The Camping Project

Harry, Ron and Hermione have just come back from the Christmas holidays in their fifth year, but something unexpected is going to happen. When tents are put up all around the school for the students to sleep in, Ron and Hermione find it difficult to adjust to the new situation they have found thenselves in, and with Lavender butting her nose into everything along the way, will the their friendship stay strong, and maybe turn into something more, or will they crumble?
Romione fanfiction :)


17. Valentines day dance! >:) (part two)

~~Ron's POV

When I turned around, I expected to see Hermione dancing and giggling away next to me, so when I didn't see her, a little shiver of panic rose inside me. But then I thought, stop being such a romantic pushover Ron, she's probably just gone to get another drink, or more food, or gone too pee. I laughed to myself for being so stupid, but still felt a little anxious.

"Hey, you guys didn't see where Hermione went, did you?" I yelled as loud as I could to Harry and Ginny over the music, but they shook there heads and carried on dancing crazily. Harry, however, noticed my anxiety, and shouted, "Don't worry mate, I'm sure she's fine!"

I nodded, before I started shimmying my way through the crowd and began looking for her. After around ten minutes of not being able to find her, I began to become even more worried. Had she purposefully ditched me? Was she with someone else right now? Or was she really in trouble?

As if to answer my question, at that moment Lavender strode in through the open doors that lead out to the grounds. I frowned, watching her carefully. Looking around for her date, I saw that he was with a group of his friends sitting at a table; the two of them hadn't been together outside. That meant that either she was just walking around out there by herself, or...

My eyes snapped back to where Lavender was currently talking with Parvati, and my eyebrows creased. The two of them seemed to be arguing over something, and Lavender had an aggressive look on her face. Parvati, however, eventually seemed to 'give in' to what ever Lavender wanted her to do, and turned around to make her way outside, from where Lavender had just been.

This didn't seem right. As quickly as possible, I made my way over to Lavender, who, once she caught sight of me, also seemed to be coming in my exact direction.

"Lavender," I said in a hurry, glancing at where Parvati was currently leaving the building and entering the grounds. "Do you have any idea-"

"Woahhhhhhhhhhh," she said, stumbling a little drunkenly, probably acting more drunk than she really was. She then patted my chest and giggled. "Slow down babe, I don't understand-"

I sighed frustratedly. "Do you know where Hermione is?" I almost shouted at her.

Lavender just looked at me with wide eyes. "Who?"

"For god's sake, where the hell is Hermione?" I yelled, not being able to take anymore shit from Lavender.

"Oh, you mean that boring old swot, what do you want with her?"

"Lavender, she's my date and I can't find her."

Lavender snorted. "Well... maybe she doesn't want to be found! Ever thought about that?"

I paused for a second, considering it. Although it hurt, what if it was true? That would make me look stupid.

But then I shook my head. Lavender was playing with me. Hermione had agreed to come with me; she wouldn't just ditch me like that. She wanted to come with me!

"You're so pathetic, you know that?"

She just laughed. I pushed her to get out of my way but she stood firm and pushed me back. Her smile dropped and she rolled her eyes.

"Fine! The last time I saw her she was going into that little room under the staircase. It looked like she was upset about something."

Shock washed over me. Firstly because Lavender actually seemed to want to help me, and secondly because why would Hermione be upset? It did cross my mind that maybe Lavender was winding me up, but there wasn't any harm in looking there just in case, especially since I hadn't checked there yet and there was a small chance that Hermione might be upset about something.  

Before I could think of anything else I had turned completely around and began running towards the great staircase. I always knew that was a little room under there, but I'd never been inside myself. I could faintly register Lavender's footsteps behind me, but I was too focused.

When I reached the stairs, I flung open the little door. However, I was met with a completely bare interior with no one inside.

Before I could register that Lavender had mugged me off, someone gave me a hard push from behind so I stumbled into the room. Shortly after, Lavender herself waltzed inside and shut the door behind her.

Rage blew up like a volcano inside me. "Lavender, what the hell-"

"Oh shut up Ron. Imperio."

As soon as I had registered that she was holding out her wand in front of her, a strange sense of calm and tranquillity seemed to take over my body and all thoughts of rage or anger flew from my mind. After a pause, I smiled, quite forgetting why I had felt so tense in the first place. The only person that seemed to matter was Lavender. Suddenly I felt as though whatever she needed, I would do for her. She was my main priority.

She smirked at me, looking satisfied, and I beamed back, lazily.

"Kiss me."

I had no idea what was happening as my feet made my way towards her.


Hermione's POV

"Hermione! Hermione!" someone yelled as they shook my shoulders. My eyes suddenly flew open, and intense pain flooded through my head and my back. In a total daze, I sat up and raised my hands to rub my head.

I was looking into the eyes of Parvati Patil.

"Oh my god, Hermione! Are you okay? Why are you out here? What happened?"

At Parvati's questions and her worried tone, memories of what had happened flooded back to me and tears filled up in my eyes.

"That awful bitch," I whimpered, the tears spilling over and sliding down my cheeks.

"Who?" said Parvati. Her eyes widened however, and she seemed to realise something.

"Lavender," I groaned. "Lavender did this to me."

"Come on, let's get you back up to the castle. Okay?" said Parvati. She seemed in a rush, and wasn't exactly gentle as she yanked my dress to get me to stand up. "Come on, quickly!"

"What's the hurry?" I mumbled, my thoughts still dazed.

"Oh you know... it's just freezing and I'm scared of the dark," Parvati replied.

We tripped and stumbled our way back out of the forest and up to the open and inviting doors of the castle. The music seemed even louder than before, and people were still dancing, almost as if nothing had even happened. Which to them, I suppose, nothing had.

My eyes sought my friends, and I soon saw Harry and Ginny still on the dancefloor, dancing around crazily. I sighed with relief and began to make my way over to them but Parvati grabbed the back of my dress.

"Wait, don't you want to see Ron?"

My eyebrows creased confusedly. "Yeah I guess, but I just want to -"

"Well I know this really quiet place that you could sit to give you a bit of space and then I'll find him and bring him to you. Okay?"

Since I was in such a fragile and vulnerable state, I didn't have the energy to argue, and just let her supposedly take care of me. Things were still a bit hazy, and maybe it would be for the best to have some time alone to clear my head.

Parvati lead me out of the hall and towards the staircase. However, instead of climbing them we walked around the side to a little door.

"Just go in there. It's totally quiet and peaceful. I'll go and find Ron for you."

And then she was gone, darting back into the crowd like she couldn't be more happy to be rid of me. Without thinking, I turned the handle and opened the door. What I saw made my heart drop to my feet.

Ron and Lavender had their hands all over each other and were practically eating each other's faces. After a while they broke apart and turned to look at me. Lavender was looking as if she'd just won a completion or something, but Ron's reaction was the worst. He looked at me for less than a second, before looking back a Lavender and smiling.

I felt my heart literally break in two. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as I turned around and shut the door. I made my way to the staircase and sat down, massive sobs erupting out of my chest and tears freely cascading down my cheeks, ruining the makeup that Ginny had worked so tirelessly on.


Hope you liked the update! :) xx

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