One Boy, One Life, One Baby

By now, most of you know Addison's story: She lived the dream by moving to London, falling in love with Harry Styles and gaining loads of new friends and making many new memories. Well, here we are now. Addison is pregnant with Harry's child! Great! Right? Harry is about to start a new tour! Also great! Right?Wrong. Because Harry's at the top of his career, Addison is forced to keep the baby a secret from the world. To Addison's friends and family she's happily pregnant with Harry's baby. But to the world, Addison is Harry's pregnant ex-girlfriend.


4. A Little Piece of Advice

Chapter 3

~Harry's P.O.V.~

After I stormed out of the flat, I walked outside and plopped down onto the stairs outside. It was chilly out. I stared out at the streets of London and recapped today's events.

I announced to the entire world that I had broken up with Addi. And it's killing me inside. Yeah, it's just a cover up... But I hate it. I want the entire world to know that I'm madly in love with Addison not that we are broken up. Pretty soon, she's going to start to really show more and the even more rumours will start to fly about that too.

"Argh!" I yelled in frustration.

"Woah, Styles. What's gotten your knickers in a twist?" A familiar voice said.

"Caroline?" I asked looking up.

"Sup, babe." She smiled, sitting next to me.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"Harsh much?"

"Sorry... But I'm just a little pissed off right now." I sighed.

"I heard you and Addison called it quits, huh?"

"Yeah." I croaked. I hated hearing other people say it. And I guess she noticed.

"Yeah. Ok, here's a little piece of advice. If you're going to make your cover up convincing. You might not want to be seen on her front door step at night." She exclaimed and then walked off.

"Have a nice night." She waved. I sat there shocked... Well.

Just then I got a text from my stylist, Lou Teasdale.

Do you and Addi mind watching Lux for me tonight?

Even though this whole cover up was supposed to be a secret I told Lou, Paul and the boys everything. So she was one of the few in on the plan.

I was given strict orders to not even tell my Family.

We'd love to! Tell my favourite niece, Uncle Haz is on the way! x


Once I had gotten to Lou's and picked Lux up; I drove back to my new flat. Louis and I decided to buy a flat just across from Addi's a week or two ago.

"0k, Uncle Haz and Aunt Add are gonna take care of wou tonight, yes we are." I cooed as Lux smiled and squealed happily.

As I walked into Addi's flat her and everyone else were still here. Her face lit up when she saw me and Lux. I couldn't help but think that this will soon be a reality. Me coming home to Addi, my maybe wife, while holding our child. I wasn't ready for marriage and neither was Addison. But we also weren't ready for a child either. But that's something we will learn to adapt to.

I sat Lux down and she crawled over to Addi.

"A... Add." She murmured. Addison beamed and picked her up. I couldn't help but smile.

Grinning like an idiot as I walked over to her and Lux, I wrapped my arm around her. This is what made me happy. Seeing Addi's face light up always put me in a better mood.

~Lexie's P.O.V.~

I had fallen asleep in Josh's arms. I woke up as I felt his strong arms carry me to the bed. He then climbed in next to me and snuggled closer. I drifted off but woke up again, unable to sleep. I quietly walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water when I heard the front door creak open. It was Addi with Lux asleep in her arms.

"Hey." She said walking back into the kitchen after laying Lux down in her room.

"Hey," I smiled. "Why did you come back? I thought you and Haz were staying together to watch Lux at his new flat." I asked.

"We were, but he has to leave early in the morning and we can't risk me leaving early and the paparazzi or anyone catching me." She frowned.

"Look, Addi..." I sighed walking over to her.

"No, it's fine..." She half-smiled.

"Addison, no it's not. We've been best friends since grade school. I know you better than anyone." I stated. "I can tell you're hurt and upset about this."

"Yes, I am. I have to do it for Harry though. For his career. I'll be fine. We all will." She said rubbing the small bump on her stomach.

"I know you will." I reassured. "You have loads of support and just know, you aren't in this alone."

Addison smiled. "Thank you, Lexie."

"Anytime, BBFFL." I laughed. And

Addi laughed too.

"Now, I think we both could use some rest and in the morning while the boys are gone, we should call Cailyn, El and Dani over to have a girl's day." I perked.

"I'd like that." Addi beamed.

I hugged her and then we each walked back to our rooms and fell right to sleep. Or at least I did.

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