The Camping Project

Harry, Ron and Hermione have just come back from the Christmas holidays in their fifth year, but something unexpected is going to happen. When tents are put up all around the school for the students to sleep in, Ron and Hermione find it difficult to adjust to the new situation they have found thenselves in, and with Lavender butting her nose into everything along the way, will the their friendship stay strong, and maybe turn into something more, or will they crumble?
Romione fanfiction :)


10. Recovering :)

Hermione's POV

It seemed like I had been crying into Ron's shoulder for hours before I finally pulled away from him and hastily wiped my nose on my sleeve.

'Sorry,' I croaked, looking up at him.

a look of confusion was on ron's face.

'Hermione, what could you possibly be sorry about?' he said looking at me like I was mad.

I sighed, feeling like I was hopeless and stupid. Why did I ever even think that something would happen between ron and I? lavender was right; he was funny, sweet and selfless and I was just ugly, weak and arrogant.

'I'm sorry for getting your t shirt wet,' I said, laughing shakily.

he rolled his eyes and put his arm around my shoulder delicately pulling me to is side as if I was something so fragile that I would break any moment. I tried not to notice the soaring feeling I felt when he put his arm around me, but I was failing.

we walked, side by side to our tent and when we got inside he sat me down on my bed and then knelt down in front of me. His piercing blue eyes looked into my brown ones, and it felt as though he cold see right deep inside my soul.

'What did she do to you?' he said calmly, although I could see that he was angry


'Oh come on Hermione, it doesn't take a genius to realise that it was lavender. he said the name as though it was something horrible that he didn't want to say. 'She did this to you.'

I sighed again. 'Did what?'

he gave me a look so I rolled my eyes.

'Really ron, you shouldn't worry so much about me. I'm okay, you know.'

'Oh yeah, and that's why you've been crying for about an hour, because you're okay.'

his sarcasm stung a little, but I tried to push that to the back of my ind, as I had kind of brought it on myself.

so then I began to tell him everything that had happened in the bathroom. I told him everything she had said and everything se had done and all the places where she had hurt me. Towards the end I felt tears prick again and couldn't help but let them spill over. I was too weak to stop them. Ron instantly looked terrified and tried calming me down immediately, sitting up on the bed with me and putting his arm around me.

'Hermione, I'm so sorry,' he said, looking down at the floor. 'she's such a bitch.'

'I know,' I agreed softly.

'This is all my fault,' he muttered under his breath and instantly I turned to him.

'No no no, of course it's not your fault!' I protested, and he seemed shocked at my sudden burst of strength. 'If it's anyone's fault it's mine. I was the one she was jealous of so it's my fault.'

He looked at me, giving me a small smile. 'If you say so,' he said. 'But, to be honest Mione, I thought you were supposed to be all about logic, and that doesn't seem very logical.'

He abruptly got up from my bed and I immediately missed the warmth of his arm around me.

'I wonder where harry is.' He then smirked at me. 'I bet he's been with Cho this whole time!' then he started wiggling his eyebrows at me and made me laugh. he always knew how to make me laugh.

I smiled at him, before he left the tent, leaving me in there on my own. I didn't stop smiling though, even when he was gone.

It was obvious, even to me, that he cared about me. It was also obvious that he was very angry with lavender, and probably wouldn't forgive her for what she had done for a long time. So really, it was lavender that he should be feeling sorry for, not me.

The rest of the day went by without much happening, and I was grateful that I didn't have to be in a dormitory with lavender. I could just curl up in my bed and read my new book that I had just started, or do homework if I had any. It was nice just being by myself for a change, but half of me knew that the reason why I was too scared to leave the tent was because I was scared that it would be just me and lavender in the common room out there. However, most of the day I could hear ron, harry and ginny's voices from outside which comforted me a lot and made me feel better, even though I wasn't actually with them.

I had a feeling that ron had explained to harry and ginny what had happened to me in the bathroom, but told them not to come in and question me about it which was thoughtful of him, and I made a mental note to thank him for it later.

All in all, by the time dinner time came around I was in a much better mood than I had been in before. My eye still hurt a little bit from where she had punched me but when I looked in the mirror I could tell that the bruise was fading just a tiny bit.

at around six thirty pm the entrance of the tent swung open, and in came ginny. she had a sympathetic smile on her face as she walked over to me and perched herself on the edge of my bed.

'Hey,' she said softly.

'Hey I replied, closing my book and putting it on the bedside table.

'I just wanted to check up on you, make sure you were okay,' she said looking at me with concern in her eyes.

'Thanks gin,' I said, grateful that she was being caring.

'you look.... well, you don't look good,' she admitted giving me a half smile.

'I know,' I said sadly, touching the skin around my eye.

'It's not just your eye,' she said, 'You look unhealthier, already thinner than you did this morning.'

'Well, I skipped lunch,' I said shrugging.


'I knew lavender would be down there and I was too chicken to face her,' I admitted.

Ginny grinned. 'Right.'

'I don't think I'll go down to dinner either. I'm tired anyway, I think I'll just go to sleep now.'

'Are you sure,' ginny said, raising an eyebrow. 'You should probably eat you know.'

'Nah, don't worry about it. I'm not hungry anyway.'

'Well, okay. If your sure. See you tomorrow then, I guess,' she said before smiling at me and leaving the tent.

I had a quick shower before putting on my pyjamas, cleaning my teeth and getting back into bed. Even though it was just coming up for seven thirty, I was tired as hell and knew I could do with a good nights sleep. However, even though I was tired, I couldn't sleep. For some reason I didn't feel safe. I kept thinking about Lavender and how fierce and angry she looked, and how she looked like she literally wanted to kill me.

I stayed awake thinking about things for two hours, and it was nine o'clock when ron came through the door of the tent and zipped it back down behind him. I found my whole body completely relaxing, even though I hadn't even realised that I had been tensing it at all. However I squeezed my eyes shut, smiling into my pillow and pretended to be asleep, as I didn't feel like talking at the moment. I was too tired.

I heard the water of the shower running when ron had his shower, and heard him changing and getting into bed. I didn't open my eyes, but I felt extremely comforted to have him near me. I heard him pick up his wand and mutter a few words under his breath. It was a spell. I knew that spell!

I tried my very best to remember what it was, when it suddenly hit me that it was a spell to silence snoring at night. suddenly I felt overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude, that he had obviously learnt that spell just to help me sleep and not be awake from his snoring.

I rolled over in my bed and looked at him across the room from me. I had a feeling he was still awake.

'Ron,' I whispered softly. I jumped a little at first, surprised that I was awake, but then smiled across at me in the dark.

'Didn't realise you were awake mione,' he murmured through the darkness.

'Thank you,' I said without thinking of what I was saying.

He seemed a little taken aback for a moment again, but then grinned. 'For what?'

'Just... thank you. For everything.'

And with those last words, I dropped off into a happy and safe-feeling sleep.


Authors note

hey guys

I just wanted to say that I really do enjoy it when people comment and give me feedback, so I encourage you to do so if you like this story! It inspires me to write more!

Thank you so much for reading, it means a lot to me, and I cant believe this story is on something like 220 reads!

See you in the next chapter! x :)

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