how we met ??

how i met her and how she changed my life <33


2. one love


 jade P.O.V :
 *next morning*

 i woke up on my phone buzzing i had a text from josh .

 from:josh :)

 hey i was asking erm.. if we could meet at the cafe again today

 to:josh :)

 yeah sure be there is 10 ish

 i left my phone and went to take a shower i put on an outfit and went to the cafe to find josh sitting on the same table by the window i headed to the table "hey josh" "ohh hey jade take a sit please " i sat down then he we talked for an 10 minutes then i found one knee " jade i know i only met you  yesterday but since i met you i cannot stop thinking about you will you be my girlfriend " i was speechless "yes" i said then we hugged then he did something unexpected

we kissed it was long one our lips moved in a rhythm this moment was perfect but then we pulled out because we tow was breathless . we kept talking till i received a text from mike he was mt ex-boyfriend but we break up and we decided to be best friends


hey wanna meet at the park ??


yeah sure and i have surprise for you


okay lets meet at 3:30

it was 3:00 great i have 30 minutes "who are you texting" "its mike my best friend im going to meet at the park after 30 minutes i should go by babe " i left and give him a pick on the lips


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