The Last Dance

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2014
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Every girl wants love, but Madilyn doesn't. Her hope for anything went away when she was diagnosed with ependymoma, a brain cancer. Only when she met Cayleb, she changed her mind. He made her feel different. Only Cayleb has a secret of his own, and refuses to tell Madilyn. He fears that she will give up if he knew his secret, but when time begins to run out for the both of them. They don't have anything else to do... but live life to the fullest.


6. ❤The Last Dance❤~ Chapter Five

After a few hours of staring at his peaceful face, he woke up. He had a terrified look on his face, and tears formed in his eyes. I bit my lip awkwardly, and grabbed his hand. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I just-."

"I understand." I smiled a little then I felt his thumb run across my cheek, wiping away a tear that somehow escaped.

"I didn't tell you, because I didn't want you to have to worry about something else." The corner of my mouth curled upwards in a half smile. I slightly pushed him over, and lifted myself from the wheel chair, and laid sat down on his bed. I swung my legs onto the bed, and laid down next to him.

"Cayleb, are you thinking?" He put an arm around me, and I laid my head on his chest. Any other time I would push him away, but something was pushing me towards him.

"What do you mean?" He turned away suddenly and coughed, I rubbed his chest trying to sooth him. He took a drink of water and laid back down.

"What do you think about-." I paused, and thought this through my head, before finally deciding to say it. "About us?" He looked over at me.

"I'll be honest with you, the first time I saw you I thought my lungs were going to give out right away. But not because of my disease, it was because I could see something in you that gave me hope." He shook his head, "I'm crazy, I know." He laughed, then was cut off my a horrible cough. As soon as he finished, his breath was very un even, and I could hear a liquid in his throat moving.

"No, continue, please."

"Well..." He looked up at the ceiling. "Gabi told me that you had brain cancer, and when I walked into that room you looked like absolute crap." He laughed, and I slightly pushed on his shoulder annoyed. "But when we went out for breakfast, I remember how you told me you'd been going through this for a long time. I've had this since birth, but you know the pain of having to live half of your time in the hospital." He looked over at me. "Living in this hospital, gave me depression, but you, you weren't depressed, you just took it like it was an obstacle that you were determined to get around."

I didn't really think that was true, honestly I hated being here. And I never thought this was going to end, because every time I came here. Something horrible would happen. "You gave me hope, ya know? The thing I have in supposedly incurable  but you made it seem like death wasn't a choice for me anymore. You gave me a reason to live."

"Cayleb..." The tears in his eyes, and the things he had said really opened me. I never knew somebody could say something so beautiful to somebody that was bound to die. I leaned my forehead against his. "There's not a cure for cancer, but you cured me." He looked a little confused. "When I first met you, I absolutely hated you." He smiled, and I laughed a little. "I was afraid to fall in love, because I hated getting in peoples ways, and I hated hurting people." I could feel him playing with my fingers. "My brother, has never gotten the attention, and I take the blame for that."

"Don't blame yourself for something you can't control." I shook my head.

"Cayleb, I love you." I covered my mouth surprised at what I had just said. His eyes widened at first, but then he smiled. He took my hand away from my mouth, and I felt frozen in time. I closed my eyes as his lips hit mine. Our lips moved in perfect sync, and I could feel him smiling against my lips.

"I love you to Madi." He kissed the tip of my nose, and laid back down completely out of breath. (HIS DISEASE IS NOT CONTAGIOUS BTW) I smiled towards him, he was literally the gasoline to my fire. He was the one thing keeping me going.

"CAYLEB!" I heard somebody cry, I turned to see Cayleb's mother running towards him. I reached for my head, to see my beanie gone. "What is going on?!" I felt the blood drain from my face.

"Mom it's fine, I just got pancreatic again." Her mouth dropped.

"It's fine?! This is the 6th time this month! It's getting worse!" She covered her face and I turned towards Cayleb.

"This is your 6th time having this?" My tears suddenly came from my eyes without me allowing to hold them back. He looked down. "Cayleb, why?"

"They just said that my pancreas was giving out, but they said they have me on the organ donations list." I covered my face. I remember being on that list. When I was very little I had weak kidneys, and I waited for 2 years till I finally got a organ donation match.

"And how long till they give out?"

"They said about 5 months." 5 months? Was he insane? Were the doctors insane?!

"Cayleb, you need to explain to me, who this girl really is." His mother suddenly butted in, after having a crying fit.

"This isn't the time-." I cut him off.

"I'll tell her." He looked at me concerned, but I ignored it turning towards her. "I'm a brain cancer patient, I have ependymoma. I have two tumors, one near my brain stem, and another in the middle of my spine." I gave a small smile then. "I met Cayleb, because I had cancer, and honestly I'm almost glad I got cancer, because I don't know where I'd be without him."

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