Never ending love

A love story about One direction, 5SOS and teenage girls read about their love stories. Zayn can't tell the boys that has feelings for Perrie, Will Niall ever tell his secret.


6. continuing Chapter 2

"Niall your a really sweet guy and I was wondering if you had a ....... a Valentine for Valentines day? Niall went so red that it look like he was about to die  " No I don't" he said sadly. Niall and Shanae didn't say anything for awhile until Niall spoke up " Shanae?" "yes" "will you be my Valentine?" "yes" Niall gave Shanae the biggest kiss ever.


Then Luke walked in the room and said "What's going on here?" he said in a unsure voice. "" "we were practising for the school play that Niall is doing I just helped him" 


"OK anyway Niall all the boys are looking for a Valentine and in about 12 minutes we are going to sneak out to a bomb fire down near the woods" "OK I'll bring my Valentine with me" HAHAHAHA "who's your Valentine the garbage bin?" " No it's me"

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