Neighbours (Yaoi/Boy x Boy)

WARNING-Boy x boy,Yaoi.
Leonard's wife has just recently cheated on him,and he has now moved into a run down area of town with his lovley son,Alexy. He loves his son and would do anything for him but ever since alexy meet their (Openly gay)upstairs nieghbour,Luka,Alexy has wanted to play with luka. Friendship,romance and love is all that evvery one needs!

(Contains some sumt)


4. Chapter 4

Luka's P.O.V~


          I slowly flickered my eyes open and looked around,"Mmm,where.." i mumbled sitting up and slowly pushing the blanket off my lap. I was in an unfamiliar area,then it snapped. I was still in alexys and leo's house. I shot up and glanced at my watch,it was 20 after 5. He should be home any minute. I pulled myself to my feet grabbed my food items i forgot earlier and threw the stuffys in a pile and tided up slightly before sneaking out as if i was never there(In all honesty i felt like a ninja...)


Leon's P.O.V~

     I stepped of the bus and glanced at my watch sighing. It was already 5. I started walking down an empty path way that was i a smallish forest. 'i am not teenaged girl,if i was i would fell 'scared' or 'intimidated' I'M  GROWN MAN! I M NO-' my pep talk was cut of by rustling in the bushes. I started picking up pass with one thought in my head. 'I dont wanna die yet!' I glanced over my shoulder to see a group of middle aged men laughing to themselves and crawling out of the bushes. That's never a good sign. One of them called to me and i played dumb.


    "Hey,Mr.Smartass!Im talking to you!" one said grabbing my arm and stopping me from walking. "When someones talking to you,your suppose to-" The man said before getting cut of by  'Kyaaa!" then 'thunk' sound affect as he slid on the ground as he fell. i quickly looked for the reason he fell. My eyes his a black leather boot that was at the same level as my face. I my attention was quickly shot to the owner of the black thick held boots.

     I short-ish looking girl with jet black hair,and eye catching blue eyes. She gave me a glare before pulling her boot down and walking up to the guy she just kicked in the head. She had on a rather short skirt with chains hanging down,with black leggings and a black trench coat,But one thing that was really out of place was the bright blue backpack she had slung over one shoulder.

   "I want.My wallet back.Douchebag." She said Shooting him a smile that would usually considered 'Beautiful' but was extremely creepy in this situation. He slowly brought his hand out and dropped multiple wallets in her hand. She glanced threw one or two before turning her head and glancing at me. I took a slight step back. 'Maybe i should leav-' i thought turning around-but my action was cut of half way when i was hit in the face with something hard.


   'My...Wallet?! when did i even lose my-' "When he grabbed you shoulder,he did the same thing to me earlier,with his buddies." She said glaring over her shoulder at the other to boys behind me.Who were in there early twenty's,This girl on the other hand was most likely in her early teens not even...'Is she lost?Looking for someone? Screw me and my curiosity.' I thought looking up to ask her,but to my surprise she had disappeared-which is what i should do...other wise i'll get my ass kicked...





    So,I know i haven't done much because i've had trouble figuring out how to introduce this character,But i think i have succeeded! I hope you enjoyed! (Sorry for the lack of Luka and alexy,it made me sad to :'( XD)







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