The Unexpected

Jade and her best friend Ashley spend their summer vacation in Hawaii where One Direction just so happens to be. There Vacation's don't turn out how they expected. Is everything going to turn out alright........


2. "H...Harry Styles?"

Jade's POV

I woke up to my alarm ringing. I sat up quickly remembering what day it was. Today is the day me and my best friend Ashley are going to Hawaii for summer break. Yayyy!! I swung my feet over the side of my bed and stood up. I started to walk over to my dresser but I grabbed my bed post to keep me balanced. I walked over and turned my alarm off before it drove me insane. I had already finished packing for Hawaii, to tell the truth I have been packed for the past 3 months. I scanned my closet for something to wear out of what hadn't been packed away for the trip. I decided to wear my Floral crop top, light pink button up shirt, my ripped short shorts and my white sandals.

This is her outfit!!!

I got my clothes and headed top the bathroom to take a shower. After my shower I dried off and got dressed. I took my brush and ran it threw my brown and slightly curly hair and put is up in a tight ponytail. I walked out of the bathroom and back in my room, over to my makeup table. I sat down and quickly did my make up. When I was finished I grabbed my phone and went down stairs. My mom was making breakfast. "Morning sweet heart, are you all packed?" I sat down at the table and she put a plate in front of me. "Ya, I have been packed for the past 3 months." I started eating and she came and sat down across from me. "Ok, I have to leave for work soon so I can't come to the airport with you." Of course. My own parents can't take time off to say goodbye to their daughter at the airport cause they have more important things to do. What's more important than your child? "Ok. I better bring my bags down so I'm ready to go when I leave." I stood up and my mother gave me a kiss on the cheek. My dad is on a business trip so he isn't here. I walked up stairs and grabbed all my bags filled with clothes and stuff for the next 3 months. As I was picking everything up I heard my mom yell." Bye sweetheart, I'm going to work. Call me when you get to Hawaii." I rolled my eyes."Ok bye." I heard the door close and I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding. I brought my bag's and suitcases downstairs and sit on the couch and watch TV. It was almost time to leave when Ashley called.

A=Ashley J=Jade

J: Hey Ash

A: Hey, I'm just heading out to the airport. Are you ready?

J: Yup I was just about to leave. I will meet you there.

A: Ok see you there.

I hung up and went over to the door. I got my bag's and suitcases and grabbed my car key's. I put my stuff in the trunk and got into the car. I looked up at the house that I won't see for the next three months. I smiled and drove away.

*Skip the car ride*

I pulled into the airport parking lot and got out. I walked in and got my plane ticket, put my bags on the thing so they will be put on the plane, got my carry on bag checked and went to the waiting area. When I got there Ashley, Finn and Jack were there. Finn and Jack Harries are twins. Finn and Ashley are dating. Ashley tried to set my up with Jack but I refused. We are friends and all and yes he is cute but I'm not interested."Hey Jade!!" I smiled and hugged Ashley, then Finn and Jack. "Hey guys" "You look great." Jack said and winked, I giggled. "Thanks, this is like the only thing I didn't pack away." He laughed. "Oh my gosh Ashley I love your dress. Where did you get it?"


This is Ashley's dress

"Oh ya, Finn bought it for me as a goodbye present." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Get a room." Jack said and I giggled. Then we heard the announcer. "Hawaii plane now boarding."  We all frowned. "Awe, I don't want you guys to go." Finn said giving us hugs. Ashley gave Finn a kiss and walked over to get her carry on. "Do I get a good by kiss?" Jack said walking over. "Jack I told you I'm not interested in you." He laughed."I know. Bye." I walked up and gave him a hug. I pulled away and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He was surprised. "Bye." I said laughing wand walking over to Ashley. "Let's go!" She said excited and we walked onto the plane. We found our seats and sat down. As we took off I put my ear plugs in and looked out the window. It looked beautiful. I started to doze off and ended up falling to sleep.

*Skip the rest of the plan ride.*

I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I looked over and it was Ashley."Come on Jade get up, were here." I shoot up and looked out the window. I saw the palm tree and smiled. "Come on, we can look at it when we get off. I wanna go to the beach." I laughed and got my carry on. We walked over to the converter belt to get out bags. Then we heard a bunch of girls screaming. We looked around but couldn't see anything. We just shrugged and got our bags. We walked out and went over to the car that we had somebody drop off for us. We put our stuff in the trunk and got in the car. Ashley drove to the hotel.

*Skip car ride.*

We pulled up in the hotel parking lot and there was a hotel across the street with a nice limo in the parking lot. Is there somebody famous staying there? oh well I probably won't meet them. We got our bags and checked into the hotel. We went up to our room and it looked really nice. We walked into our room and put our clothes away. "So, where do you want to go first?" I asked while putting my final suitcase in the closet. "The Beach, duh." I laughed and pulled out my bathing suit. Me and Ashley put on out bathing suits on.


This is my bathing suit


This is Ashley's bathing suit


We grabbed our beach bags and put on our sun dresses on top of out swimsuits. We walked out and walked down to the beach cause it wasn't that far a walk. We walked down and took off our sun dresses so we were just in our bathing suits and sandals. We walked around for a while talking then decided to go to the shake to get something to eat. We were walking towards the shack when we saw someone."Hey, Ash, look. Is that Niall Horan and Liam Payne?" She looked over."No, it can;t be, there supposed to be in Florida." We shrugged and kept walking When we got there we ordered our smoothies and a sandwich and sat at a table. "oh my gosh it's so hot out today." I laughed and took a bite of my sandwich. "I have to go to the washroom." She nodded and I stood up. I walked out of the washroom and was on twitter. There was a tweet from Louis Tomlinson that said 'Chilling at the beach with the lad's #Tanning' I laughed and bumped into someone making us both fall. "Oh my god I'm so sorry I wasn't looking at where I was walking." I picked up my phone and he spoke. "No it's alright love, I wasn't paying attention. Are you ok?" He held out a hand for me and I took it. "Umm, ya I'm......" I looked at him and realized who it was. I was starstruck. I just bumped into....." H...Harry Styles?"



Hello my little kitten's!!! I hope you like this chapter. There was allot of discussing when making this chapter, but it has now been finished. JadeLeeAnneStyles1994 will be writing the next chapter. We have a system, kinda. I don't know it's complicated. I love the bathing suit that Ashley wears. It's really pretty, they both are. If you don't know who Jack and Finn Harries is than go onto YouTube and search 'Jacksgap' and that is what they are from. There REALLY hot. Well at least i think so. They are from Finland, and their accents are adorable. Please don't forget to Comment, Favorite and Like!! : >





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