Justin gets jealous when his 1 year girlfriend runs into her ex boyfriend Carter which they have dated 2 years. They ran into each other on her birthday at the mall. She gives him her number. Justin is mad when they start hanging out together.


3. Meeting

I was still shocked. I was nervous what if Justin found out? How would he react? I had to reply to Carter. I had to set the record straight. I had to tell him I was with Justin and that I love him. I had to reply.

To:CARTER From:Lexa

Carter I cant do this right now. I'm with Justin now. And I think you need to leave me alone before Justin finds out. Last warning.

To:Lexa From:CARTER

lexa listen to me babe. I regret ever breaking it between us. You mean a lot to me. So if you can just meet up with me at starbucks so we an talk?

To:CARTER From:Lexa

I'm not your babe. And if I meet up with you will you leave me alone?

To:Lexa From:CARTER

YES! meet me in 15

I was nervous. I left Justin a note saying I had to go to my house for a minute. I quickly got dressed and brushed my hair. I kissed Justin's cheek. Smiled and walked away.

I got into my car. I drove to starbucks and saw carter waiting for me at a table. I rolled my eyes and sighed and got out of the car. Walked up to him.

Carter- hey..


Carter-what do you think?

Me- of what

Carter- do you love me?

I sighed

Me- Carter I cant do this right now. I'm with Justin when are you going to learn that?

Carter- Lexa I don't know what I was thinking when I broke up with you. I still love you. And I think we need to get back together.....

changing the subject.

Me- how have you been?

Carter- good?..

Me- that's you want something to drink?

Carter- yeah sure

We walked to the counter and ordered

Me- I will have a Strawberry Frap

Carter- same as her

We walked back to the table.

Carter- so are you and A.J still besties

Me- actually yes haha

Carter- has much changed since you know we?....

Me- no

about an hour passed of normal talking.

Me- I gotta go

I started standing when carter got up. He grabbed my hips and kissed me. I did something I shouldn't have. I kissed back and that lasted for a minute. Till I heard a voice. Justin was standing by the door.

Justin- Lexa?

He had a tear in his eye.

Me- Justin I....I

He ran and pushed Carter. Carter fell into the table. He jumped on Carter and started punching him in the face. He had a bloody nose.


I started pulling him off Carter. I helped him up. Justin grabbed me by my wrist.


He pulled me out to the car.

I got in and sat in the front seat.

Me- Justin that was not what it looked like I swear he..

he cut me off

Justin- Lexa this what I was afraid of.

Me- He kissed me first I was standing up and he stood up grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss I swear! and I..

Justin grabbed the back of the head and kissed me. In the middle of the kiss

Justin- I believe you

We kissed longer until I told him to get going. He smiled and started the car. My phone rang. Before I could see Justin grabbed it out of my hand. It was carter.

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