The Camping Project

Harry, Ron and Hermione have just come back from the Christmas holidays in their fifth year, but something unexpected is going to happen. When tents are put up all around the school for the students to sleep in, Ron and Hermione find it difficult to adjust to the new situation they have found thenselves in, and with Lavender butting her nose into everything along the way, will the their friendship stay strong, and maybe turn into something more, or will they crumble?
Romione fanfiction :)


1. The unexpected news

Harry's POV

Ron, Hermione and I were all completely drenched. Everyone could hear the rain pounding against the walls and windows, and the thunder claps that shook the whole building. We took our seats at the Gryffindor table and began to eat the start of term feast. We had just got back from 12 Grimauld Place where we had stayed over the Christmas holidays and were looking forward to coming back to Hogwarts for the rest of our fifth year. Then the food suddenly appeared and we all started to eat. I saw Ron eating so much at once it looked like he hadn't eaten in days! Then on the other side of me I saw Hermione looking very disapproving at his manners. Oh how my two best friends just didn't get along...

Ron's POV

I missed the food here so much over Christmas. Yes, my mums cooking was great, but here it was just perfect AND you could have an unlimited amount of it. I was shovelling it down so fast that anyone else would feel sick, but not me. It was just so good!!! Hermione was looking at me in a funny way, so i glared at her.

'Urgh, you are so disgusting Ron. Why do you have to eat so much at once?'

'Because it's so good! It's not my fault!'

'Yes but all you ever do is eat! Don't you ever feel full up?'

'Well all you ever do is read stupid books and study so why why don't you just shut your mouth and eat?'

It was getting pretty tense and het up now.

'NO! Why don't YOU shut your mouth, especially when your eating like that.'

I opened my mouth wide and started chewing really loudly so that Hermione could see it all.

'Ewww you disgusting PIG!' she shrieked, and then she folded her arms across her chest and turned away from Harry and I, her nose in the air. I bet she would have stayed like that all evening.

'Honestly, she gets all angry about tiny stupid things, it's so annoying.'

Harry raised his eyebrows at me.

'Well, I've kind of got used to you two bickering.' I was about to reply when Professor Dumbledore got out of his seat and the hall fell silent.

'Welcome back from the Christmas holidays everyone. I hope you all had a marvelous time, but now is not the time to talk about that. I have an announcement to make.' He cleared his throat and went on. 'All the fifth years, sixth years and seventh years won't be sleeping in their usual dorms for this term. We have decided that to help you with your independence you will all be sleeping in tents, set up in the school so that you will feel like you have more of your own private space. You will be sharing a tent with some one from the opposite sex...' At this most of the boys around the hall, including Harry and I, burst out laughing, whilst all the girls started blushing deep red.

I started wiggling my eye brows at Hermione just to annoy her and she glared at me.

'EWWW YOUR SO DISGUSTING RON!!' she screamed. Harry and I just laughed harder!

'URGHHHHH!!!' she yelled and she threw her hands into the air before banging her head down on the table. Professor Dumbledore smiled but then began to get annoyed. 'Boys boys boys, calm down now.... this is not because we want you to... erm.. have... er... sexual.. um..'

Everyone burst out laughing again. 'Anyway... the reason is because we want you to get to know that the opposite gender aren't really aliens and that you can get along with them if you try to. Also, we don't have enough tents or space for you to have one each, so you will just have to deal with it for now. Tonight you will sleep in your dormitory, but tomorrow you will find out who you are sharing with and move all of your things into your allocated tent. But now time for bed I think, so off you go!'

Harry and I quickly made our way back to the Gryffindor tower and got changed for bed. When everyone was there, Harry asked, 'So what do you guys think of the new tent project?'

'Brilliant!' said Seamus. 'I hope I am with someone who is really hot.'

'Yeah me too,' said Dean. 'I love camping, i always used to go with my dad when we went to see West Ham matches.'

'I'm scared,' said Neville. 'What if the girl thinks I'm stupid?'

'Well, everyone thinks your stupid so it won't make a difference!' I chimed brightly. Neville chucked a pillow at me and we soon got into a giant pillow fight and we didn't calm down and go to sleep until half past midnight.

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