Justin gets jealous when his 1 year girlfriend runs into her ex boyfriend Carter which they have dated 2 years. They ran into each other on her birthday at the mall. She gives him her number. Justin is mad when they start hanging out together.


4. Fight

Justin gave me a look. I looked at him with worry. He stared at my phone and let it go to voicemail. He continued driving. It was a quiet drive home.....awkward. When we finally arrived I took my phone and walked in Justin's house.

Me- I have to go to the restroom.

Justin- whatever

Wow harsh much? whatever I took my phone and I had a voicemail from carter.

Voicemail From Carter: Lexa I'm sorry what happened I got caught up in the moment. I didn't mean to kiss you. It just happened. whatever happens between you and Justin. If you break up I'm sorry and im here for you. But if you stay together I hope we can be friends. whether its a secret friendship whatever I just hope we can be friends. Bye

I was so shocked. I do have to admit I felt bad for him. I'm going to call him.

*ring* *ring*

Carter- LEXA!?

Me- hey are you okay?

Carter- yeah a headache bruises.

Me- I'm so sorry if there's anything I can do. Let me know.

Carter- did I ruin things with you and Justin?

Me- I don't know what's going on right now. I'm afraid to ask. But point is I shouldn't have gone to see you it was my fault. It was my fault I even kissed you back. I shouldn't have. Mistakes happen. I love Justin now. You had your shot but you cheated and now were done. we can be friends but not lovers. were done.

Carter- I understand so......Friends?

Me- friends. I have to go bye

Carter- bye

I hung the phone up and wen tout of the bathroom and Justin was in the hallway. I looked at him. He looked at me to. we stood there. I was about to turn around. Until I felt strong arms wrap around my waist.

Justin whispered- I'm sorry..

I turned around and put my hands on his cheeks.

Me- im sorry too. I love you and only you.

Justin- That's like music to my ears.

I kissed him and we stood there making out. he started squeezing my butt. But then I yawned

Me- man im tired.

I ran from his arms into the bedroom. Justin was laughing and yelled

Justin- get back here!

I laughed and jumped in the bed and acted like I was sleeping. And Justin jumped on me and turned me over but I kept my eyes closed.

Justin- I know you not asleep

I kept my eyes closed. and yawned. and pretended to wake up.

Me- oh hey. what sup

Justin bent down and kissed me I kissed back. this happened about 2 minutes. Justin kissed down my neck. he kissed for about 1 minute. and then pulled my shirt off and pants and underwear. he kissed down my body and he fingered me. I moaned. He laughed and kissed up I stood on my knees on the bed. and took his shirt off and his pants and underwear. Then he laid me down and started thrusting in and out. I moaned and soon as we knew it we hit our climax's and fell asleep.

When we woke up to loud pounding on the door. It was the police. we both quickly got dressed. I answered the door.

Police- I am looking for Mr. Bieber he is charged with assault of Carter Reynolds. We have to take him downtown to ask a few questions.


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