It's been a year since the accident and since her best friend left for the X Factor. But what happens when he comes back? Will things ever be the same? Will they continue where they left off? The story of a broken girl looking to be fixed. Read to find out what happens.


4. Chapter Three

I sit there awkwardly. No one says anything. Louis is giving me a death stare and the rest of the boys have huge smiles on their faces patting Harry on the back.

"Listen" I begin. "We didn't-" I stop to look at the boys. They just can't whip those smiles off of their faces. Except Louis, he just looks pissed at me. I look straight at Louis "we didn't have sex" I say matter-of-factly.

"Haha ok" Niall says. "Sure you didn't" he winks at me.

"What? No. We didn't. Why did you blink?" I say defensively.

"I didn't" Niall winks again.

"Seriously" I sigh. "We didn't" I look down at my lap.

"Well I believe you" Liam gets up and heads to the kitchen.

"I don't" Louis snaps.

"Ok what's your problem?" I finally ask. "Why are you so jealous? It's not like Harry was ever going to have sex with you. Honestly, I swear on my little brothers grave I did not have sex with Harry Styles. Just chill" I get up and storm out. Did I overreact? Now I feel guilty. But I just keep walking anyways.

I take a step outside and grab a cig out of my pocket. I light it and take a nice big puff. It calms me down. I only do it once in a while but Harry would be so mad if he found out.

To my luck, I finished it as soon as Harry came out to look for me.

"What was that about" he says loudly when he finally sees me.

"Oh please, Harry he couldn't stop glaring at me. It was pissing me off" I defend myself. He opens his mouth to say something but then he stops, hesitates, and takes a deep breath.

"You smell like smoke" he says.

"So?" I shrug.

"So!?" He raises his voice again.

"Shhh" I put my finger up to his mouth. I look behind him and see people begin to look at us.

"Are you smoking?" He whispers loudly.

"Yeah" I let out a little giggle. "I'm doing a lot of things" just then, I see a bright flash and Harry turns around as soon as another flash goes off. We're surrounded by people taking pictures of us so I smile and try my best to look pretty. Harry grabs my arm and turns around.

"Come on" Harry tries to hide his face and heads inside, dragging me with him.

"Bye guys! We love you all!" I shout at the excited crowd.

We pretty much run up to the room and the cheering of the fans get quieter and quieter till I can't hear them any more.

Harry doesn't say anything till we are standing outside of the hotel room.

"Why are you smoking?" Harry says. Devastation fills his eyes.

"I'm not a chain smoker Harry. It's one of the many things that I do to calm myself down" I try to explain. I feel like I'm talking to a little boy.

"Calm you down from what?" His voice raises.

"Please don't yell" I whisper as I look down at my feet.

"I'm not!-" he stops as he realizes that he was yelling. "I'm not yelling" he says softer.

I look up to meet his gaze. "I have depression Harry. I smoke when I get mad or sad. It calms me down. I also do other stuff that helps" I explain.

"Like what?" He steps back.

When I don't answer, he speaks up again. "What other things do you do Sasha?"

"Just things!" I yell. "It's non of your business Harry. Can you just trust me that I'm fine?" I assure him. When he doesn't answer, I add, "I'm broken Harry. These things that I do, they fix me. They temporarily fix me."

He nods and unlocks the door. I skip into the room and decide to forget about what just happened. I open the curtens and look out to the fans. They don't see me but I smile and wave at them anyways.

"I'm tired" I notice that it's getting dark so I turn around and look directly at Harry. "Take me home?" I smile innocently.

"Or you could just stay here" he suggests, his face turning a little pink.

"Yeah you should stay" Louis adds. I raise my eyebrows at him and he smiles at me like a goof.

"Really? You want me to stay?" I ask Louis, shocked by his sudden change of heart. What I said must have really worked.

"Yeah it'll be fun!" Niall adds.

"Ok, but tomorrow I'm going to visit my brother before work so don't let me sleep in" I say sternly.

"I thought your brother was dead" Louis starts to look angry.

"What gave you that idea?" I put my hands on my hips with sass.

"When you said 'I swear on my brothers grave'. I thought that meant he was dead" his brows furrow.

"He's not. He's in a coma. He's been in a coma for five years. My dad put him there" I turn around and walk into the other room where I drift off to sleep.


Woot woot! The story goes on! Ok so I have nothing against any of the 1D boys. I actually really love them so whatever happens, it's just for the story. It's nothing personal. That was sort of a short chapter so sorry about that:-/ you should comment what you think. I'd really appreciate any feedback you give me or suggestions or anything. So yeah ok thanks so much for reading this that really actually means a lot to me so thanks so much!!


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