The Camping Project

Harry, Ron and Hermione have just come back from the Christmas holidays in their fifth year, but something unexpected is going to happen. When tents are put up all around the school for the students to sleep in, Ron and Hermione find it difficult to adjust to the new situation they have found thenselves in, and with Lavender butting her nose into everything along the way, will the their friendship stay strong, and maybe turn into something more, or will they crumble?
Romione fanfiction :)


13. Embarrassment ;) (Hinny)

Ginny's POV

When I heard that Cho wouldn't be staying at Hogwarts over the half term (and valentines day), I almost shat rainbows!!!

To be honest, I didn't know why harry was interested in her. Yes she was pretty, but they didn't really know each other well, and wouldn't it be awkward with the whole Cedric thing? He should go for someone who is in the same house at least. They are both seekers in quidditch, so wouldn't it be annoying when they had to play each other? He should go out with some one who's on his own team. And he should also go out with someone who he's known for a really long time.

Aka me.

He really annoyed me sometimes. When would he realise that we were the perfect match?

I sighed. I was sitting in Hermione and Ron's tent (Ron was out somewhere with Harry) and Hermione and I were discussing the Valentines day dance. She had told me that Ron had asked her, as I had predicted, and we were both really happy about who we were going with.

"But I literally have nothing nice to wear, apart from that dress I wore to the yule ball last year! I don't want to wear that again, it would bring up some horrible memories between Ron and I."

"We should totally go shopping!" I squealed with glee.

"Great idea Gin. How about we go next Saturday on the Hogsmeade visit!" she said.

"Good plan. We'll have to find some way to subtly ditch the boys so they don't see what we're buying, but I like the idea. They have some really nice dress shops in Hogsmeade. I'll probably spend all my savings, but I bet it will be worth it." I couldn't contain my excitement anymore.

"Come on, let's go down to dinner then," Hermione said, getting up off her bed.

We made our way out of the tent, but were soon intervened by Lavender Brown. She had a horrible expression on her face. I don't think Hermione had talked to her or even seen her since what happened in the bathroom, because her face turned a pale green colour and she looked down, looking scared. I put my arm round her and shot Lavender a look of pure hatred.

"Move aside Lavatory. We don't want to talk to a toilet thank you very much."

"Excuse me -" Lavender started.

"Shut up. Goodbye," I snapped abruptly. Hermione smiled, looking a little bit more cheery. We left Lav Lav at the portrait hole, looking shocked and slightly offended, and descended the staircase the dinner.


Saturday soon came along, and everyone was relaxing because it was the first day of the half term holiday. I bounded down the stairs of the Gryffindor tower and went into Ron and Hermione's tent. Hermione was sitting up, and big book propped up in front of her, as usual. She grinned at me before putting a finger to her lips and then pointing over to where Ron's bed was. He was obviously asleep, but I was surprised, because I couldn't hear him snoring.


I winked at Hermione, before running over Ron's bed and jumping on top of him, screaming at the top of my voice, "Wakey wakey big brother!!!!!"

"Ginny no!" I heard Hermione's voice behind me, but I could hear her laughter as Ron's extremely angry looking face appeared from under the covers.

"What the hell Ginny," he groaned looking at me accusingly, before pushing me right off the bed and rolling over, putting a pillow over his head. I clung onto the covers of the bed for dear life, screaming quite loudly, but obviously gravity won the battle. I dropped to the cold, hard floor, landing on y bum and a small yelp escaped my lips. Hermione burst out laughing, which wasn't helping me, and to make matters worse I turned around to see Harry Potter, the love of my life, standing in the doorway of the tent, looking at me with wide eyes, a slight smirk on his lips.

Well done Ginny Weasley, you've just seriously humiliated yourself in front of you crush of five years, in your pyjamas with the messiest, most frizzy bedhead the world has ever seen. Well done.

I immediately got up and started brushing myself off and trying to tame my hair a little bit from the crazy bed hair. However I could feel the blush creeping round the back off my neck and slowly creeping onto my face. Why oh why did humans have to go bright red when they knew they were embarrassed? All it does is tell the rest of the world that you are more vulnerable at that point.

I looked at Hermione, who was still laughing her head off, her book falling to the floor. I pouted at her, and then at Harry who was also laughing.

"You did kind of ask for that one Gin," said Hermione through her giggles. "You must remember to never wake a grumpy dragon when they are sleeping."

Ron, however wasn't as deep in sleep as we had thought though (probably from me pouncing on him and screaming in his ear), because he grabbed the pillow that he had pulled over his head and blindly chucked it at Hermione. Even when he wasn't really looking, he was a good aim, because it hit Hermione right in the face and she keeled over onto her bed. This time it was my turn to start laughing, as she had just embarrassed herself in front of her crush.

Ron sat up now and was smirking at her.

"And you, my friend, must remember to never insult a grumpy dragon when they could be listening!" he said, smiling smugly at her. She pulled the pillow of her face and smiled at him with her eyebrows raised.

"Anyway," I said, suddenly excited again. "Let's get ready to go to Hogsmeade Hermione!"

"Are you two going today then?" asked Harry.

"Yeah we are," replied Hermione.

"Mind if we join you?" Ron asked, but before he could say another word, we both shouted in his face, "NO!!!!"

Wow. How subtly we ditched the boys.

"Woah, eeeeeeeeaaaaaasy there tigers," said Ron, which made Hermione blush.

God she was so hopeless.

Well, I guess I couldn't really talk.

"Come on then Hermione, get changed quickly. I want to have as much time as possible."

"As much time as possible to do what?" Ron asked curiously and suspiciously.

"Nothing!" we brightly replied together, which just made him look even more curious and suspicious. I giggled before turning and racing out of their tent. Well trying to.

I somehow forgot that Harry was even there, and I bumped right into him, which only made my blush grow and his smirk grow.

Ah shit.

"Oh, sorry," I said looking at my feet.

"Oh it's okay," he said smiling before trying to move aside to the right to let me out of the tent. However, at the same time I moved to the right to try and get out. We smiled awkwardly at the position we were in before we both moved to the left and found ourselves in the same position. We somehow found ourselves doing some sort of crazy dance, resulting in us laughing, before he held onto my shoulders (asdfghjkl; FIREWORKS!!) and turned us both around. I let out a little squeak when he touched me, which meant he withdrew his hands quickly, giving me a confused look.

Oh god, he must think I'm such a retarded loser!!

I smiled awkwardly. "Thanks. I'm just going to go and get changed now..."

He nodded, giving me a weird look. We kind of just stared at each other, before I quickly turned around and shot up the stairs like a rocket, cringing inwardly for being so strange. 

Harry Potter, what are you doing to me?!?!?!


Why hello there.

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Hope you all had a nice Christmas, and all got what you wanted. And if you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you are having a nice holiday anyway. Oh yeah and...


I also hope everyone has a great 2015! 2014 has been absolutely amazing for me, but I want 2015 to be even better! And I am going to try my best to update more often!

<3 :) xoxo

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