Clare seems to be all alone after a bad break up with Liam Payne, but just not for long. Meeting good friend Rosa, she introduces Clare to a whole new world of people, including Niall Horan, and Harry Styles, the best friend duo that tears up the party scene, and Clare's heart.


1. Broken

(So this is my new One Direction fan fiction. Please comment/vote! CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is helpful, just don't be rude. I'm not a professional writer.)

"Just stop acting like you know me because you don't! I'm not the same Clare that I was last year. You changed me, you ruined my life. Not to mention you tore apart my relationship with LIam!" I scream at Niall. Tears continue to sting my eyes and soaking my cheeks with the mixture of mascara and the salty liquid. "I'm tired of you ruling my life! I'm sick of you controlling every single move I make. You used to be able to make me melt, but after a while I get used to the sensations that you bring me. You're scum Niall! Pure scum!" Red hot tears stream down my face even faster than before.

Niall stands there unable to speak, before he musters up enough courage to yell back at me. "Don't act like you're so perfect and stop blaming it all on me! There's some fucked up shit going on in your head too. You need to realize I can't be without you. You make me so mad, upset,and not to mention you make me want to rip my hair out! You also showed me how to love and changed me for the better, I'm sorry if I ruined you, but you ruined me. You ruined me so bad that I'll never get over you. I'll never love another women as much or as strongly as I love you. You're.... my soul mate." His voice changed from a loud scream to a silent whisper.

As soon as I look up I regret it. His eyes are blood shot red, threatening to release the few tears he has yet to spill over his long lashes. "I'm sorry, but Harry is waiting." I say. I really mean it thought. I am sorry. I am very sorry. I'm sorry I trusted him, I'm sorry I let myself be so naive.

His fists tighten, along with his jaw. "Who the fuck is waiting?" His tone is testing me. 

I muster up enough courage, "Harry is waiting. He's letting me stay at his place since you're too big of an asshole!" My cheeks flush red. I never get this worked up. Swiftly turning myself around I reach for the door handle. 

"If you walk out of this apartment, you can never come back." he hisses at me.

"I wouldn't plan on it." I say coldly. 

I storm out of the apartment building, not even attempting to go look for Harry's car. I just want it to stop. I want all the pain to stop. I never thought I would be one of those girls who get so rapped up in a guy that it effects their whole life. I'm more ashamed of myself then him. Liam was smart, smarter than me when it came to Niall and his group of toxic fiends. They were no good. Just stoners, drunks and sex addicts. They didn't have a future. They weren't like me, at least the old me. Niall changed everything about me. From my hair to the way I dressed, it was altered by his opinion.

"Clare?" Harry's broad stature pulls me out of my thoughts, as the dimpled man offers out a hand to the broken girl sitting on the curb. "You were supposed to meet me by the side door. I couldn't find you."

My eyes meet the clueless god standing in front of me. He doesn't know anything. He's oblivious to what has happened between me and my nightmare, Niall Horan. His face turns to stone as he sees my makeup ruined face. I look so weak.

"I'll kill him." He mumbles before running into the apartment building, heading straight for the stairs instead of the elevator. I hurry to catch up to him before he does something that he will regret. I don't want him to hurt his ex best friend. I want to forget about him. If Harry gets involved he will be apart of the mess that I call my life. 

"Harry stop!" I yell, but to no prevail as he continues up the three flights of stairs that lead to Niall's studio apartment. "Harold! Please? He's not worth it." 

Harry stops dead in his tracks and moves down the three stairs that separate our bodies. "He's not, but you are." He reaches his hand down and lays it on my cheek before kissing my lips softly.

I'm speechless. Before I can even protest his actions, the stairwell door slams shut, signaling that it's time to continue after the curly haired boy. I race up the rest of the flights of stairs as fast as my feet will take me. As soon as I reach out to open the door I hear Harry's raised voice. 

"What did you do to her?!" Harry's voice is filled with overflowing emotion. By the time I get to Niall's door, Harry is on top of him pounding his fists into the nose of the boy who didn't suspect a thing.

"Harry stop!" I start weeping again, cueing my weakness to take over my body. "You're going to kill him!" My sobs are evident in my voice. This was enough to signal Harry to stop. He slowly gets off the unconscious boy that lays in front of him, and turns to face me. I don't see Harry though, I see a demon. It was as if he was possessed by an evil creature, forcing him to lash out on the Irish man.

"I... I'm sorry." He mutters as softly as he can, trying not to scare me. This is enough to send me over the edge of insanity. 

I walk over to the unmoving body, giving it three hard kicks to the ribs. "I. Hate. You." I scream in between each of my violent actions. Just as I am about to kick him one last time, tattoo covered arms find their way around my waist pulling me back. I break and sob uncontrollably. The strong arms turn me around and pull me into a warm chest. I can't hold it in any longer and I release all of the sadness I've built up over the last couple of months, forgetting everything, the comforting stranger doesn't let me go. I don't ever remember my tears stopping, or walking away from the familiar place that I once qualified my home, but the next time I open my eyes I'm in a bed. I've been here before and I know it's Harry's bedroom. After the few shots Niall had convinced to shoot back quickly during one of the many parties he dragged me to, Harry was always sober enough to take me back to his place and make me comfortable. I always trusted Harry to take care of me. He would never hurt me. 

"Oh, you're awake." A figure is standing in the dark doorframe. My eyes travel across his body, taking in every little detail. Harry's hair was a wild mess. His eyes were droopy and he had a bruised jaw. As my eyes explored further, I soon forget everything that had happened. Harry's black shirt was missing from his perfectly sculpted body and his sweats hung low on his waist. I blush nervously as I see him grinning. "Good morning to you too, Clare." 

"Is it morning already?" I ask, my voice shaking uncontrollably.

"No, not really. It's two in the morning. I'll let you go back to sleep. I just thought I would bring you some tea for when you do wake up." His hand holds up a coffee cup filled with the warm drink.

"Oh, thanks." I say shyly. Harry walks over and places it on the night stand that sits next to the king sized bed. He turns around and heads back into the hallway. "Harry... Don't leave me." I say softly, not wanting him to actually hear me. He looks back at me and heads towards the warm bed. 

"I would never leave you, Clare." I smile up at him as he crawls into the bed, not getting under the covers, but still close enough that I feel his warmth.

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