Seamus and Niall

Life at home for Seamus May seem easy but ... Read to find out
The boy in the top left is Patrick. Boy in the top right is Seamus In the middle is me Sarah in the bottom left Niall bottom right Liam.
There are two titles to this book


4. The X Factor

Nils POV

So it's the day I've been waiting for my whole life. I'm kinda scared should I be. Well it's my turn "good luck" said Liam I live my little brothers and sister they are by lucky charms. So I head out there and I sing. I get three yeses I am so happy but know it game on. "Good job" Seamus said. "That's weirded he talked to me" I thought to my self. Seamus never or rarely talks to me. Sad I know I don't know what he doesn't talk to me.

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