Through the Dark (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

20-year-old Harry Styles is known to be a dangerous and feared criminal who does and deals drugs and uses violence when ever he wants to. He is possessive, tall and strong. But what makes him extremely dangerous, is his attractiveness. With his looks, he always gets what he wants because no one can resist his curly locks and emerald green eyes.
Louis Tomlinson is a 22-year-old student. He is just a normal guy and has a lot of friends because he is funny and social. Louis also plays football and is really good at it. Many girls are interested in this blue-eyed boy. Even though he could pick almost any girl from his school, he hasnt ever been in a relationship for once.
But what happens when Harry Styles meets Louis Tomlinson? Find out in Through the Dark.


2. Chapter One

Louis' pov

i was woken up by a voice of my mom calling me to downstairs for breakfast. i groaned and rubbed my eyes tiredly, streched my muscles and got up. i opened my curtains and was suprised by the weather: i was so used to rainy, cloudy weather that i couldnt believe it was actually sunny. i smiled and started to walk downstairs. when i got to the kitchen, my mom greeted me and said that i had to hurry a bit because if i didnt, i would be late for school - and thats something i didnt want to do. it was my first school day of the year so i quickly ate my breakfast and jogged back to my room. i opened my closet and picked a pair of tight black jeans, a white t-shirt and a hoodie on top of it. 'oh shit, ive forgotten to pack my schoolbag' i rushed to pack my backpack and just when i was almost ready my mom called: "two mins, Lou!" i quickly brushed my teeth and splashed my face with water. then i basically ran down the stairs and out of the house to my moms car and i was on my way to school.

at school

my mom left me in front of the school and i walked inside, while my gaze was looking for my friends. i walked down the hallway and texted one of my friends because it seemed that i couldnt find them anywhere.

To: Liam

where on earth are you guys hiding from me????

i shoved my phone back to my pocket and just waited for him to answer me. i had some time to kill so i went to the school office to get my schedule. "hello, how can i help you?" the officer asked.

"i was wondering if you could possibly print my schedule for me because i forgot that we are not given them anymore and thats why i also forgot to print the schedule at home"

"okay, just tell me what is your name and class, please".

"louis tomlinson, 14b".

"alright here you go" she said and handed me the schedule. i thanked and walked out of the office. i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and i took it in my hand.

From: Liam

hahaha are u lost lou? but anyway, were already in our classes, i think u came a bit late and didnt hear the announcement about going straight to home classes. see u when u get here x


you bastards no one texted me about this even though u guys knew that i wasnt there to hear the announcement oh goosh i have to run bye

i was a bit mad because they did not text me even though they knew im always late for school but ohwell... so i ran towards my home class, thank god the door was still open and i didnt have to explain why i was late. "good morning mr tomlinson, youre almost in time" teacher said and rose his eyebrow to me. "morning mr wilson" i muttered and spotted Liam waving at me in the back of the classroom. i faked an annoyed face and he bursted into laughter and chuckled a 'hello' to me. i took a seat next to him and played with my phone while the teacher was talking.

I was ok at school, not amazing or any near that but i wasnt too bad either. but right now i wasnt that interested in school stuff. thats because it was the first day and i finally got to see my friends that i hadnt seen for ages. we talked a lot with Liam and in between times, we got a few not-that-amused looks from out teacher. i responded to his look with my innocent look and he just rolled his eyes and continued talking to the class.

Lunch time

Liam and I walked to the lunchroom and found Niall and Luke already eating there. niall noticed us and stood up from his place. "ooooh tommo how u doin buddy?" niall shouted and gave me a bro hug. "im doing good, thanks" i said and he smiled in excitement. then he sat down again and i sat next to him. i flashed niall a big smile and we started talking about all the things that had happened during the summer.

after school

when the school day was over, i got a message from my mother saying that she had to work overtime and that meant that i had to walk home this time. since i was a some kind of sporty lad, walking home wasnt really a big deal to me. i said goodbye to my friends and started walking home.

on my way home, i listened to music but i felt somehow weird, like as if someone was watching me.

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