One Boy, One Life, One Baby

By now, most of you know Addison's story: She lived the dream by moving to London, falling in love with Harry Styles and gaining loads of new friends and making many new memories. Well, here we are now. Addison is pregnant with Harry's child! Great! Right? Harry is about to start a new tour! Also great! Right?Wrong. Because Harry's at the top of his career, Addison is forced to keep the baby a secret from the world. To Addison's friends and family she's happily pregnant with Harry's baby. But to the world, Addison is Harry's pregnant ex-girlfriend.


2. It's For the Best

Chapter 1

~Niall's P.O.V.~

"Cailyn!" I yelled infuriated.

"How many times have I told you not to leave your bra on the bathroom floor?!"

"Oh, shut it, Horan!" She scoffed.

"My house! My rules." I exclaimed.

"And what if I don't abide by them?" She smirked, standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She looked so cute in nothing but her big Teeshirts and underwear.

She could tell I was eyeing her up and down and she strolled over, with eyes just as hungry as mine.

Yes, Cailyn and I are living together.

No, she hasn't caved and taken me back yet. Unfortunately. But living together is harder than I expected. But she's worth it.

As she got closer and closer to me, our noses could have touched. We were still staring I to each other's eyes, right when I thought she was going to kiss me, she yanked my towel right off of my freshly showered body and ran.

"Ugh! Cailyn Danielle! When I catch you, you are dead."

"Bring it, horny Horan." She shouted running around the flat laughing. When I finally caught her, I had her pinned down on the couch.

"EW! Get off me and put clothes on!" She scowled, just as someone knocked on the door.

"Shit! They're hear already!" Cailyn screeched, pushing me off her and running off again.

"Just a minute!" I called running off to my room and throwing on some shorts. Cailyn and I then both ran back into the living room. I jumped over the couch and she bolted around the chairs.

"Hey!" We both panted swinging the door open.

"Woah. What have you two been doing?" Addi smirked, walking in, with the rest of our crew following her. As I turned around

I could see what they assumed had been going on. Clothes everywhere. Couch cushions and blankets scattered. But that's just how we live. Until the maid comes.

~Lexie's P.O.V.~

"I can't believe Simon." Josh said very confused.

"So you two have to pretend to be broken up." Zayn asked.

"Mental? Right?" Harry exclaimed, but Addison shot daggers at him and he sank down into his chair.

"Just kidding. It's for the best." He sighed.

"I see Simons point." Liam stated.

"Ya, I mean. Addi would get loads of hate." Louis added.

"You mean loads of more hate." El corrected.

"Really." Addi nodded. "I can handle the hate. What I can't handle is anything happening to you boys. Or your careers, because of me." She explained.

"That's wise." Dani smiled. Addi smiled back.

"So you guys have to start back the working life next week?" I asked and the boys all nodded.

"Friday we kick off shows in Ireland." Niall grinned.

"You homesick, Nialler?" Josh chuckled. Niall nodded.


"New tour. Finally." Mallory smiled.

"Why you say that?" Harry asked.

"Because we are all sick of hearing how we don't know we are beautiful." I laughed and all the other girls laughed with me.

"Shut up." Zayn said, but couldn't contain his snicker.

"Yeah, the new album is bigger and better!" Louis smiled.

"But we still have MSG." Niall fist pumped the air.

"And the iTunes Fest." Josh added.

"Ugh." The girls and I playfully groaned.

"All I know is I can tell 2013 is gonna be a big year for us, lads." Liam beamed and they all grinned.

Seeing all their faces beaming and laughing made me smile. Finally we are all happy again.

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