One Boy, One Life, One Baby

By now, most of you know Addison's story: She lived the dream by moving to London, falling in love with Harry Styles and gaining loads of new friends and making many new memories. Well, here we are now. Addison is pregnant with Harry's child! Great! Right? Harry is about to start a new tour! Also great! Right?Wrong. Because Harry's at the top of his career, Addison is forced to keep the baby a secret from the world. To Addison's friends and family she's happily pregnant with Harry's baby. But to the world, Addison is Harry's pregnant ex-girlfriend.


1. Prologue


It was a cool October evening. The sun was just beginning to set. Harry and I were swaying back and forth in the park swing. I had my head resting in his lap while he stroked my hair with one hand, resting his other hand on my stomach where our baby often kicked. I can't believe I'm almost 3 months. Ever since I found out things kind of slowed down. The boys took off two months and we've mostly done nothing. Even though the boy's two month break is almost over, we tried to make the most of our time together. Mallory's doing good too! We both went for double visits and got to see our ultrasounds together with Brendon and Harry. Lexie and Josh are just enjoying their engagement unlike Ellen and Ethan who are non-stop planning in Manchester. Or at least thats what Cailyn says. Her and Niall flew down to Manchester last week and just got back yesterday. Everyone else is pretty much the same.

As Harry and I continued to swing I shifted, looking up at him. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and smiled.

"You're so beautiful." He beamed.

"You're so lying." I spat back.

"No!" He chuckled. "I'm serious."

"Harry, look at me, it looks like I've swallowed a basketball."

"No you don't." He laughed. "That's just our baby."

"I know, but still." I sighed.

"So, how do you feel?" He asked.

"Better. Simon still hasn't changed his mind, has he?" I asked.

"No, but I'm still working on that." He replied.

"Harry, I think Simon's right."

"What?! You're joking right?" He asked, shocked.

"No, I mean. If he thinks it's for the best...."

"No!" Harry protested.

"Harry, tell me exactly what Simon said. The full story." I stated.

"When I showed up this morning for his emergency meeting he explained everything to me. He said that we should pretend to be broken up because of my lifestyle. "Because you're at the top of your career." As he said it. He said that just for now we should just keep our relationship on the down low. It's completely mental! You're my girlfriend and that's our child. I'm not going to pretend to not love you!" Harry shouted in frustration.

"Harry... I'm sorry... But I think that Simon has a good idea. At least for now." I frowned.

"How could this possibly be a good idea? Do you wanna breakup?" He asked.

"Are you crazy? Of course I don't! This hurts me. But I chose to love you. And your crazy lifestyle. Haz, this is for the best. With your new tour coming up. And I can't keep the baby a secret forever. I'm already showing through these baggy Teeshirts. And if we break up it looks like I got pregnant with someone else's child. That way you don't look like a ignorant manwhore who sleeps around getting me pregnant." I explained to him. He was beyond hurt. And that hurt me. But his expression softened.

"Manwhore?" He chuckled.

"You know what I mean." I laughed, playfully hitting him.

"But you're my girlfriend. And that's my baby. I wasn't sleeping around. That makes you look like the slut.."

"Harry, don't worry about me."

"Addison! Of course, I'm gonna-"


"Fine... I guess it could work." He sighed.

"So we have to pretend to be broken up? No. That doesn't work for me!" He huffed.

"Just in public. I guess we can still be friends... In public. But at home, I'm all your's." I winked.

"Yes, you are." He smirked, leaning down and kissing me, softly.

"When do we announce this?" I asked.

"We have an interview with Alan Carr this weekend." He stated.

"Awe..." I sighed with a frown.

"I know, Alan loves you." Harry smiled.

"Oh well." I frowned.

"Hey, perk up! This is all pretend. You are my girlfriend. This is my baby. And not even Simon can change that." Harry smiled, I smiled back and kissed his cheek.

"Simon means well." I stated.

"I know... Are you about ready to go home?" He asked.

"Almost, I want to finish watching the sunset, first."

"Ok, baby." Harry smiled, kissing my forehead as I snuggled closer into his chest.

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