Valentines Day Sucks!

I hate valentines day and always will or so I thought. High School sucks and to add to it one day a year I have to sit here and cant complain about all the annoying couples sucking face in the commons. This should be fun.


3. Friday

I got out of bed in the morning miserable as ever. I ended up calling my best friend Jacob and having him find out if Isaac liked me. I couldn't handle waiting the whole night.

Jacob texted him and just happened to bring it up in conversation.

NO he doesn't like me and I felt dumb and embarrassed. All of my friends were telling me to give it time, he wont like you overnight, he will eventually don't worry.

I didn't have time I am an extremely impatient person and this is dumb. I guess I will be single this Valenntines Day. Not like I care anyway.

I walked into school and as soon as I got down the Freshman hallway everyone started to whisper. It didn't bother me that they were whispering, it bothered me that they whispered in such and obvious way so that they know I know they are whispering.

I got to my locker and Isaac and his friends were standing across from my locker. Matt said out loud "Anyone need a date for the dance Isaac is available!" The level of maturity was a negative.

I turned around about to tell them off but Isaac made them all leave. He said "Come on guys. Not funny. Lets go get breakfast."

For not liking me he sure wasn't sending clear messages.

Honestly I would rather have him hate me than feel pity for me.

All day people would come up to me and ask me if I liked him or make a rude comment. I was so ready to say screw it and not go to the dance.

Another single Valentine's Day. Why do I even bother?


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