Alexis Jaymee Black - Sirius Blacks Daughter HP

Alex Black has lived at an orphanage and doesn't know her family. She is now 11 years old and is going to Hogwarts, which she doesn't know anything about. A murderous Sirius Black is on the loose and Alex's world is turned upside down with the news and happenings of her first year!!!
Who is P.L. and who is S.B.? They are the initials on her bracelet and she wants to find her real family and the truth.


7. Chapter Six

Snape officially despises me. I don't really care though. I got two weeks detentions and Dumbledore looked quite amused when Snape was explaining it. 

It had been a week now and I was doing good in lessons. I'm naturally quite smart but I'm just naughty. I can't concentrate on things. All the teachers seem to love me except Snape. I think it annoys him that I'm actually good at potions. 

Today was Sunday and I was thoroughly bored. I needed someone to prank or something. I'm friendly with a few people but I wouldn't say I have any official friends. I do get on with the girls in my dorm though. 

I decided to go back down to the beech tree next to the lake. I decided on some American Flag jean shorts, white crop top with black 86 on it and some black Vans. 

I skipped out of my dorm, the common room and then all the way through the school until I got out to the tree. I just sat down and leant back on my hands to look over the lake. 

It was quite tiring actually. I was feeling a bit tired anyway. I lay down and closed my eyes for a while. The sun was nice at the moment, let's get a tan! 

Suddenly a big weight jumped on me and I gasped for breath as I sat up in shock. Then I laughed, it was the dog. 

"Hey! You scared me then." I smiled and petted his head. "You ok?" He still freaked me out a bit, he actually nodded. "Good. I am a bit freaked out by you though. You seem really human. It's weird." 

He just lay down next to me and I lay back down and stroked him. 

"It's nice to be out here in such nice weather. I just wish I had more people to enjoy it with." The dog whined at me. I really need a name for this dog. "Yeh I know. No one really likes me that much though, it might be my surname or it might just be the fact that I'm annoying as hell and love to prank." I shrugged. The dog kinda laughed and so did I. 

"Hey." I nudged him. "What shall I call you?" The dog stood up and I sat up as well. He pawed the ground and I was really confused. 

"Ok. Paw?" He whined and picked his foot up, this is one cool dog. "Claw?" This went on for a while to be honest, the dog was getting fed up I think. 

"Pad?" He yipped at me and licked my face. "That's boring though." Then he whined once again and nudged my foot. 

"Footpad? What kind of name is that?" I laughed. He, did he, no, he shook his head? God this is weird. 

"What then?" I sighed. He barked and turned around, then turned the other way. Like he was telling me to turn around? 

No, turn it around! 

"Padfoot!" I exclaimed and he bounded up and jumped on me. "Great! I like that name." We rolled around for a while and I was having so much fun, even if he is just a dog. My white top had grass stains but I didn't care. 

Then, guess what? My day got ruined. 

"Hey Black!" Someone shouted. The newly named, Padfoot, got off me and I stood up and looked who it was. I actually didn't know. He had slicked back blonde hair and he was with two gorillas and a pug-face looking stuck up girl. All probably in Slytherin. 

"Hi! I'm sorry, I don't know who you are." I spoke as they came closer. He was at least 6 inches taller than me. He looked older by at least two years. 

"Oh." He sneered. "Did I not introduce myself? I'm Draco Malfoy, that's Crabbe." He nodded to the shorter, but still tall, gorilla. "That's Goyle." The taller gorilla. "That's Pansy Parkinson." Obviously the pug-face girl.

"Well hi!" I waved. "I'm Alexis Black." 

"Oh, we know who you are." They laughed. "What are you doing rolling around with a dog anyway? Is he your only friend?" Padfoot growled at him and Malfoy just laughed. I didn't like the feeling of this. "Aw, is he your little guard doggy? Sweat." 

"Well yeh. Actually he is, and if I tell him a certain word, he will easily kill you!" I had to act tough, I was not a push over and I had a feeling these goons wouldn't leave me alone anytime soon. 

"I'm so scared!" He laughed and waved his hands in front of him. 

"What do you want? I'm a first year, just leave me alone." I sighed. 

"Well we are third years and we can do what we want. I only wanted to talk anyway." He said and he got closer. I stepped back and was coming closer to the lake. 

"Talk away." I said impatiently. Why couldn't this jerk just leave me alone? 

"Your surname is Black." I groaned. I knew this would happen. "I was just wondering if Sirius Black is your dad?" 

"I don't know." I snapped. I lied! Oops! 

"I bet you do. Your probably helping him aren't you?" I watched as Padfoot moved and stood in front of me. 

"Just tell the truth Black." Hissed Parkinson. "Are you going to go around and murder everyone as well?" I was getting angry now. They are acting like five year olds. I stepped from behind Padfoot and stood slightly closer to them. 

"I'm not related to him! I wouldn't hurt anyone anyway. I'm not like that." 

"Of course your not." She cackled. She sounds like a strangled cat. I giggled slightly at my thoughts.

"What are you laughing at?" Malfoy spat. 

"Nothing. Just thinking about how much your girlfriend sounds like a strangled cat." Padfoot let out a bark that sounded like a laugh. I smirked at them. 

"How dare you! We're older than you and you insult us!" Parkinson yelled and walked towards me. I stood my ground and didn't move as she was in front of me. "Do you think that's funny?" 

"Yeh I do actually." She grabbed the front of my top and pulled me towards her. She was about four inches, or maybe more, taller than me. Padfoot was barking but she wasn't listening. 

"Go on. Say it to my face." God! He breath stinks. 

"You sound like a strangled cat." I breathed out. "Also, please brush your teeth." I gasped. She was going red with anger and I just laughed right in her face. Then I felt a searing pain in my cheek. I fell to the floor and looked up in slight shock. 

That little pug face had slapped me! I jumped up and ran at her but the two gorillas grabbed my arms because of Malfoy. Padfoot was snarling, growling, barking, you name it. He was advancing on Parkinson and Malfoy but no one seemed to care. 

"Dump her please." Malfoy said dismissively. 

"Let go of me! You big baffoons!" I screamed as they dragged me towards the lake. "NO! LET GO OF ME!" People watched on but didn't help. Why? We got to the edge of the lake and they picked me up and flung me in. I felt the cold water engulf me and I heard laughter before I fell under. I wasn't a very good swimmer. 

The cold was horrible! It was like knives, even in this warm weather. I fought towards the surface, I needed to breath! I can't do this! I'm panicking, oh god in panicking. Then I decided to breath in. The water entered my lungs and I panicked more. 

I'm gonna die, this isn't how I wanted it to end. I want to be surrounded by animals who are pranking people an dancing in pink tutus, I didn't want to die in water. That's the worst! 

I saw a black blur swimming towards me and I felt something clamp onto my arm, it hurt but it was pulling me upwards so I didn't care. 

My face broke the surface and I carried on getting pulled until I was on the bank. I coughed and spluttered and some people were crying out for help and others were running around. 

I looked over and saw it was Padfoot who saved me. I gave him a weak smile in thanks but he rushed off back into the woods. 

"Alex!" A voice shouted. "Alexis!" I heard rushing feet and someone knelt beside me. "Alex, what happened?" The voice was panicked and it was uncle Lupin. 

"N-nothing." I shivered. 

"This isn't a show! All of you leave now!" Someone barked. I heard it was McGonogal. 

"You heard Professor McGonogal, go!" That was Snape. 

"I-I'm cold." I whispered. I hated feeling this vulnerable. 

"Oh, god, wait a minute." Uncle Lupin spoke an incantation and I felt immediately warm and dry. "I'm gonna pick you up now." He spoke softly. I nodded and he picked me up bridal style. I clung onto his robes and felt the warmth. I was also hiding my face from the embarrassment of it all. 

"Is she ok Remus?" Asked McGonogal. 

"I think so. I'm going to take her to Poppy. She'll know what to do." Uncle Lupin walked with McGonogal and a silent Snape back up to the castle. My muscles hurt from the cold and I coughed a few times because of the water. 

I seemed to go into a bit of a daze because it felt like only a few seconds and then I was laid on a bed. I opened my eyes and Lupin sat down in a chair next to me. 

"Thank you." My voice sounded hoarse and horrible. 

"It's alright Alex." He moved some hair from my face and then the matron came over. 

"What happened?" She asked hurriedly. 

"She was virtually drowning in the lake." McGonogal replied stiffly. "I am going with Severus to find out who would do such a thing. Good day." Then she left with Snape. I sighed and relaxed into the comfy bed. 

"I'm Madam Pomfrey dear. I'll give you a couple of potions. One will relieve that cough and any water in your lungs, then the other shall be a sleeping draught. You need rest." I nodded and she bustled away to bring the meds. Uncle Lupin just sat quietly and stared at me. When I would smile, he would smile, other than that he was quiet. 

"Here you are then. Have this one and wait ten minutes to have the other. Make sure she does Remus." Pomfrey spoke sternly. 

"Of course Poppy." She nodded and then left. I picked up the first and it looked horrible. It was a sludgy purple colour. "They never taste nice." Uncle Lupin chuckled slightly. "But it will make you better." Some great reassurance there. I uncorked it and drunk it whole. I nearly spat it out, it tasted like dirt mixed with dog food (yes I have tried that. I advise you not to!) and gone off egg. 

"Mmmmm. I want more." I spoke sarcastically. 

"Back to yourself then." Uncle Lupin laughed. "What actually happened Alexis?" My lungs were starting to feel better and I wasn't feeling the need to cough anymore. That stuff was goooood! 

"I'm not a snitch Uncle Lupin." I said calmly. "It was just a misunderstanding. Nothing to worry about." I waved it away. It wasn't really that big a deal, the orphanage girls were always making fun of me and I fought back but didn't hold grudges. I'm just that kind of person really. 

It happens at the time and that's it. It's over. 

"You could have died Alexis! Of course there's something to worry about!" He huffed. 

"I'm sorry. It's over and punishment won't take it back or stop it happening again." I shrugged. "Ooh, look. Ten minutes I up." I hastily drunk the sleeping one which tasted like cheesecake mixed with cottage cheese. Weird combination. 

"Fine. I'll talk to you again later." He sighed and grabbed my hand. 

"Okaaaaay." I dragged it out and felt my eyes getting heavy. "Goodnight." I sang and then the darkness swallowed me whole. 


A/N-- What nasty bullies! They don't have any proof that Sirius is her dad! God! Haha. 

What do you all think? Is it going good so far? I hope it is. 

This is the last ever chance for the character thingy!! 

I thank ya all for reading so far :-P 

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