Running from Fear

"Help me...." "Shuuuu" as James places the gun on his head all was to be lost...


1. Characters

James Higgins : Obsessed with Julia, killed her family and blackmailed her friends. He doesn't want to hurt her, but Niall on the other hand is his next target. Slipped from the police countless times James is going to strike again.

Julia Murdoch: her family is dead her friends left her,most people would be balling, but Julia has been staying strong. Acts extremely tough and insensitive but inside she is as fragile as a flower, Julia has met James before, each time he has slipped her grasp. One thing she wants more than ever is for James Higgins to die.

Jasmine Evergreen : Julia's only friend left. Dating Harry Styles, doesn't know about James, introduces Niall and Julia.

Niall Horan : Falls madly in love with Julia, but doesn't know about her past, he pretends not to like her, although the fact that he loves her

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