The story of the short love of Neville longbottem and luna Lovegood. - completed-


2. luna

P.o.v Luna

Neville and I stayed at the Three Broomsticks all night until madam Rosmerta kicked us out. It was the best time I ever had. Neville and I had so much in common.

We agreed to meet again soon.

P.o.v Narrator

Over the next three days Neville and Luna fell more and more in love. They were always together, at least when they wore not training to be an Auror(Neville) or studying magic creatures( Luna).

"My sweet, where should we go tonight, to dinner, on a walk in the park." Neville said this dreamily.

"The park sounds lovely, the sky is so blue and bright. And a picnic would be amazing. Anything with you, my dearest, is perfect." Luna started to stand as she said this.

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