It's been a year since the accident and since her best friend left for the X Factor. But what happens when he comes back? Will things ever be the same? Will they continue where they left off? The story of a broken girl looking to be fixed. Read to find out what happens.


1. Chapter One

I sit in my usual spot, at the usual time, order my usual, and burry my nose in one of my books, like usual. My life is so bland. So boring. Like a dry sandwich. No one likes a dry sandwich.

All I can think about is when my life wasn't boring. It was me and him against the world. No matter how many awful things happening in my life, he was always there. Until exactly a year ago to this day.

It's not like I don't see him anymore. I mean it's definitely not the same. Everywhere I go someone is talking about him. Every time I turn around I see his face. I'm so proud of him, I really am, but he left at the worst time possible.

Part of me is just so fucking pissed off at him for leaving me. The other part understands. Why would he want to stay with a fucked up mess like me? I have so many problems, it makes sense that he would go follow his dreams and leave me behind. I just guess I thought he liked me the way I liked him. How stupid was I to think that? There's no way a gorgeous guy like him could ever feel that way about a wasted piece of shit like me. It surprised me when he held me after I ran to his house in the pouring rain after my dad beat my mom to a pulp.

My eyes started to burn as I thought about it. I could feel my cheeks turn red. I quickly blinked away the tears and brushed the thought away, trying to focus on the book that was in my hands.

I try, I really try, but my mind keeps wondering off. It keeps coming back to him, to that day, to the accident, to the moment he told me he was leaving.


Run. All I can do now is run. No time to look back. Tears streak my face but I can hear him running after me so I know there's no time to stop.

The rain pours hard, pounding the ground. I trip over my own feet and stumble to the cold cement. I don't hear him behind me anymore so I just sit there and sob.

I weigh my options. Do I go back and check on mum? She looked almost... DEAD!?! Or do I continue looking for help?

I got up and continued looking for help. Not long after, I found myself in front of my best friends house. I hadn't even realized that I was headed here until now.

I pounded on the door as hard and as fast as I could. He opened it shortly after, his green eyes filled with worry.

"What happened!?!" He moved aside so I could come in. He quickly ran upstairs. When he came back, he wrapped a towel around me as I stand there soaking wet, sobbing. I lean into him and he wraps his arms around me.

"Please tell me what's wrong" he whispers, his lips pressing against my ear. I can hear the concern in his voice but I just want him to hold me.

After he stands there holding me for several minutes I finally pull away.

"Where is everyone?" I sniffle as I look around.

"They went out to a movie but I wanted to stay home" he looks deep in my eyes but I look down and away. His hand gently comes up and lifts my chin as he comes in closer to me, almost close enough to kiss me. "Is this about your dad?" He asks.

"Yes" I start to sob again. "I need you to come help me, I need someone's help. I didn't know where else to go" I try to explain but I can hardly breathe.

"Sasha, tell me what happened" he places both hands on my shoulders.

"He was drinking again and my and mum came home from shopping. Dad doesn't like it when mum spends too much money and he just flipped" I break down, collapsing by his feet. "There was so much blood. She was just lying on the floor, swollen and bloody, and I left her there! I left because I'm a coward and I left my own mother there to die Harry!" I scream.

"Come on" his eyes are wide as he throws a jacket on and helps me up off the floor. He takes my hand and quickly leads me outside and into his car.

"Where are we going?" I take short quick breaths between each word.

"We're going back to your house" Harry says, not taking his eyes off the road. He has a sexy look of determination in his eyes.

"No!" I panic.

"Call an ambulance. We can't just leave her there. We need to check on her. Is your dad still at the house?" He says.

"I don't know. He was chasing me and I don't know where he went" I took out my phone and called an ambulance.

By the time I was off the phone, we were back at my house. Harry and I burst in the door. Everything was just as I had left it. I walked in the kitchen and my mum lays there still. Her face is covered in blood and her eyes and mouth are swollen. I run next to her and hold her. She groans as I try to lift her a bit.

"I'm so sorry mum! I left-" she cuts me off.

"I-I-I-it's o-o-ok sw-sweety" she whispers, struggling to get the words out. I look at her face, now unrecognizable, as she tries her hardest to give me a smile.

"It's not ok mum. I left you here and look at you. How could I leave you like this?" I am utterly disgusted with myself at this point.

Harry comes in the kitchen and sees me holding my mum.

"You're dad isn't here. I checked everywhere" he pants. Then we hear the sirens. Harry runs towards the sound and lets the police in the house. They put my mom in the ambulance on a stretcher so I ride in the back with her while Harry stays to answer questions from the policemen.

At the hospital, Harry meets me there where I sit beside my sleeping mum. I look at her sleep soundly and grab her hand. I listen to her heart monitor beep, indicating that everything is alright.

Harry comes in slowly and stands beside me, putting his arm around my waist.

"I need to tell you something" I hear a slight sound of guilt in his voice. I look up at him, horror filled my face. It sounds like bad news. I really can't handle anything more right now. I follow him into the hallway.

"I'm..." He looks down.

"Harry tell me!" I plead.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm leaving to audition for the X Factor" he looks up at me and watches as my expression goes completely blank.

"You're leaving me!?" I take a step back.

"I'm sorry. I was going to tell you sooner I just didn't know this was going to happen" I cut him off.

"No. No, I'm happy for you" he raises his eyebrows. "Yeah, the doctor says my mum's going to be fine after a month or two but she'll have a concussion. Plus, the police are looking for my dad, he'd be stupid to come back. I'll be fine" I give a slight smile.

"Are you sure Sasha?" I nod. "I can tell when you're lying" he continues.

"Well it doesn't matter now. You're leaving and nothing's changing that. I'm not going to hold you back" I smiled. "Go. Live your dreams" I go in for a hug but instead he pulls me in and gives me a long, passionate kiss.

"I'll come back for you" he whispers as he walks away.

*End of Flashback*

I snap out of it and notice my face damp from tears. I look around and see that nobody's around so I quickly whip my face and go back to reading my book.

I hear someone come in but I don't take my eyes off of my book. I'm usually the only person in here at this time.

"I'll have a strawberry smoothie please" I hear a familiar voice. My eyes widen and shock tingles in my whole body but I don't want to look. I had to be imagining it. It's just a coincidence that Harry and I used to always come here and drink strawberry smoothies together. I look up at my half empty strawberry smoothie and then hear someone walk up to my table, but I don't dare to look up.

"Is this seat taken?" I look up to see those beautiful green eyes and dimples staring back at me and a sudden urge washes over me. All I want to do is run my hands through that curly mop of hair and feel his soft lips all over my body.


Hey guys! So I hope you liked chapter one... The book will hopefully get better! And I don't really have an actual story in mind I'm just winging it :D but anyways yeah so thanks for reading it! I'll try to update it as soon as possible. Please comment what you think :)


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