So, it's two in the morning and I had an epiphany while doing homework at such an unreasonable hour. Sorry for any poor grammer, I'll fix it tomorrow...


1. Never


All I felt was a searing pain zing through my ribcage before my body collapsed to the ground. There was a faint shriek of my name as gunshots continued to be fired all around the war zone. Weakly, I slip my hand into the inside of my jacket, only to find it dyed a prominent and familiar crimson. Well damn. They got me good. I chuckle at my own stupidity before glancing up.


It suddenly becomes a little harder to breathe, my vision growing fuzzy. The background noise slowly fades out, so I’m more aware of my life draining away. I could do nothing but gaze at the transition of sky above me, fading from orange to a dark evening blue. Ah, how beautiful, I thought. Ironic, in all things considering, but it did take me back to my days as a young boy, laying in a field as I stargazed with my pa. Heh. I’d be seeing him soon...






‘NATE!’ A scream shattered the unnatural wave of fatigue that had nearly engulfed me.


‘Pipe down, would ya? I’m tryin’ to rest my eyes for a bit.’ I hoarsely murmur.


The young face of a cadet hovers over my line of sight, her eyes wide with devastation. Her hair was disheveled and her face and clothes covered in dirt and debri. It was so unlike her usual character.  She was always so prim and proper, Normally adorned with this expressionless, dispassionate stare, but now...


‘S-stay with me Nate, the medics are on their way, just hang on ‘til then!’ She stammers frantically, skimming across the area for any shimmer of hope. With what little strength I have left, I clamp my hand pathetically on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her.


‘S’alright lass, I just need to lie down for a bit--r-rejuvenate, if ya will--’


‘NO!’ she shouts, breaking into sobs. Shakily, she grabs my hand with both of hers as tears stream down her rose dusted cheeks. ‘Y-you can’t...y-you promised...y--’


You can’t leave me.


I drag my hand to her cheek and force a grin. By now early night had approached, and dazzling jewels splattered the sky. The pain was beginning to make it harder to move.


‘I ain’t gonna be far love,’ I softly coo, ‘see that starry ocean above us? I’ll only be up there, sailin’ the seas. I’ll be snagging the small fry so all ya have to do is knock out them big kahunas. Like we always do. We’ll always be that dynamic duo, so don’t you forget it.’


‘Nate...’ her voice was watery, while her eyes reflected despair.


‘Aw, come on girly, ya really gonna see me off with that depressing mug? The least I could get is a smile.’ I joke. My time nears as I begin to lose consciousness.


With her lips quivering violently, she does the best she can to grin happily. Her eyes shut close, overflowing her tears. Taking a long, shaky breathe, she bids me farewell.


‘Wait for me, okay? I’ll be there soon.’


I chuckle one last time. ‘ ‘Course I will. I ain’t going anywhere without ya, hun. We’re partners for life, an’ don’t you forget it.’




She lightly kissed my forehead, still grasping onto my hand and with relief I close my eyes and delve into an eternal peace.



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