Never ending love

A love story about One direction, 5SOS and teenage girls read about their love stories. Zayn can't tell the boys that has feelings for Perrie, Will Niall ever tell his secret.


2. continuing Chapter 1

" She will never go out with you" Zayn was embarrassed he walked back to his room. Niall knocked on his door and said " Can I come in?" " Who is it" " its me Niall" " come in" Niall looked at Zayn "its ok to feel in love" "Its is" "yes" "well why did they laugh at me?" "because their being stupid idiots and its almost Valentine's day get Perrie something she will enjoy" "like what?"


"She like music doesn't she?" "YES" Zayn said happily "Well buy her some CD's, Red roses and chocolates. "sounds perfect" Zayn smiled at Niall


"But how will we get to the shopping centre?" "easy we will sneak out" Niall replied   

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