Never ending love

A love story about One direction, 5SOS and teenage girls read about their love stories. Zayn can't tell the boys that has feelings for Perrie, Will Niall ever tell his secret.


5. continuing Chapter 2

Shanae couldn't stop thinking about that kiss she snuck out of her room and knocked on Niall door. Niall said "come in"


Shanae said " I cant nanny said no girls in the boys rooms at night and no boys in the girls room at night" Niall jumped out of bed because he was wondering why Shanae was at his bedroom door. He open the door and said " yeah what's up?" " its about before did you actually kiss me because you like me or because of some stupid dare?" Niall looked down and said " Ill tell you the truth" "lets go in the play area and talk about it" Niall followed Shanae into the play area.

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