The story of the short love of Neville longbottem and luna Lovegood. - completed-


3. Harry

P.O.V Harry

It was great to see to of my closest friend together. They were always together and always smiling. Hermione and Ron were kinda like them, maybe Ginny and I were like that.

"Luna, Neville, Ron, Hermione do you all want to come for a Valentines day dinner at mine and Ginny's place?" I asked .

"Neville and I would love to." Luna answered.

"Us to." Hermione and Ron spook at the same time. Every one laughed.

"Ginny, you have mum's talent for cooking." Ron said this after we all had eaten.

"Ron I do love you and all, but you are always eating." Hermione said this with a laugh that was contagious, soon we were all laughing. Why wasn't every thing so easy.

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