Never ending love

A love story about One direction, 5SOS and teenage girls read about their love stories. Zayn can't tell the boys that has feelings for Perrie, Will Niall ever tell his secret.


4. Chapter 2

Niall and the boys were playing truth or dare in the back room. Ashton said " I choose Niall truth or dare?" "both" "OK have you ever had your first kiss?" "nah not yet haven't found the perfect girl yet" " OK we dare you to kiss Shanae" Niall said "no way" going red as he was speaking.


Then the boys started to make chicken noises so Niall knocked on Shanae's door and Shanae opened the door next minute Niall kissed her so fast then walked back to the back room and said " done" Ashton, Harry and Calum had a crush on Shanae so they were jealous " EVERYONE IN BED NOW! the maid yelled out.

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