how we met ??

how i met her and how she changed my life <33


3. does he know ?


 josh p.o.v :

 after i asked her she left to meet her friend mike she picked my lips and left . does he fancy her

 what are they going to do at the park  i was very jealous my thoughts was interrupted by my phone ringing it was my boss "hey josh come for an urgent meeting now" "okay i will be here in 10 " i went to my car and drove to my work.

 *at work*

 "hey josh you are going for a work trip for 3 months or more you are going to leave in two weeks  " " bu-" " no buts you can leave now" i left and drove to my home all what im thinking of is how im going to tell jade i need to break up with her after two weeks because i cant keep her hanging for two months it wont work  also i cant leave without her how can im going to break up with here  why life is so complicated . i decided to text her and tell her to meet me at the mall .


 jade p.o.v:

 i drove to the park i saw mike sitting on the bench a\i went to him "hey mike" "jade hey " he said while hugging me "so wanna know my surprise" "yeah " "i have a boyfriend his name is josh " his jaw dropped "congrats jade " he exclaimed he hugged me tight this time we talked until i got a text from josh telling me to meet him at the mall "bye mike gotta go " "bye jade"

i drove to the mall i texted josh

to:josh :)

were are you ?/


at the court waiting for you

to:josh :)


i made it to the court i searched for him and then i found him "hey josh" "hey jade"he hugged me "jade i want to tell you something" "yeah" " i umm i-i m going for a trip work for tw-o mon-t-h-s " he stuttered "when are you going leave " "after two weeks" 'uhh ummm josh its to hard for me to say it but i think we should break up after two weeks and when you come london again if you still have feelings for me and if i still have feeling for you we can be with each other again . im sorry but it wont work between us when you travel" "i understand jade anyway i was going to break up with you after two weeks but was difficult for me because im truly deeply madly in love with you im in love with you jade and i will always be " i felt a tear escaping from my eyes i loved him and i will always will but it wont work when he is traveling .



i know its a sad chapter but i promise the next one will be better :) :D 

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