelled. "Get out! Go!" It didn't move and started moving towards me as mother was making some sort of sucking noise. I concentrated on the one coming towards me and it revealed a disgusting scabby hand and grabbed my throat. 

I squealed and it lifted me up. I could friggin breath! I held onto its wrist? And tried to push it off but then a bright light illuminated the compartment and I fell to the floor. I panted for breath and I saw Harry fainted. 

"Are you ok Alex?" Lupin asked worriedly as he helped me up. 

"I'll be fine." I croaked. The lights had come back on and Harry was stirring. Lupin gave me some chocolate which I didn't protest at and I ate it quickly. I loooooove chocolate! 

It made me feel warm again but I was still getting over my near death experience. 

"Don't worry. It was a Dementor looking for Sirius Black. It's gone now, they are the guards of Azkaban. I must be going to see the driver." I heard Lupin say to Harry. 

"Thanks for saving me Lupin." I spoke up just as he left. 

"No problem." He smiled and walked away. Harry got up and sat back in his seat. 

"That was one weird experience." I muttered. 

"Tell me about it." Ron answered. 

"Did you hear the person screaming?" Harry asked. That's weird, I didn't hear screaming, he must be losing his mind. 

"No one was screaming Harry." Hermione and Ron said. 

"Oh." Is all Harry answered and then everyone went silent. 

"Where did that Neville boy go?" I asked no one in-particular. 

"He went back to Luna and my sister Ginny." Said Ron. I just nodded and turned and stared at Sirius for a while. He had his head under his wing and looked overly cute and adorable. I could just eat him right now. 

After a while Lupin came back in and he told me that I needed to change into my uniform. I went into the bathroom but only took plain black converse, a shirt, tie and cardigan. I had to buy skirts but it doesn't mean I'm gonna wear them. I might sometimes, when I feel like it. 

I changed and went back to the compartment. 

"That's not proper uniform." Lupin smirked.

"Yeh I know. I just don't feel comfortable in skirts." I shrugged and sat down. I waited in silence until the train stopped. I had to leave my trunk and Sirius on the train. "I'll see you in a bit Sirius." I cooed. 

"What?" Lupin spoke quite fircely. 

"Umm, I said my owls name." I spoke. 

"Why did you name it that?" What is it with people asking me that? 

"I picked it out of the book Louisa gave me. It's a star and I liked the name. It's not a big deal." I walked towards the massive giant and smile up at him. I think I heard Lupin mutter,

"It is a big deal." Before he walked away. 

"Hello!" I waved. "I love your beard!" 

"Why thank you. You a firs' year?" He asked as he bent down slightly. 

"Yes sir." 

"Go over ter the boats. I'll be over there in a shor' while." I nodded and skipped towards loads of boats. I sat in one and there was a boy sat there who looked stuck up. I decided I introduce myself anyway. 

"Hi! I'm Alexis." He looked up at me and sneered. 

"I don't really care." What a lovely boy. 

"Fine." I huffed. Everyone filled the boats and the large giant waved his really cool pink umbrella and we started moving. It was a pretty boring ride until I noticed the castle. 

I gaped at it's amazingness. It was beautiful in the dark and looked mahussive with its big towers and stuff. There were loads of lights on in classrooms making it look even better. I stared at it for ages until we bumped into something and I noticed we were there. 

"Outta the boats then. Foller me." The giant walked in front and we all followed as we walked up to a big set of doors. He rapped his large knuckles three times on the door and waited. The door opened and a stern looking woman with a tight bun appeared. "Firs' years Professor McGonogal." 

"Thank you Hagrid. Follow me please children." We all did and we ended up in a hallway type thingy. 


A/N -- sorry it's a bit of an abrupt halt!! But don't worry, I shall be writing the next chapter right now and it will be up soon. 

Any comments on how it is so far? What do you think? You can still place character ideas if you want. 

Thanks for reading dear people!! 





Sirianna x

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