Never ending love

A love story about One direction, 5SOS and teenage girls read about their love stories. Zayn can't tell the boys that has feelings for Perrie, Will Niall ever tell his secret.


3. continuing Chapter 1

 "At 5:30pm we will leave" Zayn saw Perrie, Shanae and Luke were watching The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. Luke looked at Perrie and said " Your beautiful blue eyes amaze me, Perrie I love you and one last thing will you go out with me?" "yes" Perrie replied Zayn walked out the room Shanae went chasing after Zayn.


"Zayn..... Zayn" " it doesn't matter anymore" Niall walked out his room going bright red seeing Shanae " are you OK?" Shanae asked Niall "Yeah I'm fine what's wrong with Zayn?"


"Luke asked Perrie out" "WHAT" Niall said in anger. " Zayn was going to buy her Red roses, CD's and chocolates for valentines day" " oh how sweet if only I had someone special" Niall went redder then a tomato.   

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