One Boy, One Life, One Baby

By now, most of you know Addison's story: She lived the dream by moving to London, falling in love with Harry Styles and gaining loads of new friends and making many new memories. Well, here we are now. Addison is pregnant with Harry's child! Great! Right? Harry is about to start a new tour! Also great! Right?Wrong. Because Harry's at the top of his career, Addison is forced to keep the baby a secret from the world. To Addison's friends and family she's happily pregnant with Harry's baby. But to the world, Addison is Harry's pregnant ex-girlfriend.


3. The Alan Carr Show

Chapter 2

~Liam's P.O.V.~

"Alright, lads. It's show time." I stated as we waited backstage of the Alan Carr show.

"Are you ready?" I asked Harry as he hung up the phone.

"Yeah... As I'll ever be." He replied, plainly.

"Are the girls at home watching?" Niall asked. He nodded.

"It'll be okay, mate." Lou patted his back.

"This will never be okay." Harry frowned, bluntly.

"IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" Alan's voice yelled.

"That's our cue." Zayn smiled. We all put on smiles and ran out.

"Oh! It's so good to have you boys back again!" Alan smiled.

"It's good to be back." I grinned and all the boys agreed.

"So, I hear you have a big tour coming up. The album just came out! You boys are still popular than ever!" Alan stated and we all beamed.

"Yes, we've all put a lot of work and effort into the new album and we hope you enjoy it." Zayn smiled.

"Your fans are still crazy as ever?" He asked with a laugh.

"When are they not." Niall laughed.

"I'm just joking, we have the best fans in the world."

"Wouldn't be here without them." Louis grinned.

"And I hear the new album is called Take Me Home?" Alan asked as a picture of our album cover flashed across the monitor.

"Yes, it's really up beat and just fun! I really enjoyed making this album." Zayn stated.

"We all had loads of fun in the studio and overall it sounds great!" Niall beamed. And Louis and I agreed. I elbowed Harry in the ribs, telling him to say something, while hoping no one noticed.

"Well, Harry, you're being awfully quiet. " Alan stated.

"Oh.. Erm.."

"Harry's just had a lot on his mind." I declared.

"Care to share?" Alan asked.

"Well, me and my girlfriend just called it off." Harry frowned.

"What? No!"Alan gasped.

"Harrison? Is... Over?" Alan frowned.

"I'm afraid so." Harry sighed.

"But we were all close with Addi. So she's still our friend." Niall added.

"Yeah, we called it off, but agreed on staying close friends." Harry stated.

"Woah. Talk about exclusive folks. Well, I'm very sorry, Lad. You seemed truly happy."

"I was." Harry frowned.

Wow... His performance on this show was even convincing me and the other boys.

The show was pretty much like the last two times we've been on here. Talk. Talk. Gossip. Dance off.

Overall it was fun as usual. When we were on our way home, Harry was still depressed and didn't say a word. All the girls were over at Addi, Lexie and Mal's flat so that's where we went. As soon as we got in the door Harry threw his arms around Addison. He's been so upset, but all he wanted was Addison. The whole time we were at their flat he never let go of Addi.

~Mallory's P.O.V.~

"So, we watched the show, I'm sorry, Addison and Harry. I know it's got to hurt." I frowned. They both just nodded.

"It's okay, we'll get through it... It's just for now." Addison smiled, weakly.

"That's a good attitude to have." Lexie perked.

"I mean maybe it's for the best." Addi half smiled. Harry just kissed her forehead and placed his hand on her stomach.

"This is just a cover story. At home, nothing's different." Harry stated, firmly.

"Alright lads, I think we should be going." Liam stated.

"Oh, I forgot about the radio interview." Zayn sighed.

"Me too." Niall added.

"We'll be back soon!" Louis called as all the lads walked out the door.

"So how are you feeling?" Addi asked me.

"Great!" I smiled. "How are you."

"I'm okay, the morning sickness is starting to really get to me, though." She frowned.

"I'm sorry... About everything." I half smiled, hugging her. Just then Dani and El all walked through the door with a pizza.

"Food's here!" El announced and Cailyn and Lexie came rushing in from the kitchen.

Addi and I went to get up to get a slice but Lexie and Cailyn lightly pushed us back down.

"Guys! We are pregnant." I exclaimed.

"We are perfectly capable of getting up and getting pizza!" Addi laughed.

"We know, but still. We're also capable of being nice and bringing I to you." Cailyn stated.

"Well, thank you." Addi and I both said as they each handed us two slices and a drink.

The whole time, we mostly hung out and watched tv. We were listening to the boys first interview out of 3, but they started talking about Addison and Harry. Seeing the way it hurt Addi, we decided to turn it off.

"No. I wanna hear this." She stated turning it up.

"So, Mr. Styles you and your recent girlfriend called if off? Huh?" The male interviewer asked.

"Yes." Harry said,


"Well, that must be a weight off. No more 'girlfriend drama'." The interviewer chuckled.

"You have no idea." Harry laughed, and then coughed, because it sounded like someone had elbowed him.

"Yeah. Definitely." He laughed again, but I could tell he was faking.

"She wasn't that pretty, either." A squeaky female butted in.

"Now, Marcy. You don't have to be rude." The male scolded.

"I'm just saying. Bit of a bitch." The girl scoffed.

"You don't even know her." Niall's voice spat back.

"I know... Just... The paparazzi say-"

"I don't give a damn what they say." Harry coldly replied.

"If I wasn't mistaken... I'd say, you my friend, still have feelings for this Bi- I mean chick." Marcy scowled.

"Well, you are mistaken. I most definitely do not. No feelings. It's over! Forever." Harry furiously exclaimed.

There was a minute or two of silence and then someone spoke.

"So, lets talk about this tour of your's." The male interviewer butted in.

"Yeah." Louis nervously laughed.

"Lets talk about our Take Me Home Tour." Liam added.

"Well-" Zayn started but Cailyn turned it down.

"It's okay, you don't have too. I'm going to have to get used to it." Addi frowned. But we still kept it turned down.

We waited around for about 2 or 3 hours. Until finally the boys burst through the door.

"Hey, boys." I smiled.

"Hey," They waved all plopping down into a chair or on the couch.

"Where's Brendon?" Josh asked.

"Work." I sighed.

"How were the interviews?" Dani asked.

"It sucked bal- they went badly." Harry corrected. After Liam gave him a scolding look.

"That bad, huh?" Lexie asked.

"You have no idea." Louis stated.

"Like, the interviewer for the second interview was so perky and touchy. It was gross!" Zayn said disgusted.

"And the third interview was boring." Niall added, sticking his tongue out.

"What have you ladies been doing?" Liam asked.

"Hanging out, watching the telly. Nothing much." Eleanor explained.

"Did you listen to any of the interviews?" Lou asked.

"Yeah..." We all sighed.

"Which one?" Josh asked.

"The first one." Addi frowned. Harry immediately looked up at her and sighed.

"My least favourite one." Harry mumbled. "All he wanted to talk about was you and me." He groaned, turning to Addison.

"Haz, we know, but-" Zayn and Niall started but Harry interrupted them.

"No! It's only been a week and I'm already sick of this!" He practically shouted.

"Harry..." Addi said softly, taking his hand in hers.

"No! This is killing me inside. I just can't do it!" He said storming out of the flat and slamming the door behind him.

"Should we go after him?" Louis asked.

"No, just... Give him space. He'll come around." Addi frowned looking down at her lap.

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