The Masquerade Valentines Day Ball

Its February 14 Valentines Day. As every Valentines Day the school has a masquerade Valentines Day Ball. My friends are Mari, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and,Louis. What happens when a simple spill leads me to my prince charming?


3. What I Have Noticed About You

   Liam said “Well you made 6 friends today.” Harry said “Cool.” Mari said “We have to get home.” I said “ok.” I said “Goodbye to Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry. Then Harry said “Sweet dreams.” and gave me a cheeky smile. I said “You too.” When we got home I changed and went to sleep. I woke up to my alarm clock. It was 7:00 in the morning. I got out of bed and headed towards my closet. I decided to wear black jeans, convers, and a white shirt, and a black leather jacket. I went down stairs and said goodbye to my mom and dad and ate breakfast and was out the door. I was walking to school when I felt arms around me lifting me up I saw it was Liam. I said “Liam put me down.” He said “ok.” Liam says “what’s up?” I say “Nothing much just walking to school.” He says “Oh hey there are the guys.” I turn and see the guys but not mari. I hear them say “hi Daffy Duck.” I giggle and say “Really.” They all said “Yes.” I said “You guys know I treat you like brothers right.” They all say “And do you know we treat you as are sister.” Then we’re in front of the school. We went inside I saw Mari she was digging through her locker. I say “Hey.” She smiled and said “Hey.” The bell rang and it was the sign of 1 period. I sat in my desk and there is an announcement that said “Dafne Rios report to the main office. I grab my backpack and walk to the main office. When I got there I saw Harry. I said “Hey.” He said “Hey.” I asked the woman why they called me. She said “Aw yes Ms. Rios we would like for you to show Mr. Styles to his classes he has the same classes as you and around the campus.” I said “Yes.” We walked out the main office. Harry said “So who is Mr. Ryu I told him he is are English teacher. Harry said “Oh.” I told him Mr. Ryu never takes attendances so even if you are not in class he marks you present. Harry laughs and says lets ditch 1 period. I say “I don’t know I have never done it.” He says “There is a first time for everything. I giggled and said “Harry Styles are you a bad boy?” He said “Maybe.”  He says “Are you Dafne Rios a good girl?” I said “Maybe.” We got to class and we kept talking and forget about ditching for now.

Skip to lunch

It was lunch and it is fun being with Harry we entered the cafeteria. I was kept giggling because Harry kept telling me some fun jokes. We got lunch and saw Mari and the guys. I sat next to Liam. Then the guys say uneasily “Hi Daffy Duck.” I giggle and Harry says “Is that your nickname Dafne?” I say “yes.” He laughs. Harry says “what an adorable nickname.” I blush and Liam sees that. Liam sees that I’m blushing and get mad and looks away. I think why did Liam get mad all of a sudden.

Liam’s P.O.V

I hear Harry say MY Dafne’s nickname being adorable and I see MY Dafne blush I get so jealous and mad. I am supposed to make her blush. It’s the first time I ever see her blush because of a boy that is not ME.

Dafne’s P.O.V

The bell rings and it is time to go to the last period of the day. Next is My Favorite class Music. Also the guys, Harry, and Mari have the class with me. We walk in the classroom and the Mr. Betty says “Take a seat everyone.” I take a seat next to Harry and Liam on my left. Mr. Betty says that tomorrow and today each one of us will sing a song in front of the class. Then Mr. Betty says “Who wants to go first?” No one raises their hands. Then he says ok then I will choose who will go first. I think in my mind Mr. Betty will choose the shy people in the class to go first. Sadly I am one of those people in the class. He says “Ms. Rios you will start us off please go.” Everyone looks at me as I walk to the front of the class. I see Harry, Mari, and the guys giving me thumbs up. I smile and say I will be singing Iris by Sleeping with Sirens. It’s awesome song. When I finish the song every ones mouths are open and they all clap.  

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