Dream on


1. dream

~~  "Madelaine!!!" I could hear my mother call from the bottom of the stairs. My eyes slowly fluttered open, taking in the light of the room. The sun was shining in on me, it was beautiful, i smiled, but as i looked at my calendar next to my bed i noticed what day it was. "URGE" it was Valentines day, "i hate this unholy holiday" i murmured  to myself as i slowly got out of bed  and began getting ready for School.



     I was almost to school and already was having the worst luck ever. First i almost get hit by a car that didn't stop at the lights, and then that stupid  icicle which was close to falling and killing me. "And this is why i hate valentines day, because god thinks its fun to give me bad luck on the wrong day of the year", i mumbled to myself feeling annoyed and angry, "But hey the worst is over, right", but just as i finished saying it , a car comes speeding by,and splashes up mud and dirty snow all over me, " great, just fucking, great", i say well dropping  my bag so i could remove my jacket. slowly, removing my jacket as i walk over to the railing of the bridge i was crossing, i placed it there  for a second. But just as i did, my iPod falls out of my pocket, winch is hanging over the river, that is below the bridge. "SHIT", i screamed as it falls in to the cold water below, "just my luck it didn't freeze over,", i say well covering my face trying to stop myself  from crying, but it didn't Help. Soon i was sitting on the cold wet ground weeping, "ii-i-ii-im ss-ss-sooo d-dd-do--done" i said between shivers and sobs. all the while i didn't notice the car had stopped, or that the driver had gotten out. "are you all right?" asked a  soft, husky British voice, "no" i sobbed not looking up from my hands, "i am deeply sorry for what i had done, please don't cry love, its all right, let me take you home so you can get new clothes on, here" he said well holding out his big hand, i slowly looked up well grabbing his hand, he smiled kindly at me, i smiled back holding in my screams and trying so vary hared not to fan girl, "im Harry, but i can see you already know that" he smirked well looking at the one direction wrist band i was wearing around my wrist, and acting like he didn't see the scars on my arm. "yes, well im Madelaine, but if you like you can call me maddy" i said with a bit of a frown, I hated  being called maddy, some people don't even know what my name is because of that dumb nickname. Harry smiled " hmm well a name as beautiful as yours should never be unsaid, so ill stick to calling you Madelaine, if that's all right with you love?" he asked, i blushed and smiled " i'd love that" i said, almost giggling ,"come on then" he said well leading me to his car. "thank you" i said as he opened the car door for me, "this is my 'sorry' to you for getting you all dirty and wet" he said as i sat down, he gave me a cocky smile as he closed the door. I watch him quickly grab my things and put them in the trunk of his car before he got in himself, " so where to love?" he asked as he sat down and put the car in drive, as i told him my address and  he put it in to the G,P,S of the car. as we stared to drive he asked me " so do you get upset really easy, or something " i looked at him with a blank, face "what?", he smiled " what happened back there, you just stared crying " I looked down feeling embarrassed  " oh that well its a long story" I said well looking out the window " tell me i got time" he said with a caring smile and so i told him.


          By the time we got to my house I had just finished telling him about my bad luck I get on this day and how I never get bad luck on any other day. "you know what after you get cleaned up, Il take you to get breakfast and hang out, then ill take you back to school, how dose that sound love" he asked, I smiled "i would really love that". i got out of the car and walk towards  my front door, but as closer I could see a note. The  door was locked and the note said ;

      "hey guys sorry if your coming home for lunch or something  but i wont be home until 5 tonight cause im at your sisters house in Denmark, i had to lock all the doors so nothing would happen, love mom"

"great" i said as i walked to the side of my house, hoping the gate between mine and the neighbors house wasn't  locked, but just my luck, it was locked, "really? wow " i walked out to Harry's car, he was standing out side of his door waiting  " what ?" he asked, "the doors locked and so is the gate, i need you to give me a boosted , ok?" he smiled " sure, lets go "  we walked over to the gate, and he asked " ready?" I nodded, he picked me up and I grab the top of the gate, but when i got to the top of the gate i lost my balance and fell off landing right on my ankle." OW FUCK SHIT,WHY DOES THESE HAPPEN TO ME ALL THE TIME? WHY ME!!"  i was screaming, but Harry covered my mouth " are you alright, did you break something?" he asked well uncovering my mouth, he looked worried ," no i think i twisted something", so  he picked me up and carried me to his car " ok new plane, your coming with me" he said as he sat me in the back set, " but i have school?" he smiled " did you really even want to go?" " no but-" "then you coming with me" he said well smirking at me.

Soon we were stuck in traffic on the 401 to Toronto. It was Friday at  11:30 am, I don't understand why there some much, everyone should already be at work by now, I thought to myself. It was weirder we didn't talk, so Harry put on the radio to kill the awkward silence. I looked out the window gazing off when a song came on that I knew and liked, it was called holding out for a hero, I smiled and began to sing vary loud and off key along to the song " HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO TIILL THE MORNIG LIGHT...," Harry looked at me with a huge grin, blushing i stopped sing and looked out the window "were gonna be stuck here for a bit" I said well smiling at him " so we can talk, or play a game or something, my leg will be okay" I said " sounds like fun" he said as we slowly pushed threw traffic.

In 2 hours  we got to really know each other, but I slowly drifted to sleep well we drove on .the night before I barely slept, I was up on and off all night. when i woke up from the car ride I realised I wasn't in a car, but a sofa with  four amazing boys staring down at me. "SHE A LIVE" Said Niall with he's cute Irish voice, "hey Harry your little princess is A wake" Louis said in a cheeky voice, "well come on then move out boys she's going to take a shower and to get changed out of her wet clothes" Harry  said well helping me up off the sofa , helped me walk me to the bath room giving me all i need to clean up, even some clothes. He gave me a sweet shirt and a pair of black sweat pants.it didn't take me long to clean up and get dressed " thank you" I said smiling as I closed the door and started the shower "fuck there's no hot water".


  I came out of the bath room shivering. Harry was siting alone on the corner of the sofa with his leg up. "where is every one?" I asked, Harry looked up from the TV and smiled "they went to get food" he said as I limped over over to him, " are you cold ,Cause you look like you are and I don't recall giving you a pink zip-up hoodie and a black tank top? " harry said well looking me up in down, my hair was up in a messy bun , I had the sweet pants on he gave me but I grabbed my pick hoodie and black tank top out of my bag on the way out of the bath room, " yeah there was no hot water left so yeah cold and these are my extra thing I bring to school I spill a lot of stuff on my self " I said between shivers  he smiled "come here " he said with open arms and a dorky grin on his face , I blushed to the offer, and limped over and sat with him he pulled me in and sat me between his legs so I had to lay on him. as I laid there I could feel him kiss the top of my head, but I didn't say anything. We laid there with out speaking for a few seconds util. He gently grabbed my left arm and pulled up the selves of my hoodie, reviling the scars along my wrist. His hand held my wrist up to show as his thumb gently traced over a few of the scars. He only said one word "why?" and I simply said "because I hurt" as I hid my face in his chest, "why?" he asked again  like a small child who didn't understand," because..." I said but tears began to roll down my face "because I hate my self", he wrapped his free arm around my waste and asked again " why?", and I broke down in tears and said  "I'm not good enough for them", he let go of my arm and wrap his around my shoulders and said "you are to me" he kissed the top of my head again and cuddled me in.       

At some point i fell a sleep again between all my sobbing. and soon i was being woken up "hey come on, the boys are back" harry said, i looked up just as the boys came in "oh having some alone time now are we?" louis asked "no lou I was just sleeping " I could tell my face was red still from cry also my face was sticky from the tears "sure thing " he said jokingly. they went out and got Nandos, "iv never had Nados before" I said well siting up off Harry "Niall moth dropped "what? Really?" I nodded he passed me a white take out dishes with a fork and said "eat this" I opened the lid "hmmm it smells good, I haven't had any thing to eat all day" i said well taking a big forks full and shoving it in my moth, they all looked at me with a funny look "what?" I said after swallowing, "nothing other then you eat like a boy and you haven't had food all day its like 3:30" lou said, "well I don't really like to eat" I said , they looked at me again "why food is great" said Niall , Harry hugged me " well I do like food and eating but everyone says I'm fat and eat to much so iv been eating a small meal once a day for like the last month" I said well wrapping my arms around my tummy, "well that's just rude of them, you are beautiful just the way you are" Liam said well handing me a can of coke "thanks, for a long time I believed that they were right" I sat down on the fool with the rest of the boys and Harry sat next to me. Well eat we watched movies and talked . when we were done we all just hung out, hade fun goofing around played some video games , until i fell a sleep again in Harrys arms.

    Hours pasted and i woke up in Harrys bed in the hotel room to the sound of my phone ring next to me on the end table, it was my mom. when i picked it up she asked me so many questions at once I could understand any of then "mom stop slow down" I said " he said you'd call an hour ago" my mom yelled threw the other end "wait who did?" I asked " Harry did when he answered your phone, he said that you had fell a sleep, and then he told me about your day and why you ended up missing school and why you were with him" my mom said "if you knew that I was okay why are you calling?" I asked "oh I just want to make sure you were okay and everything" she said "okay well I'm fine" I said "ok that's good I to go now see you latter have fun love you bye" she said "bye mom i love you too" i hung up the phone and thought how weird it was she seemed to nice on the phone. to girls walk in iv seen them both before ones parry  and the other is Eleanor,  "aww there you are!" Perry said "lets go" said Eleanor holding out her hand " wait whets going on are you kicking me out?" i asked " no silly where here to get you ready for the party that your invited to" Perry said " ok..who's party?" i asked " oh its a big fancy thing the boy got invited to and they could bring dates so harry and Niall are taking you" Eleanor told me " oh ok then lets go".

 I was siting alone in the back of a limo, that was taking me to some party. Perry and Eleanor did my hair ,makeup, and the picked my shoes and dress, my hair was down and curly i had light makeup on, my shoes where blue flats with a small flower on the outside of the shoes with small jewels  coming out from  then my dress  was strapless with a heart shed area for my boobs, with a dark blue belt under the boob part, the bottom cam to my knees and it was a bit frilly and puffy.it wasn't a long drive but by the time i got to where i was going it was dark. we pulled in to a parking lot at a beach. the driver got out of the limo and opened my door, he pasted me a note and said to read it well " oh thanks" I said to him well opening the note, it said your looking for a hero at the end of the light? with an arrow pointing to  candelas that lit a path , and so i fallowed them.

I followed all the way down the beach limping the hole way  in snow and hash winds to find at the end of the path  was a note that said look left  do you see your hero? , and when i looked left I found a dorky boy staring back at me, I slowly walked towards harry "nice job dork" I said smiling "thank you dork" he said back to me. he garbed my hand and we walked to a small building with a table set up all pretty and nice with food and a candela. we sat and talked we eat and had fun," thank you " I said looking at him "any time" he said, a Niall cam out from around back of the building in a suet and tie " you look nice" I said "but you look better" Niall said well taking our dishes and kissing me on the cheek, harry took my hand and led me out to  dance but I stopped him "what?" he asked "two thing, one  I can't dance and two my ankle" I said he pulled me in and lifted me on to his feet "crap, you win this time" I said well we began to dance, and just as we did Niall put on a cd that started with holding out for a hero, I smiled and looked down "thanks"  I said "you already said that " harry said with a cocky grin, the song changed just in time to I can be your hero, I looked up at him " smooth" I said cheekily. I looked in his eyes "you really are my hero Harry" I said smiling "I'm glade to be yours" he said well leaning in and kissing my forehead. He leaned in again slowly closers, but just as are lip got close I stopped him, and looked down "I knew it" I said "knew what he asked "that Its a dream" I said "how?" he asked "I can her my alarm on my iPod going off its set to play let her go, and I can her my mom screaming my name from the bottom of the stares" I said as I started to walk away, but harry grabbed my arm and pulled me in "hey just know dreams come true" he sais then  hugged me and whispered in my ear "and this won't always be a dream" everything went black in that moment.




 "MADELAINE!!!"  my mother called from the bottom of the stairs, my eye shot open, and i look at the time on the clock on my wall " crap im going to be late" i said as i turns off my alarm and rushed to get ready for my day...


 i was almost to school and i was already having really bad luck like shoes keep getting untied, stupid kids calling me name and telling me to die  and other great things like that, "ok im almost there, I  can do this I can make it another day come" I murmured to myself, but just as i say it a car comes speeding by and splashes me with dirty snow, and I can hear other kids laughing and saying rude things "fucking great" i said as i walk towards  the railing of the bridge but instate slip on ice, I didnt notice that the car that slpshed me stoped or that the dirver got out or that I'm crying on the cold wet ground "are you ok "asked a voice that I new I looked up in shock, it wasn't a dream anymore "shit you dork bastard you were right" I said before think to myself that he might not have a clue,still siting on the ground shocked by it all, he haled out his hand and  said "I told you" he pulled me up in to a huge " your hero has arrived" he said "oh don't be so corny" I said well pulling him in to a kiss in front of everybody and I threw up my middle finger at them well the stared at us kissing. we pulled away and I said "take that, bitches", harry laughed "you so beautiful" he said I blushed. "ready to go" he asked "yeah", and so we drives off, forgetting about all those people

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