The Unexpected

Jade and her best friend Ashley spend their summer vacation in Hawaii where One Direction just so happens to be. There Vacation's don't turn out how they expected. Is everything going to turn out alright........


4. It Was Either You or Him

Jade's P.O.V


I woke up to the sunlight on my face coming from the window. I felt nice and warm against my skin. I smiled feeling the nice Hawaiian sunlight on my face.

I let my thought wander over to Harry. I sighed in pleasure while laying on this comfortable bed.

"Morning." Ashley said and gave me a weak smile. She had bed head.

I smiled back. "Morning Sleeping Beauty, I love your hair." She shot up and ran over to the wall mirror.

"Ugh, stupid hair." She said as she ran her fingers threw her long wavy bright red hair.

I laughed, sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed so, they were dangling off the side of the bed. 

I stood up and stood next to her at the mirror. I ran my fingers threw my hair which wasn't as bad as her's.

"I'm going to take a shower and fix this hair of mine." She said as she walked into the washroom. 

I walked downstairs and ordered room service for breakfast. About 15 minutes later the food came and I set it on the table.

Ashley came down in her robe and sat at the table. "Mmmm.. it smells so good." She started to pile pancakes, bacon, eggs and hash browns on her plate. 

"Hungry much?" I asked laughing. She nodded and kept eating.

Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and there was a text from Harry.

~Hey Jade!! It's me Harry. I was wondering if you and your friend wanted to go to the beach today with me and the lads?~

I smiled hugely at the thought of spending the day with Harry Styles. The guy that I kissed after just meeting him.

"Hey Ash, Harry wants to know if we want to spend the day at the beach with him and the lads. You in?" I asked and she jumped from her seat.

"You mean that I get to spend the whole day with One Direction? OH MY GOD!!!" She screamed and I laughed, I texted Harry back.

~Sure we'd love to. Meet you there in half hour.~ I instantly got a answer. 

~Ok meet you there. ;) ~ 

I stood up and walked upstairs, followed by Ashley. We got to our room and quickly got dressed with our bathing suits under our clothes. (You already know what their bathing suits look like)


Jade's outfit!!

Ashley's outfit!!!!


When we finished getting dressed, we got our beach bags and our phones and were off to the beach.

We walked down to the beach. It was so hot and the sun felt good against my skin.

We walked down and set up our stuff on the sand and Ashley went to get some smoothies.

I laid down and started to tan when someone shaded me, I didn't feel the sun on me anymore. I opened one eye and saw harry.

"Hey beautiful!!!" Harry says and smiles his perfect smile.

"Harry!!!" I said and jumped up and hugged him. It wasn't long till he hugged me back.

"Where's you friend?" He asked looking around. At that moment I saw her walking toward us,she didn't notice harry cause she was looking at her phone.

I pointed over to Ashley and he nodded.

"HAZZA!!!!" I heard someone yell from behind Harry. I looked behind him and saw the other's walking towards us.

"Hazza, we have been walking foreve...... Oh, hi. I'm Louis. And you are?"

" I know who you are. I'm Jade." He smiled.

"So this is Jade? The girl you were talking all night about." He said and winked and Harry blushed.

Ashley walked up and finally looked up from her phone.

"Here Ja...."

Ashley's P.O.V


We arrived at the beach and set up our stuff and I got thirsty.

"Hey, Jade. I'm going to go get a smoothie, want one?" She started to nod.

"Sure, get me a banana one please." I nodded and headed for the shack.

I got there and ordered a orange and a banana smoothie. I had to wait about 5 minutes until it was done.

I payed the lady, picked up the smoothies and headed back to Jade.

It was really hot out so as I was walking the smoothies started to melt and I went onto twitter.

I took a sip of my smoothie as I walked up to her.

"Here Ja...." I looked up from my phone and there, standing in front of me was . . . . . . . ONE DIRECTION!!!!

I dropped my smoothie but Louis quickly ran and caught it.

"Oh my god!!!!" I said squealing and having my fan-girl moment and they laughed.

When I finally calmed down Louis held out my smoothie for me. "I think you dropped this." He said looking into my eyes, I was looking into his.

"Th..thanks!!" I said slowly putting my hand around the cup while smiling. Our pinkies touch and he wraps his pinkie around mine and I smile. Wait, I'm dating Finn. I can't be 'flirting' with Louis. What am I doing. But his eye's are so beautiful and smile could melt anyone.

He starts to lean forward and my heart starts racing. I suddenly start leaning in to, I try to stop myself but something keeps telling me it's right. He starts smiling and I smile back.

"You have a beautiful smile." He says and I blush.

"Thanks." I say and he winks.

He leans in closer and.... "ASHLEY!!!!" someone says with joy. The voice sound very familiar. To familiar.

I turn around and see the last person that I would see here. I just left yesterday jeez. 

"Finn??" I say and let go of the cup quickly.

Then I see Jack start running over to Ashley and Finn runs to me. He comes over and lifts me into the air, and I start laughing.

"Why are you here, I just left yesterday." He brings me back to the ground and gives me a huge hug.

"What, are you not happy to see me?" He asks but I can tell he joking around.

"Of course I'm happy to see you!!" I say and he smashes his lips against mine and they start to move in sync. He pulls away and smiles. Then Louis clears his throat.

"Oh, Finn this is Louis Tomlinson. Louis this is Finn Harries." They shake hands and I smile.

"Your the Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction?" Finn asks and Louis nods.

"Cool, Ashley here is always talking about how amazing you all are. 'Omg did you see the One Direction concert last night. They looked so hot. With their hair and their eyes. Their amazing.' " Finn says mocking me and I playfully slap him and Louis blushes.

"Ya and you always get jealous and tell me to shut up." I say laughing.

"And remember what you always say when I say?" He says laughing and I nod.

"Don't talk shit about my boys or else I'm gonna have to pay someone to hurt you!!" We say in sync while laughing. 

"Protective much." Louis says while laughing.

Then Jack comes up to us and looks upset. "Come on Finn were going home." he said and we all looked confused.

"What? No, I just got here and I want to spend time with my girlfriend." Finn said and when the word 'girlfriend' came out Louis looked upset.

"Well then I'm going back to our hotel." Jack said and left.

We all looked at each other confused. Why was Jack so upset?

Jade's P.O.V


I saw Louis and Ashley having some kind of moment. What about Finn? She has Finn.

As Ashley and Louis were talking I talked to Harry.

"I missed you." Harry said then kissed me.

"Harry it's been less than a day since we've seen each other last." He smiled.

"I know, but I was thinking about you." I blushed and he laughed.

"I was thinking about you to." I confessed which mad us both blush.

"Really?" Harry asked but then we were interrupted by someone picking me up and twirling me in the air. When I was place back onto the ground I turned around and it was Jack.

"JACK!!!!!" I said and hugged him. I could feel Harry staring at the back of my head so I pulled away.

Just as I pulled away Jack pulled me back in and smashed his lips to mine. I pulled away quickly and Harry tried to get at him but I pushed him back. 

"Who the hell is this, So you have a boyfriend and you didn't tell me?" Harry said and he looked furious. I shook my head. 

"No Harry I don't have a boyfriend. Jack what the hell was that?"

"That kiss at the airport meant something and I needed to know what. Cause I have always liked you and when you kissed me, I was speechless." I looked surprised.

"Jack that was a quick kiss on the cheek goodbye. It didn't mean anything and it never will. I'm with Harry now." Jack eye's quickly darted to Harry and He punched him in the face. I pulled him off and ran to Harry's side.

"Harry!!! Are you ok?" He looked up at me and nodded. I helped him up and smashed my lips to his cause I was happy that he was ok. He kissed me back and Jack stormed off. A few minutes later we pulled away and smiled. Then Ashley, Louis and Finn walked over.

The rest of the day we spent at the beach.


 Louis's P.O.V


Knowing that I can't have Ashley hurts. I really like her even though I just met her, but she was with Finn. 

I was laying on the towel trying to dry off and Ashley walked up and laid beside me.

"Hey!!" she said with her beautiful voice.

"Sup." I said and looked at the clouds.

"Are you ok? Once Finn got here you started to look a little on edge." She said with a worried look on her face. Was it that obvious?

"I really like you Ashley. And I just don't feel right seeing you with Finn." I said truthfully. I needed to get it off my chest and it felt good. She looked a little surprised but before I knew it her lips were on mine. I don't know who kissed who but I was happy.

We pulled away and she smiled. (She kissed him) "I like you to Louis." I was so relived but then I saw Finn.

"I come here to be with you and you chose him? I'm leaving." She looked upset and started to cry. I tried comforting her. I ran my fingers threw her silky bright red hair and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you. It had to be done. It was either you or him and I chose you." I smiled hugely an kissed her again 

"Your welcome."  I guess that means were together now.

We lay there on the towels watching the sun set. It was beautiful. Just like her!!







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