Tips for how to improve your writing so that your movella can get noticed and read!


4. Dialogue

It is actually quite difficult to write good dialogue. Many people try to write really profound speeches for characters without taking into account the personality of the character. You can’t have a character with below average intelligence using complex words. It just does not make sense.


Also, once you start writing dialogue for character, it is very difficult to stop. You just get to this place where you need to keep perpetuating the conversation because you can’t seem to find a good way to wrap it up. This is a big trap that people fall in. A little dialogue that adds to the reader’s understanding of the character is good. A whole chapter of dialogue is not. It simply gets boring and confusing to read.


Add in the correct punctuation when writing dialogue. Put commas and apostrophes in the right places. If in doubt look at some dialogue in a published book and see how it’s done.

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