The Unexpected

Jade and her best friend Ashley spend their summer vacation in Hawaii where One Direction just so happens to be. There Vacation's don't turn out how they expected. Is everything going to turn out alright........


3. We Find each other Again

Jade's P.O.V

After Harry held out his hand to help me up i had thoughts racing through my head. I looked at his hand as he held it out and grabbed it. He pulled me up. 

After i was standing i just had amazement on my face. I just keept looking at him.

"I am so sorry love! What's your name?", he asked looking in my eyes.

I just smiled and then giggled. He laughed.

"It's Jade", i said smiling.

He smiled back showing off his cute dimples. He was still looking at me smiling. Then he broke the silence.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Jade. See you around.", he said turning. Then he waved and smiled.

I smiled back and my chin drop. I just talked to him. I never though that would happen. I quickly ran to Ashley. 

"Ashley, Ashley! ASHLEY!", i said singing as i was fast walking towards her.

"What is up with you?", she said turning towards me.

I just looked at her and smiled. I kept smiling.

"What is wrong Jade!", she shook me by my shoulders.

I was still with a smile on my face.

"Oh okay! I know what you saw. You saw a cute boy?", she said raising one eyebrow.

I nodded. Then she nodded. Then i just blurted it out.

"I ran into Harry Styles! One Direction is here. Were WE are!", i said as i crabbed her shoulders.

Ashley froze. Her eyes went huge.

"Your are joking!", she quickly said.

"NO WAY!! Why would i be joking about running into Harry Styles!", i said with my arms in the air.

"OH MY GOD!", she screamed.

Then everyone turned to us.

"Sorry", i said looking around

"So you ran into Harry! What did he say to you?", she asked looking at me with wide eyes.

"Well i was looking at a tweet from Louis and someone ran into me.", i said moving my arms.

"Yeah", Ashley quickly said.

"Then that's when someone randomly ran into me, then i fell. Then i said oh my god i am so sorry. Then i picked up my phone.", i said looking at my phone then back at her

"Okay what else?", she said jumping up and down.

"Then he said no it's alright love i wasn't watching were i was going. And he held out his hand. I just sat there for a while. And i grabbed his hand.", i said jumping.

Ashley just jumped with me. "Did he say anything else?", she asked looking at me in suspense

"He asked me what my name was", I said looking at her.

"Did you tell him? Becuase maybe you will bump into him or maybe you guys are friends", she said sitting down.

"Of course i told him but i doubt we are friends", i said sitting beside her and taking a drink of my smoothie.

"Oh, well did you get his number?", she asked looking at me.

I paused. I was thinking oh crap. Why didn't i think of that. I slapped my hand on my forehead.

"No!", i said taking another drink of my smoothie.

"Well, lets try to go find them!", she yelled yanking me with her.


Harrys P.O.V.

I walked over to the guys with a smile on my face.

"Why are you so happy?", Louise asked walking towards me.

"I accidently ran into a girl",  i said looking at them

"What did she look like?", Niall asked looking at me

"Well, she had green eyes and brown slitly curled hair. And she was very beautiful.", i said looking at the sky

Liam looked at Louis then Louis looked at Zayn then Niall looked at me. 

"What?", i asked looking at them

"Do you like this girl?", Louis asked outting his hands behind his back.

"I never said that", i said with wide eyes.

"But you did say she was beautiful.", Niall said looking at everyone then me.

I paused.

"How did you evern meet her? And most importantly did you ask her what her name was?", Liam said looking at me.

"Of course i asked what her name was. It was Jade. I already told you how i met her. I accidently ran into her", i said looking at Liam

"Well did you at least get her number?", Zayn asked.

I froze. My smile droped.

"No!", i said with wide eyes.

"Well lets go find her Harry!", Louise yelled pulling me.

Jades P.O.V.

Ashley and i ran to the hotel they were staying in. They weren't there we ran all around the pool and were fans were waiting and still weren't there.

"Ashley were have been running around for 3 hours! We are never going to find them!", i said stoping and sitting on a curb.

"Jade! Get up! We got to find them if you want Harry's number", she said sitting down by me.

"I do, but i doubt we are going to find them with all their fans around them", i said looking at my phone.

"It is nearly it's almost 5:45, the sunset is coming out.", i said looking at her.

She paused. She had that idea face on. Then she looked at me.

"We have one more place to check! Lets go",  she looked at me then grabbed my arm.

We ran down to the beach were Ashley thought they would be. But they weren't there. I just plopped on the sand and laid there.

"Sorry Jade. I thought they would be here.", she said sitting next to me.

"It's okay. I know we wouldn't be able to find them", i said getting up.

"Yeah, do you wanna go to the hotel?", Ahley asked getting up.

"Yeah, lets go",i said as we started to walk way. 

We walked by the water and we were talking. Then i heard someone yell me name. I stopped.

"What's wrong Jade?", Ashley asked going in front of me.

"Did you here that?, i asked here. I looked around noone was there.

"I didn't here anything", she said and started to walk.

I walked with her and i heard my name being called again, but by multiple voices. I stopped again and Ashley looked behind me. She stopped. 

I turned around while i did a dramtic hair flip. I saw Harry and his lads standing there looking at me. My eyes instantly went to Harry's. We looked at each other and walked slowing towards each other.

I turned around looking at Ashley. She just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I laughed and did it back. Then i looked back at Harry and he slitly laughed. Then that made me laughed too. 

Finally Harry and i reached each other. We stood there looking into each others eyes. I smiled and he smiled showing off his really cute dimples. Then Harry looked behind him to see the boys. They just looked at him and they raised their eyebrows. I laughed.

Finally he broke the silence.

"Hi", he said looking in my eyes.

I smiled. "Hi", i said looking back.

"Umm...... Well i was looking for you Jade", he said coming closer.

"Well, it's kinda weird becuase i was looking for you too.

He grabbed my hand and looked at me in the eyes. His eyes were so beautiful! Matter of fact. He was just beautiful. I smiled and he smiled back.

He put a piece of papper in my back pocket and i did the same. He just starred into my eyes. I starred back.

He smiled. "Well i have to.....", and before i could finsih i felt his sweet lips on mine. I was so suprised. I was into it. I put wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He was holding onto my waist. Then we both pulled away. I opened my eyes and his were still closed. I watched him open his eyes dramticly and he smiled. I smiled and backed up.

I walked over to Ashley and turned towards Harry. He was over by the other boys and he turned to me and smiled. I smiled back. I waved and he waved back and he winked at me. I blushed. He smiled and started to walk away. I could hear the other boys asking him what was on the note that he gave me and that i gave him.

Me and Ashley started walking and she stopped me.

"What is on the note?", she asked smiling

"I don't know", i said taking out the note.

She walked to the other side.

"Well what does it say?", she asked looking at it with me.

It said: Dear Jade, here is my number so we can text or call. Most importantly will you go out with me sometime? From: Harry

 (Just pretend his number is on there);)

 I smiled then looked at Ashley. She quickly screamed.

"Oh my god, he gave you his phone number!", she yelled grabbing the papper.

"Yeah and i gave him mine", i said smiling and putting the papper back into my pocket.

"Oh so that's what was on the papper", she said jumping back to me.

"Yep", i said looking at her. I took a picture of the sunset and sent it to my mom.

Then me and Ashley got to our hotel and got our pj's on.

I sigh and went to brush my teeth. I just keept smiling and i couldn't stop. I keept thinking about how great that kiss was. 

This is my pj's

This was Ashleys pj's

We got in bed and i did another huge sigh.

"Good night Jade! Hopefully tomorrow is another adventure", she said laughing and i couldn't see her smile but i know she was.

"Good night Ashley! I hope it is too. See you in the morning", i said smiling

My eyes started to get heavy as i fell into a deep sleep.

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