The Last Dance

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2014
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Every girl wants love, but Madilyn doesn't. Her hope for anything went away when she was diagnosed with ependymoma, a brain cancer. Only when she met Cayleb, she changed her mind. He made her feel different. Only Cayleb has a secret of his own, and refuses to tell Madilyn. He fears that she will give up if he knew his secret, but when time begins to run out for the both of them. They don't have anything else to do... but live life to the fullest.


9. ❤The Last Dance❤~ Chapter Eight

 XOXOXO ❤~3 Years Later~❤ XOXOXO


Madi ended up getting her tumor removed from her spine succesfully, without any horrible side effects. When the tumor was removed from her brain stem, she went blind.

But she was a survivor of cancer, and a proud survivor with a story to tell.

While getting the tumor removed from her brain stem, her brother had another talent show. She refused to go into the surgery, unless her parents went to her brothers talent show, and they did. He end up getting first place!

Madi has no graduated from college, and is working in a school as a counselor. She is also a assistant coach of the Dance Team at the High School.

She also got married to a Specialist in Cancer, and had two kids. She named her oldest song, Cayleb, and her younger daughter Caylee.

To this day, she visits Cayleb's parents very often.


She still hasn't forgotten about Cayleb either. She thinks about him every night in fact. She feels as if he's always there, or as if he's watching over her.

It doesn't bother her though. Because she thinks of Cayleb as almost like an angel. He came to this earth for a reason, and that reason was to change Madi's life.

And somebody she will join Cayleb again, and that last dance she performed at his funeral, proved that she was strong. She could barely hold herself up, and that shows she felt something for him.

And what she felt, is something so incredible, that nobody could match it.




❤❤❤❤~~~~~AUTHORS NOTE~~~~~❤

I seriously cried writing those last 4 chapters. I didn't think it was really going to be that emotional of an ending, but it turned out sadder than I thought haha. I really hope you guys enjoy! This is the first competition I have ever entered. So we'll see how it goes. THANKS EVERYONE! Happy Valentines Day!

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