Justin gets jealous when his 1 year girlfriend runs into her ex boyfriend Carter which they have dated 2 years. They ran into each other on her birthday at the mall. She gives him her number. Justin is mad when they start hanging out together.


5. Questions and Pain

Me-uh yeah sure JUSTIN!

Justin comes running down the stairs to see what I'm yelling at. He saw the police and his smile faded.

Justin- is there a problem officer?

Police- yes Me. Bieber..your under arrest for the assault of Carter Reynolds. We're taking you down town to ask a few questions

The police officer turned Justin around and arrested him. Years started forming in my eyes. The police put Justin in the car. When Justin was in the car before they left he mouthed to me "everything's going to be alright" I smiled and waved. They left.

Justin P/O/V

I feel so bad. This is all my fault. I'm worried. I was jealous and stupid. I just didn't want to lose her. I was afraid that bastard was going to take her from me. But she's mine and only mine. No one else's. Damn I can't wait to see her again. The police officer took a mugshot and asked me questions. And me being 'JUSTIN BIEBER' this is going to be all over the news. Damn. She's going to get hounded with the media and paps.

Officer- tell me what happened yesterday bieber

Justin- I was jealous alright. My girlfriend left me without telling me that she was meeting her ex. And then to find them at Starbucks. I was jealous and mad.

Officer- so you admit you assaulted him.

Justin- yes I assaulted him I pushed him. And then left. I don't know how bad he is hurt and I still don't know. But yes I admit it.

Officer- wow that was easy. Case closed. You are charged 100,00 fine. And then speak with a probation officer. Is that clear.

Justin- very clear

Finally they let me go. They called my security. They knew it was crazy. News reporters, beliebers and paps. As soon as I left with my security there was flashing light everywhere. And the problem is it was light out. And everybody screaming my name. I saw my car. And I waved to the beliebers. They screamed I love you. They're so sweet. I quickly hopped in the car. I soon as I got in there.

Alexa P/O/V

I saw justin get into the car. A rush of excitement in my body. I scooted over to him and grabbed him cheeks and we crashed our lips together. We sat there in eachothers arms. Still kissing. Justin's hand went up my shirt. I laughed and aid against his lips.

Me- justin as much as I want to not now were in the car.

Justin- fine but I will finish you later

He smirked at me. I just laughed

Me- I was so worried about you!

Justin- baby I'm fine. I was worried about you! All the attention you'd get where ever you were.

Me- I stayed in the house all day. I had security surrounding me. I had my headphones in so I couldn't hear the questions and comments. And sunglasses.

Justin- that's my girl

He hugged me. And we sat in the hour long car ride me in his strong arms. I missed this.

Me- so what did they do?

Justin- they took me threw the security thing I changed my clothes and then a mugshot done. I cooperated so it was easy. I have a 100,000 fine to pay. And then have to speak with a probation officer.

Me- wow I'm so happy right now.

I was so happy Justin cooperated. What if he didn't. That'd be a mess. We had finally gotten home. Right when the door closed it was 6:00 pm and we were planning on going to a club downtown with Justin and my friends. But right when the door closed Justin grabbed me waist pulled it closer to his body. Kissed me hard. And put his hand up my shirt unbuttoning my bra. It dropped to the floor. He smirked.

Justin- jump

I jumped he was holding me by the butt. And I had my arms around his neck. Still not letting the kiss go. He carried me all the way up the room. And he laid me on the bed. He pulled down my pants. And he kissed my legs. He soon pulled my underwear down and the took my shirt off. He kissed me and was massaging my boobs. I let out a moan. He kissed my neck until he found my sweet spot. As I moaned louder he made his way down to my vagina.he rubbed my clit I moaned louder. He smirked

Justin- you like that babygirl?

I moaned.

Justin- I take that as a yes

He kissed down my stomach and he rubbed my clit harder. He stuck a finger in my vagina. In and out softly. I moaned. I was wet.

Justin- just for me?

I moaned. He then stuck two fingers in and moaned louder. In and out then got to a faster pace. Then came three fingers. That did it.

Me- justinnnn I'm almost.....

He took them out

Justin- not yet

Me- that's not fair you tease

He laughed and then he unbuttoned his pants took off his boxers and then his shirt. Damn he was sexy. He stuck his cock in my vague thruster in and out. We both moaned in pleaser. He grabbed my waist and started going faster. The faster he got the louder we moaned. He then sat me up. And I was on his lap. And then I began riding him up and down. From behind he massaged my boobs and kissed my neck. I moaned in so much pleaser. We turned me around and we started going faster.


Justin- if you say so.

He thrusted as fast I've ever felt him do. Me felt amazing. We both started closing up. Which ment we almost hit our climax.

Justin- almost there baby!

Me- me too!

we finally hit it. We dropped on the bed. My legs trembling. And he wrapped his string arms around me an whispered in my ear.

Justin- I love you

Me- I love you too.

He kissed my neck and we fell asleep.

We woke up at seven to get ready for the club. I took a shower out on some makeup, bracelets, necklaces, rings, curled my hair, and but on a skin tight black dress. Justin looked me up and down and smirked.

Justin- looking good.

Me- not bad your self bieber.

We heard a honk at our driveway it was time to go.

We made our way out. And then got into the car.

Alondra- ALEXA! lookin good as always!

Me- not bad your self AL

We both gave eachother hugs.

Justin- hey bro how are you?

Za- good man.

We left.

We soon got to the club downtown.

At the club.


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