The first Valentines day

Lily and Harry (Hily Stylins) has been together for almost a year, so when Valentines Day comes, of course they’re gonna spend it together. | Hverken Lily eller Harry er kendte. Harry er 23 og Lily er 21.
*Det her er mit bud til fan-fiction Valentines konkurrencen*


2. Valentines Day



When I heard the knock on the door, I grabbed my keys and cell phone before rushing out and opening the door. Harry greeted me with a smile, making his cute dimples appear. His brown, curly hair I loved to feel against my palm was hidden underneath a beanie. When our eyes met, his green orbs were shining a bright green and his long lashes were casting a shadow on his face.

He was beautiful.

He was gorgeous

And he was mine.

I too flashed a smile and jumped into his arms. His warmth and sent quickly took over my senses and I felt my smile grow even bigger. When the embrace ended, Harry grabbed hold of my hand before placing a soft kiss on my lips. Just as he was about to pull away, I placed both my hands around his neck, tugging him down again.

"Lily," he said against my lips before pressing his to mine again one last time. I got a bit disappointed when he pulled away, but when I saw the passion in his eyes I just smiled.

"Hello Harry."

"If that’s the greeting I get when I visit, I think I maybe should stop by more often." He winked down at me.

I was just about to answer him, when he cut me off by take a box out from behind his back, shoving it into my hands. My eyes widened.


I heard him chuckle as I studied the different kinds of flavours in the box. Damn, that boy knew how to impress a girl. I stood on my tip toe and placed a lingering kiss on his lips before quickly running back into my apartment with the box. When I got back, I shut the door, and we started walking down to Harry’s car.

Outside a small breeze met us, but all I felt was Harry’s warm hand in mine, his thumb making small circles on mine. Just as I reached for the car door Harry opened it for me, making the 'this way'-movement with his hand while a grin spread on his face.

"Thanks," I mumbled, feeling the warm spread in my cheeks. People on the street were looking at us with smiles and their faces, and some was even grinning. Gods, I was never going to be used to Harry I-will-open-every-door-for-you-self. Even though we've been together for almost a year, I was still flattered he would do such things for me.

* *

When we arrived, where I had no idea, Harry parked in a parking lot full of other cars. We weren't even in town anymore, so I had no clue where we were. When I asked where we were going, all Harry did was laugh and then tell me to be patient. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen... It was when the screams started I figured out where we were going. It kinda made sense, 'cause I had once told Harry, that I've never been there, but I hadn't thought that he would actually take me here today.

"The funfair?" I looked questionable at Harry, not really sure how I should react. Sure, it would be fun and the candyfloss... Mmm! I had just had something else on my mind, but as I stood here, looking up at the big “Welcome to the Funfair!” sign, I was as excited as a small kid. When we reached the entrance, the screams of excited people reached us, and excitement started bubble in me.

Inside, there actually weren’t that many kids. Most of the visitors were around our age and there even were some old people. There was a wide path made of grey stones with trees and small booths on both side. Everything was so full of colours and patterns. There was this happy-face there was everywhere we went along with hearts and flying babies with a bow and arrows.

As we walked down the path, my smile grew bigger and bigger for every second. There were couples grinning at nearly ever booth and small kids running in and out others legs with their hands full of candy. I leaned my head against Harrys shoulder, slightly squeezing his hand as a quiet 'thank you'. As response he kissed the top of my head, making me smile.

* *

"Come on, Lily. We have got to try it!" Harry grasped hold of my hand while walking towards the ferries wheel. We had been here for a few hours, and we still hadn’t tried everything. Including the ferries wheel.

"Ehm, Harry? You know, I not really good with heights so..." I looked down at my feet, suddenly they got a whole lot more interesting. Harry stopped walking. He turned around, so his chest was pressed to mine. His lips softly brushed my temple before moving down further. I could feel his warm breath against my neck, and I automatically placed my arms around him, urging him to continue. His lips placed a delicate kiss on my jaw, making me shiver.

"That's why you got me, love," he whispered in my ear. Right now, I would've done anything he said, so I just nodded lightly. When Harry moved away again, I still stood with my eyes closed. Damn, that boy knew how to manipulate...

Harry cupped my cheeks and leaned his forehead to mine. I ghosted my lips over his and I felt kinda great when I heard him make a sound in his throat, 'cause I knew I was the course of that. But when he was about to kiss me again, I pulled away. I heard him growl low, gaze running up and down my body. I just giggled up at him, flashing a quick smile, before turning away and walking over to the ferries wheel. It didn't take Harry long to catch up with me, his long legs giving him an advantage. So not fair. I grabbed his hand, and together we walked over to the wheel. There wasn't really many people in the line, so we quickly got through.

I had just walked over and sat down in one of the pink seats we had been asked to take, when I noticed Harry had suddenly disappeared. Frowning I was about to stand up, when two large hands pressed against my chest and down in the seat again. I was about to protest when I recognized Harrys curly hair.

"Where were you?" I asked him, placing my hand in his.

"I-I was just checking something."

I was surprised that when he spoke his voice shook. No way...

"Harry, are you afraid of heights too?"

It was when he hesitated I was sure. Harry had always said how he wasn't afraid of anything, bragging about all the things he'd done. But now when I thought about it, he hadn't once he'd mentioned anything including something up high.

I intertwined our fingers on one hand and ran the other up his arm till it reached his chin. I cupped it, and Harry gave it a small kiss before he leaned his head against it. I heard him sigh while his gaze never left mine. I offered him a small smile and brought our fingers up to my mouth. Harrys gaze followed my every move and when my cold lips made contact with his warm skin I felt him shudder. I was about to reach out for him when the wheel started. Harrys pressed his eyes closed, his grip on my fingers tighten. I let out a startled whimper as his nails started to press down into my flesh. Harry immediately opened his eyes, his eyes looking at the marks on my hand.

"Harry, are you oka-“

I was cut off when his pink, plump lips placed a lingering kiss on my hand that sent me boiling. I felt red dots spread on my cheeks witch made Harry laugh. I smiled at him and leaned my head against his.

The view from here was amazing. The darkness had come, and now the whole fair was one big Christmas tree. Lights was everywhere in all colours and shapes and filled the square. The night sky was dark blue with some few stars hanging on it. It was beautiful, and I silence thanked Harry for this. For us.

Through my thin jacket I could feel the breeze getting cooler the higher we got. Therefore I crept closer to Harry, feeling his warmth seep into me.

"Harry?" I asked in a tired voice, my eyelids suddenly felt heavy. I felt Harry sneak an arm around me, pulling me closer.

"Mmm," he said into my hair. On the way up, I had gotten over my fear of heights, but Harry hadn't. His eyes had been closed the whole time and his hand was still intertwined with mine, fingers smoothing mine to comfort me and himself.

"I just wanted to say thanks. I haven't really said it all day, but I hope you know I appreciate what you have done. And..."

I stopped, suddenly unsure. I had told Harry how much I love him many times before, but the words didn't want to leave my mouth. I had no idea why, ‘cause I really wanted him to now. I turned so I was facing Harry, his green eyes so bright they could've been one of the stars from the sky. Some of the curls had got loose from under the beanie and was now swaying in the wind. I cut hold of one and twisted it around my finger. I could feel his gaze on me, studying me. It felt like a sweet touch was running over my skin and leaving burn marks all over me.

"What?" His voice was low. And close. Without realising it, he had moved closer, so now there wasn't much space between us – not that I minded. I could feel his breath on my lips, so I opened my mouth slightly, about to say it. But Harry had other plans. He let go of my hand and instead let it round my waist, tugging me as close as possible. My hands found his soft curls just as he pressed his mouth to mine. I was quickly to respond, meeting his lips with the same desperation. His hands started wander, my hands still playing with his hair. I let out a soft moan as his mouth moved down my jaw, finding my sweet spot. My mouth opened more, letting another moan and soon after a whimper out. Needing to feel his lips on mine once more, I moved my face down, finding his plumb, kissable lips. Harry didn't seem to mind, meeting mine with a heavy thrust. I bit down on his lower lip, making him growl deep against my lips.

When one his hands moved up under my shirt, a shiver ran through me. First of all, Harry’s hands felt amazing against my skin, and secondly, the cold sneaked in under too. To prevent more of the cool wind to inter, I pressed my body even closer to Harrys so I almost ended in his lap. His thumb skimmed my breast, making me moan once again against his lips. I could feel Harry smile witch also made me do it. His hand lifted lightly up in my shirt, so his warm hands could explore more of my new exposed skin. I opened my eyes to see Harry was staring right at me, dimples visible.

"Wh-what?" I gasped out.

Harry pulled away, but our lips still touched. He sent me a cheeky grin as he bit on my lower lip, making me giggle.

"You were saying something?"

To begin with, I had no idea what he talked about, still affected from the actions that had happened before. But then I remembered. I had been in the middle of a sentence right before Harry had interrupted with his red-hot kiss. I smiled up at Harry, placing my hands on his broad torso. I placed kisses along his jaw, and I loved it when he would release a moan for me. Carefully I ran my teeth over his neck, knowing how much he loved it when his hands tightened around me. Once again, I liked the feeling of dominance. I moved closer to his ear, making sure he could feel my lips on his neck on the way up.

"I love you," I then whispered in his ear. Suddenly I was no longer sitting on the saet, but lying down against the cold metal. Harry was placing kisses all over me; neck; face; lips; jaw. His hands were on either side of my head along with my hair. I leaned my head back, allowing him more space.

To be honest, I wasn't sure this was allowed. I mean, there wasn't a metal-thing in front of us and not at our feet for nothing. We could easily fall down, and that would just make two street-sandwiches. But I didn't care right know, 'cause Harrys hands had started to wander. One moment they were on my stomach and the next it was my thighs there was the lucky ones. He touched me all the right places, pressed his own hard body to mine all the places I was soft.

I wrapped my one leg around him, pressing him closer. He complied without hesitation, and even started to move against me.

Best. Valentines Day. Ever!

It was then I realised two things. First I sooo wanted Harry, like, right now. And second, we was in the ferries wheel... And the tour was about to end...

"Harry we-" I really tried to push him away, but he wasn't ready to stop. When he started to place kisses down my chest, I used the opportunity to speak. Or try to.

"Harry, we really sh-should stop. Believe me, I really, reallyreallyreally, want to continue, but our t-tour is– oh god!” His mouth had again found a sweet spot. I sank, trying to find my voice again. “Our tour is about to…" His tongue had slipped out, and took all my concentration away from what I was saying.


I ran my hand down to his really nice and round ass and pinched it. Harry only gasped out a moan between my breasts... Okay, not the reaction I was hoping for, but it was nice to know he liked it.

"Harry! I'm actually trying to be the mature one here!"

My breath came out in small strangled gasps, Harry’s hands and mouth working its magic on me. Harry’s mouth once again made contact with my now sore skin before pushing away, taking me with him. When we were sitting up again, his hand ran over my shoulders, giving them a small squeeze. We were now the next ones to leave, when Harry suddenly put a finger under my chin, turning my head to his. His smile was so full of love and lust that I almost jumped on him again. His lips was few inches from mine, ghosting them.

"Happy Valentines Day, Lily," he whispered before his lips found mine again in a sweet kiss.

When we broke away again, we were both breathless. I pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth before answering.

"Happy Valentines Day, Harry."

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