The Last Dance

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2014
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Every girl wants love, but Madilyn doesn't. Her hope for anything went away when she was diagnosed with ependymoma, a brain cancer. Only when she met Cayleb, she changed her mind. He made her feel different. Only Cayleb has a secret of his own, and refuses to tell Madilyn. He fears that she will give up if he knew his secret, but when time begins to run out for the both of them. They don't have anything else to do... but live life to the fullest.


3. ❤The Last Dance❤~ Chapter Two

"Is that even possible?"

"It's because her tumor is on a important part of her nervous system, by making her to angry or sad it can trigger a seizure." I felt a hand on my arm, I turned my head to see who it was, but it was a big blob of blur.

"Oh darling." I could understand and hear what she was saying, but I couldn't fully figure out what was going on. I couldn't respond back, because my body was so exhausted. I felt like my brain was giving out on me. I could feel my bottom lip trembling, but I had no control over anything.

"Can I please speak with you outside." I could hear my Doctors voice say.

"Yes." The blob, that I was assuming was my mother, got up and left my side. I turned my head and looked up at the ceilings. So I had another seizure. I closed my eyes, why did this ALWAYS happen. I'm sick of being stuck in a hospital all the time.

"Madi?" A familiar voice spoke loudly, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I opened my eyes and looked around. Eventually I notice a small boy, sitting on my bedside. "What happened?" I tried to find some words in the back of my head, but for some reason it was blank. I couldn't think of anything to say. My lips moved, but I couldn't speak. "Oh ugh." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. He got up and sat in a chair next to me.

After about 10 minutes, my doctor came back in. He checked my pupils, temperature, and my joints. As if it were a regular check up. "Madi I want you to squeeze this ball when you feel pain, okay?" I nodded. He had me sit up, then he began putting pressure on spots of my spine. Once he got at the middle of my spin, I felt pain shoot through my arms and legs. I squeezed the ball and shut my eyes. He immediately stopped. "As I thought." He stood up and grabbed the ball from me. My mother began to break down in tears. Cayleb stared at me completely confused, and I shrugged.

"Okay, I'll speak to you about that later. Let's see if you're brain is starting to kick into gear again." He went through some speaking exercises with me, and eventually I could speak again. He also explained to be that the reason that it was taking me so long to speak, was because my tumor was sitting on a part in my nervous system, that sends signals to my mouth to speak. Because the tumor is expanding, each time I have a seizure it will take longer to speak afterwards.

Cayleb kind of stood there, not sure how to respond to what he was hearing. I don't even know how he got in, or why he even came. "Madi, the spot that I touched on your spine is a sign." I was waiting for more bad news, I knew it would come. Every time I've come here it's been bad news. I've never had good news once. "Not only has the tumor by your brain stem grown, but it has also spread down parts of your spinal column." I covered my hands with my face. "Please stay calm, this is what triggers your seizures." He put his hands on my shoulders and helped me breath.

You would think with all the bad news I've already gotten, this would just be something else. But the chemo was suppose to keep it from spreading, which meant my body wasn't responding to chemo anymore. Right after I figured this all out and calmed down, the doctor told me I stopped responding to chemo. Just like I had thought.

"I'm hoping to keep doing chemo though, and hope your body will catch back onto the treatment. But we're also going to start radiation, to hopefully shrink your tumor. Then we can remove it during surgery." I wasn't stupid, honestly. I knew if I had surgery there were going to be some major risks. The tumors just happened to lay on my nervous system. If they screw something up during surgery, or something goes wrong, I could possibly get paralyzed.

After the Doctor was done, he left and Cayleb was still around. My father was watching my brother at home, while my mom was going to pay for the hospital bills again. "I'm sorry you've had a bad day." I looked over at him.

"I haven't had one good day, so don't apoligise. It's not like you can change anything about this." I pulled my blanket up towards me, trying to cover my bare legs. I hated hospital gowns.

"Well maybe I could make your day a little better, by asking if you wanted to maybe go for breakfast tomorrow with me?"

"How did you know I was staying another night?" My eyes widened.

"You had a seizure, and with all that news, I'm pretty sure the Doctor isn't done testing you." I nodded, he was probably right.

"Uhm, but to answer your question, sure if I'm up for it." He smiled a little.

"Okay I'll meet you here tomorrow then." I nodded and he walked out.

I laid my head back down on my pillow and closed my eyes. He was hitting on me, why was he hitting on me. Doesn't he know all of this will end in heart break? I rubbed my forehead, trying to get rid of this major headache that was starting to form. I quickly found myself falling asleep, and the last thing that came to mind was the boy that actually cared.

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