Clare seems to be all alone after a bad break up with Liam Payne, but just not for long. Meeting good friend Rosa, she introduces Clare to a whole new world of people, including Niall Horan, and Harry Styles, the best friend duo that tears up the party scene, and Clare's heart.


2. The Beginning

 "Slow down, Clare. What exactly happened?" Harry slowly asked me, as my sobs grew louder and took over my ability to speak. He is asking so many questions, a whole lot more than I am comfortable with, but he wants to help. Sadly, even if he knows what fully happened he won't be able to help me in anyway. I have screwed up everything for myself.

I take in deep breaths as I try to mentally prepare myself to tell Harry everything, starting from when I first met Niall. He'll think of me differently if he knew the way Niall made me feel. It was like magic when are skin touched, at least it was up until recently. 

*Flash back to nine months ago*

"Hey Rosa, do you want the usual?" I politely ask my regular costumer. She was always so nice, and made sure to tip me well. We exchanged numbers not too long ago, only having a casual lunch or two.

"Yes ma'am." She smiles sweetly. Her soft facial features always made me jealous. "Do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?" Rosa asks, fully aware that I can't say no to her. 

"Sure, why not?" I punch in her order and hand her a receipt. She moves out of the line and steps over to the other side of the area to wait for her drink. "Hello, welcome to Starbucks, can I interest you in a sample of one of our signature fall drinks?" I look up to see a punk boy with tattoos covering his muscular frame. 

"Well hello there." He had smug look plastered across his face. "How about I skip one of those coffee samples, so I can sample you instead." He winks at me, and I practically choke on my own saliva.

"Sir, can I take your order?" I am shaking at the words of the oddly attractive male.

"Oh wow. Hey Niall. I didn't know you were coming here." Rosa looks at him with a huge heartwarming smile. I can't believe Rosa knows someone as perverse as him. "Niall, this is my friend Clare. Clare, this is Niall."

"Hi Clare. That's a nice apron you're wearing." Right as I am about to thank him he adds, "I bet you'd look amazing if that was the only thing you were wearing." He smiles wide and winks again, and I am appalled. 

"Can I take your order, sir?" I repeat through clenched teeth, trying not to be rude.

"I'll take a caramel cappuccino covered in whipped cream." I start to type his order in, but he interrupts me. "Actually, make that you covered in whipped cream." 

I am so disgusted by him that I storm into the break room. "Liam, could you take care of that costumer out there?" I ask politely.

"Of course darling." He kisses the top of my head it sends shivers through my spine. Liam is one of my best friends, but at one point we were more, all of those countless nights that he treated me like his princess are hard to forget.

I walk over to where I had laid my purse and sling it over my shoulder, then take out my phone. Rosa had texted my saying she would stop by my apartment to pick me up before dinner tomorrow at six o'clock. I text her back and say okay, before putting my phone back into my purse. I walk through the breakroom doors, out into the main lobby of the comforting coffee shop and wave goodbye to Liam.

As soon as I get back to my apartment I slip off my shoes and disappear to get ready for a couple movies then bed. Remembering that I don't have work in the morning I shut off my alarm before I doze off to sleep. 

By the time I wake up it is twelve in the afternoon. Slowly I sit up and rub my eyes. It's been a couple of months since I've slept in like his. I'm sure it will throw off my whole sleeping schedule. I get out of bed and put a pair of fuzzy slippers on my feet before heading into the kitchen to make some tea. After I finish preparing a glass of the chai tea, I go cuddle up on the couch, watching a couple of hours of TV before dinner. 

When I finally look at the time it's ten till four, meaning I have to start getting ready for dinner. I rush into the bathroom and practically jump into the shower. When I get out it's four thirty, giving me enough time to curl my hair and apply a thin layer of makeup. Since I have no idea where we are going, I decide to where a pleated skirt and a cardigan. Just as I pick up a bottle of perfume there is a knock at my door. 

"Oh. Hey, Rosa." I smile nicely at her and step aside so she can come inside. 

"I love your apartment. It's lovely." Rosa gives me her signature smile. I can see she is mesmerized by the organization and cleanliness of my home. "Are you ready to go? I invited a friend to come along. He should be waiting in the lobby." I nod politely. "Awesome let's go!" I grab my clutch and head for the door, making sure I lock the door.

We head down to the lobby of my building and I suddenly go pale. Niall and a curly haired boy are standing there. As soon as they see us the unrecognized boy smiles and walks towards Rosa. 

"Harry!" Rosa runs into the curly boy's arms. I'm fuming at this point. Why is Niall here?! "Hey, Clare. Why don't you go say hi to Niall?" She seems so okay with it. Like she knew this was happening all along.

"Harry I swear to God. You told me you had a hot date set up for me, not this." Niall rudely says to Harry. 

"She is hot, I mean look at her." The way Harry complimented me makes me wildly blush.

"If you like demented seven year olds, then yeah. She's "hot". Come on, Harry. You said your sister had hot friends!" Niall's words feel like poison to my ears. 

"For the eightieth time, she's not my actual sister!" Harry seemed so upset, his hands tightened into fists. 

"Look, Harry, let's just get going." Rosa puts her hand on his shoulder, as if to tell him to calm down. 

"Fine." Harry and Niall both bite out at the same time. 

We head outside, getting into one of the boys' cars. "So Clare, how do you know Rosie?" Harry asks, coming around to the other side of the car to open Rosa's door. 

"She's a regular at-". Rosa cuts me off.

"We go to the same college." she spills out.

"Uh huh.." You could hear in Harry's voice that he could tell Rosa was lying. "Rosa. What are you majoring in? Mom never told me you were going to college." 

Rosa's face turns beet red, she was caught in her own lie. I couldn't leave her floundering like this, "We're both undecided, but I was thinking about majoring in the performing arts." Niall scoffs next to me. "Is that so hard to believe?" I ask him with narrowing eyes. 

"As a matter of fact, yes. I met you one day ago, and I can already tell you are a stick in the mud. Grow up, your dreams are unrealistic." Again his harsh words feel like someone is taking a whip to my bare back.

"Niall, that was rude." Harry sticks up for me as tears sting my eyes. It really is my dream to be a performer. As much as I wouldn't like to say that I am used to people telling me that my dreams are just a bundle of lies, when Niall said it, it hurt worse than normal. The car ride is silent until we reach a night club.

"Um, Rosa? I thought we were going out to dinner?" My voice as unsteady as I can feel my anxiety kicking in. 

"Boom. Just as I said. Stick. In. The. Mud." The way Niall talks to me just makes me feel worse about myself. I open the door and climb out of the car, walking in the direction that we had just came from. 

"Where the hell are you going?" Niall says as he jumps out of the car, slamming the door behind him. He runs to catch up to me, "God damn, stop!" 

"I will not sit here all night and have you insult me all night long! Since the day I met you I cannot stand you!" My face is heating up as I argue with the blonde guy.

His facial expression looks shocked at my raised voice. "Don't be so fucking sensitive." My face goes blank before I turn around and walk towards him raising my hand like I'm going to slap him, but his large hand wraps around my wrist. "God you're annoying." Him saying this only makes my blood boil higher. He bends down closer to my ear and whispers, "I'd still fuck you though."

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