Neighbours (Yaoi/Boy x Boy)

WARNING-Boy x boy,Yaoi.
Leonard's wife has just recently cheated on him,and he has now moved into a run down area of town with his lovley son,Alexy. He loves his son and would do anything for him but ever since alexy meet their (Openly gay)upstairs nieghbour,Luka,Alexy has wanted to play with luka. Friendship,romance and love is all that evvery one needs!

(Contains some sumt)


1. Chapter 1

      ~P.O.V   Leon~         

                       My hand swong in sink with the younger boys hand as we walked down the side walk. "So,How was daycare,alexy?" I asked looking down at the younger boy. "It was good!We painted rocks today!" The younger boy said well jumping. I giggled "That sounds like fun." I said as we walked down the drive way to our flat. Luckly it was late so no one was out side when we got to our door.

          I put my key in the lock and turned it,then wiggled out of the shitty lock. I should really get this replac- I said before there was the sound of someone falling to the ground. i spun around thinking it was alexy,"Alexy!-" I said before I saw that it wasn't alexy,but someone in a hoddie. "Im sorry!," Alexy gasped. The hooded figure moved to his feet. "Im fine! Don't worry,are you alright?" The hoodied guy said pushing the hood off his head. Doing so he had slightly longer blond hair and Crystal like blue eyes,but he also had a bruise on the side of his face.Alexy smiled and nooded. The Hoddied guy slowly looked up to the taller man as he pulled him self to his feet. "Stop~!!" Alexy shouted as he jumped on the hoodied guy causing him to fall to the ground again. "Alexy! What are you doing?!" I shouted at the boy. The boy pointed to the hoodied mans knee. "He has a boo-boo,daddy!" The mans knee had blood pouring down it. "Oh-my!" I said gasping. "Its alright,I have some bandages and such back in my room!" The man with the hood said patting alexys head. "No!No!No!No!NOOO~!" Alexy yelled well clinging to the mans body. The man with the hoodie closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth


                   Was pain? Just by a childs hug? Did he fall that hared? No,no he also has that big bruise on his face does this mean he was in a fist fight!? My eyes shot down to the hoodied man,I quickly pulled alexy from the man. "No papa!!!!" alexy yelled. "Shh,Alexy." i said putting him behind me. "Go in and get the first aid kit and put it on the table. Then get ready for bed." I said leaning down to the hoodied man. "Oh,no i really can take care of myself in my own ro-Urngh!" The hoodied guy gasped getting cut off when i,picked him up carefully. The smaller man blushed "I-I-I can walk myself!!!" He said trying to push his way out of my hands,but it didn't make the slightest difference to me,he still didn't weigh all that much. 


             I put him down gently on the couch as he glared away trying to hide his blush. I smirked and picked up the first aid kit on the table"I really can do this up in my own room.." He said glancing away.

"It's alright really,I mean it is my sons fault,afteral..." I said pulling out the disinfectant.

"You're joking right!?" The littler boy said looking straight at him in shock.

"Er,No. Thats my son,Alexy." I said slowly apling the disinfectant,witch caused the smaller boy to bite his hand.

"Oh...but you so young!!" The boy said gasping. Causing me to laugh a little.

"No i'm actually 24." i said laughing slightly.

"Oh..but thats still not that old is alexy..?" He questioned slightly.

"He's 4,he'll be 5 on November 7th. And how about you?17?16?" I said putting away the extra stuff in the first aid kit.

The boy giggled well reaching in his back pocket and pulling out his wallet,then he opened it and slide a card accros the table. I picked it up and looked at it. It read

Luka Lecross


 There was lots of other information on there but i didn't read it,i was to dumbstruck. This small petit guy is..21?! What?!

"Your shitten' me?" I said looking at him then back at the card then back at him.

"Nope,I was born in 1993!" He said smiling. "Anyways i should be going! Thank you very much!" He said smiling as he slowly stood up and made his way to the door. "Bye..." He said before making a confused face. "I didn't get your name..?" He said. "Oh,yes! Im Leon Makray!" I said smiling. "Alrighty,see you later,leon," He said."And you to alexy." He holllord. Before closing the door. Little did i know,That i wasn't going to be able to stop thinking about him.



This is the first story i've every done on here. That being said i would really like some constructive criticizem. All Nice words okay? Thank You all!



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