Through the Dark (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

20-year-old Harry Styles is known to be a dangerous and feared criminal who does and deals drugs and uses violence when ever he wants to. He is possessive, tall and strong. But what makes him extremely dangerous, is his attractiveness. With his looks, he always gets what he wants because no one can resist his curly locks and emerald green eyes.
Louis Tomlinson is a 22-year-old student. He is just a normal guy and has a lot of friends because he is funny and social. Louis also plays football and is really good at it. Many girls are interested in this blue-eyed boy. Even though he could pick almost any girl from his school, he hasnt ever been in a relationship for once.
But what happens when Harry Styles meets Louis Tomlinson? Find out in Through the Dark.


1. Before you start reading :)

First of all: This is my first fan fiction and story so please be nice, you probably know that i cant be that amazing writer since this is my first story. And 2nd of all: I am not from England or speak English as a native language so there will be some mistakes in spelling and grammar. But i really hope you like this story. i went for the casual theme where Harry is the dangerous one and Louis's just a normal student because i like that kind of stories and i think they are interesting to read :) if you dont ship larry or do not want to read a story about them, i recommend that you dont read this story.

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