Valentines Day Sucks!

I hate valentines day and always will or so I thought. High School sucks and to add to it one day a year I have to sit here and cant complain about all the annoying couples sucking face in the commons. This should be fun.


2. Freshman Year

It was a week before the Sweetheart hop and I was just SO excited to go by myself! I bought a simple pinks dress that my friends talked me into getting. I'm not the type of girl to wear pink and when I took my dress home and showed my mom the look of shock on her face was hilarious.

I guess I wouldn't be going exactly by myself because I was going with  a group of friends. Yup we are going to be "those freshman" that go by ourselves to a valentines dance. Oh well.

I actually had my eye and a guy named Isaac and I was having my friend Ashley kind of spy on him to see if he's not a complete weirdo. Isaac was new and he wasn't into anybody at the time so I was like hey go for it. My mistake.

It was Thursday and the dance was Saturday so I was bugging Ashley to find out if he was going to the dance with anyone. Ashley reported back to me at lunch.

She started with an excited "I got you his number!" I replied with, "how?" She then explained that she said "hey Isaac can I have your number my friend Andrea wants your number?"

I was freaking out! Why would she do that?!!!! I just wanted her to find out if he was going to the dance. "Ashley are you stupid he knows I like him now!!!" Ashley told me not to worry because he seemed like he didn't care and he wasn't hesitant so maybe it was a good thing.

I spent the rest of the day fighting with myself about whether or not I should be angry or happy that Ashley did that. Why?! I probably freaked him out! OH god he's never going to talk to me. Well maybe he DOES like you and is to shy....NO he doesn't like you stop thinking that! Your just setting yourself up for disappointment! Urgh! I wish I was Patrick so I could just crawl under a rock and never come out.

I had softball practice after school and I had pep band that night.

I got out of practice and was walking through the commons and heard "hey Andrea how's Isaac?"


I turned around and It was one of Isaacs friends. I played dumb and was like "Isaac who?"

He said "you know, you like him." Me being bad at thinking on the spot I said "who is that?"


He yelled back, "Isaac Smith!" I then cleverly replied "nope never heard of him"

It would have been more believable if my friend Sam wouldn't have yell OOOOOOOO. He's so dumb.

I go to Sam's house after school on pep band nights because I can't ever get a ride. Plus he lives like 5 blocks away.

After bolting out of school I called Ashley and basically flipped my crap.

I was angry because by tomorrow all of the 9th grade will know and I lost all my trust in Ashley.

When we got home I went to call Christine because she's good at making people feel better. She didn't pick up. I went to pep band and miserably sat and watched the basketball game. We only play before the games and during half-time so we can watch the first half of the game.

Of course Isaac and his buddies all sit by the band. As if Christine could tell I needed her she called me, so I raced out of the gym to answer it.

I cried and told her everything and cried some more. She did make me feel better, but we had to do half-time soon and my eyes were all red and puffy. Oh well.

I walked into the gym and sat back down by Kaylee and Jacob. Jacob has been one of my best friends since sixth grade. I just talked to Kaylee because she was in band with us and she was dating Jacob. Kaylee leaned over and whispered "It'll be ok. They all won't break your heart."

It wasn't that even. I went through the same thing in 7th grade where everyone found out and the guy I liked who I had been talking to turned into a monster because he didn't want to be made fun of by his friends.

I heard rumors that Isaac was telling people so when I got home I texted him.

Me: I would appreciate it if you didn't tell people I liked you.

(I don't know why I said liked instead of like.... He replied 30 minutes later.)

Isaac: Who is this and that was Zach

Me: Zach who

(we had a lot of Zach's in our grade so that's why I asked.)

Isaac: Onlo

Me: Who told him?

Isaac: Idk who is this?

Me: well fudge...

(I didn't know what to say. Can't you tell I am bad at this stuff?)

Isaac: Huh?

(You would think he knows who it is. Boys are dumb.)

Me: Its Andrea. So Ashley told Zach and Zach told the whole freshman population and I'm never going to hear the end of it.

Isaac: Yeah :-(

(frowny face WTF?!)

Me: Frowny Face?

Isaac: I feel sorry for you though.

(Sorry? What does that mean?)

Me: I'm used to it.

(I was used to it. He didn't get what I was used to though. I was used to being rejected and hurt)

Isaac: Don't feel bad.


Me: But if they make fun of you. I feel more stupid than I do bad.

Isaac: Hey don't worry about it, I don't care.

(you don't care? What??? Goddddddd I hate being a girlllllll FMLLLL)

Me: Well thanks for being nice about it.

Isaac: No problem. Good night

Me: Night.



He wasn't all "I don't like you we are just friends," but he didn't say much more...

I basically spent the night overthinking everything and wanting more and more to crawl under a rock.








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