Neighbours (Yaoi/Boy x Boy)

WARNING-Boy x boy,Yaoi.
Leonard's wife has just recently cheated on him,and he has now moved into a run down area of town with his lovley son,Alexy. He loves his son and would do anything for him but ever since alexy meet their (Openly gay)upstairs nieghbour,Luka,Alexy has wanted to play with luka. Friendship,romance and love is all that evvery one needs!

(Contains some sumt)


2. Chapter 2

        ~P.O.V   Leon~         


                   "Ah,yes,goodnight alexy.Yes...yes..mhmm...Alright.." Tonight alexy is staying the night at Luka's who i meet by simply running into him,well alexy ran into him. Right after a fist fight never the less.But ever since alexy had been so clingy towards him. So when i found out that i had to work late i gave Luka a call and asked him if he wouldn't mind picking alexy up and watching him. And he agreed without thinking,twice. "Night,papa!" Alexy said well hanging up the phone. i sighed and slowly went back to work before my boss caught me slacking off.



  ~Lukas' P.O.V~


                Earlier today my neighbor called me said he had an extra shift,then asked me to watch his son,who might i say is the sweetest little boy. "Hey!Hey! Luka!" Alexy said running up to me. "Yea,alexy?" I said glancing down at him,then back at the pot. "Can we play a game?!" I smiled i forgot how playful children can be. I ruffled his hair. "After dinner,alrighty." i said. Alexy giggled then ran over and jumped on the couch. He's like a little ball of energy. I poured the mac and cheese in a bowl,and placed it on the table. "Alexy,dinner's done." I said and in seconds he was at the table,wolfing down his food. "Is it good?" i asked. he didn't say a thing he just nodded. i giggled and continued eating.

                 After that alexy and i played a game of dolls,we had gone to alexys house and took some of his things to my place. I glanced at the clock,it was 9! "Okay alexy,time for bed." Like any other kid,he whined and disagreed but he finally agreed after a few minutes. I tucked alexy in,he was staying in my spare room. After i tucked him in i crawled into my own bed,and passed out within seconds.


                                                                 Morning- 10:00 am.



              I rubbed my eyes and sat up. But i stopped when i felt something on top of me. I slowly lifted the blanket and to my surprise there lied little alexy. I carefully rolled him of of me and got up i didn't bother changing the pj's i was in. I walked into the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal for me and little alexy. When there was a knock at the door. "Ah,i bet thats leon." I walked over to the door unlocked it and opened it.  Leon stood there in casual clothes something that looked so unusual,his black hair wasn't slicked back as it always was. "Good morning,c'mon in!" I said opening the door wildly  and gesturing for him to enter. "Yes,good morning. Where is alexy?" He said stepping in and just standing there awkwardly.

"He is still asleep,Would you like some cereal?" I said.

"Ah,i'm good i've eaten. Thanks...." He said.

"Okay." I said. As i grabbed my cereal and sat on the couch cross legged as usual.

"I am truly sorry for asking you to watch Alexy so quickly like that" Leon said apologetically.

"No,No. I really enjoyed having him!" I said taking a spoon full of cereal. Then i heard my door creak open. I spun my head but it was to late. Alexy had clung onto me.

"Ah,Good morning,Alexy." I said standing up. And he saw his father and gave him a big hug to.

"Morning!! Papa,Luka!" Alexy said smiling big as i passed him a bowl of cereal. Well he ate he chatted to his dad about the shows he watched and the games we played last night. I finished the dishes. Alexy passed me his bowl before running of to my bed room i giggled he must have been fooling around in there before coming out.

"No,Really though,i'm sorry to have ruined any of you plains with your friends and such...." Leon started ranting again.

"I told you it wasn't a problem,first of all if i had a girlfriend,thats what you worried about,yes? i would ditch her to hang out with alexy," I giggled before continuing."Plus i don't have a girlfriend if anything i'd have a boyfriend." I said bluntly.



    ~~Leon's P.O.V~~


                        I blushed,he's gay,and he was so blunt about it!  We sat there in silents for a good 10 minutes till alexy came running out to luka. And he passed luka a teddy bear,it was old raggy,its fur was pink,and it had different colored,button eyes. When luka saw it,his face duld but brightened within seconds,as he bent down to one knee. "Wow,i havn't seen this old guy in a while." He said. patting alexys head. A sudden....anger came over me. And thoughts popped in my head. Ex-girlfriend,Ex-boyfriend,crush maybe. Then i internally slapped myself. Why am i getting worked up over this,gosh. "Alexy,don't go into peoples rooms and take things without asking." i said meeting luka's eyes awkwardly. Luka then stood up. "No,no its fine. You know you can keep that if you want as long as you promise to take care of it." Alexy's eye's lit up. "Really!?" Alexy said.

"Really!" Luka said before alexy gave him a big hug then ran over to me,to talk about his new toy.


                     But the questions kept floating threw my head.Why was i so mad. Wait was...i...jealous...Nope! Nope. Nope. I kept telling myself as i leaved with alexy and his new teddy,sally...Why was this raggy thing importend to him?


       Authors Note~ I really hoped you enjoyed it i'm going to be bring in more characters in the next few chapters!! Please no hate. Love ya's!





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